Of Course Alex Cochrane’s Red Card Against Celtic Yesterday Was The Right Call.

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Watching the game yesterday, I was too happy to be terribly focussed on the wailing of people like Andy Walker over the Alex Cochrane red card. It’s only this morning, re-watching it all, that I realised how stupid their complaints really were.

Alex Cochrane prevented a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

There is no doubt about that at all.

Maeda himself was perfectly capable of putting the ball in the net, but there are two Celtic players – including Kyogo right in the middle with nobody near him – waiting on the pass and all he had to do was roll it across and we’ve got a tap-in.

It’s a clumsy challenge, but it’s a foul and the rule book is pretty clear on what the punishment for preventing a clear goal-scoring opportunity is. The howls from Andy Walker were just an utter embarrassment.

The moment the red-card was flashed he accused the officials of having “ruined the whole game.”

Which still had plenty of time to go.

The whinging about it from Naismith was expected, and so too was the allegation that it had “changed the game.” As if Maeda or Kyogo putting the ball in the net – as one of them was almost certain to do – would not have put us well on the road anyway.

The only real shock (or maybe not) is that Nick Walsh – who had a great view of the incident – didn’t think it was a red in the first place.

He is an abysmal official but there is no excuse for that whatsoever and instead of people making out that he had made the right call he should be asked to explain how in the Hell he’d made such a wrong one.

The second he was called over the TV panel knew it was going to be a red card, which tells you that they knew the decision was actually correct. It didn’t stop them moaning, Walker especially, who I thought might self-destruct such was the pitch of his wailing.

If yesterday hadn’t been a title decider the manufactured fury over this would have lasted all week.

In the meantime, yet another in a long line of incidents at Ibrox which didn’t result in a decision against their club goes largely unremarked on, except for a ludicrous newspaper report trying to justify it.

The truth is, that’s a much bigger story.

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  • Martin says:

    It did influence/ruin/change the game. But that’s on Cochrane, not the ref. The sad thing is pre VAR that would’ve stood as a yellow. That is so clearly a red they use clips like it in the uefa training packages. Lots. That a culture exists in Scotland where things like that are seen as “harsh” is actually far more telling about the state of our game.

    Let me be clear. That’s a red card offence. In the 1st minute. In the last minute. In the world cup final. In Auchinleck Talbot vs Inter yer maw. The laws of the game are very clear. That challenge was a DOGSO foul and MUST be punished with a red card. Walsh will have been marked down by the observer for that, despite VAR saving the decision.

    They need to stop paying pundits who know nothing about the laws of the game to comment. The number of I’ll informed comments I’ve seen today, heavily influenced by the public ramblings of has been ex pros, is frightening.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Andy Walker is a fool who, once he has opened his gub and committed himself, stubbornly refuses to change his mind. I too thought it was only a yellow until I saw the whole situation slowed down in the rerun, when it then became quite obvious my initial rection was wrong. I could not argue with the evidence in front of me, but that wanker Walker continued to do so. He’s a total tit.

  • Johnno says:

    I thought the decision of a yellow was the correct call at the time also.
    The whole issue still remains upon interpretation but what can’t be argued is the decision making of the player involved.
    With VAR in operation these incidents can be made to look far worse in replys than in real time, so surely the mentality of a player with his decision making has to be highlighted moreso than that of the ref, I would say.
    Still wouldn’t have complained to much if only a yellow was the final outcome of the decision in the real world, but as usual within Scottish football the moon howling for a straight red would have been enormous if it was a celtic defender involved so will take every decision that comes our way, especially when the interpretation will be viewed upon what colour glasses you tend to wear in Scotland

    • Martin says:

      I don’t think there’s any merit to saying that the situation is open to interpretation. I’m sorry, Johnno but that’s the sort of thinking these useless “pundits” have engendered. The foul was a clear DOGSO red card and cannot be interpreted any other way by a referee. People beside me when it happened must’ve thought me mad when I said “that’s a straight red” then “yellow, he’s shat it” then “VAR are going to look at that” but that’s because by the laws of the game the only acceptable outcome there is a red. I’d get marked down quite a lot for giving a yellow for that in one of my games.

      • Johnno says:

        When I used the term interpretation, it had to be clear that meada was going to get onto the end of the true ball, and when it becomes clear he would have done then no other decision but a red should be given when a foul has been committed.
        I personally just prefer us winning without such decisions been an issue, but rules are rules and have to be applied and the players themselves have to take bigger responsibility for there actions than trying to use a ref as the scapegoat which tends to be a bigger issue within Scottish football that the media and pundits will continue to avoid still

        • Martin says:

          Johnno, you’re a fan and you make your point well. Better than the pundits who are paid to offer “insight” into football. I don’t actually have an issue with fans being against that decision, but I do have a problem with people being paid to say things that are patently untrue and borne out of sheer laziness. The laws of the game are freely available and it is an absolute must thta these guys familiarise themselves with them.

          That moment did ruin it for Hearts, but the blame lies squarely with Cochrane

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Cochrane made the decision to trip and pull the arm of Maeda because he knew he was in on goal. Maeda would have had two choices, having a clear attempt on goal, or passing the ball to Kyogo for a tap in.
    These ex pro’s lamenting about the decision spoiling the game don’t seem to recognise that it was Cochrane who spoiled the game from a Hearts point of view.
    Players may learn someday that when an opponent gets in on goal through skill, speed or good teamwork then you foul them at your peril.
    Walker is a fool who thinks he has to bend over backwards to prove he isn’t pro Celtic but only makes himself look stupid.

  • Eire goCeltic says:

    Goldson’s rugby grab around the waist of Duk was not a foul. Why not? Please explain?
    I reckon RED. Inquiry needed. Zeshankenzo was the fellow that posted his video of Liam Scales
    being punched by Kent.

    • Martin says:

      Wow! That’s a red card and penalty for me (contact continues into the box, red not reduced to yellow for penalty as wasn’t a clear attempt to win ball). What was the end result? Free kick and yellow? I haven’t watched their game yet.

      But wow… That’s… Yeah.

  • John says:

    Michael McCartney you have absolutely nailed it with your comment.All this crap about defenders getting back to cover is utter bollocks. That was as clear a red card as you’ll get.
    Walker is not only a fool but a complete tosser. Loved Naismiths petted lip after the game.

  • Geoff says:

    I think you should be the only person to choose who refs our games.
    Somebody has to do it but you have a fixation bordering on mania no matter who is appointed.
    Just enjoy the wave like the rest of us.
    I have been watching the Hoops since 63 and it’s always been us against the rest but we get on with it!

    • Michael McCartney says:

      Geoff, I agree it has always been us against the SFA and most of their referees. Until the referees are willing to stand up publicly and explain their decisions then I will never trust them and they will always be open to criticism.
      The fact that a team can go more than a year without conceding a penalty in the SPL is astonishing especially with VAR being in use since last October. Goldson himself has committed 3 obvious fouls in his penalty area during this period.
      Like James, Celtic supporters should never stop calling out this cheating. While we’re on the subject I’ve just noticed that Steven McLean is the Referee this Saturday. He is the guy along with A.Muir behind the goal who robbed Ronnie Deila and Celtic of a probable Treble in 2016, with one of the most ridiculous non decisions I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching Celtic since 1950.

  • Michael McCann says:

    Celtic board need to be on this whatever way they can before the new season starts, if they don’t it’ll be more of the same next season

  • Magua says:

    Does anyone else think that the Cochrane fella is destined to play for the Huns?

    Hail Hail.

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