Kenny Miller Hates To Talk About The Celtic-Ibrox Gap, But He Keeps On Bringing It Up.

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Kenny Miller. What a whiner.

He’s in the papers today moaning about the use of the phrase “the gap.”

Even as he does so, he continues to push the line that the one reflected by the league table is exaggerated because the games between the two clubs have been “close.”

What a comedy act he’s turning into, this guy.

He’s been talking about “the gap” for many months. And suddenly he doesn’t like it? Suddenly he doesn’t want to hear any more about it? Well, maybe he should stop talking about it himself. Maybe he should stop referencing it.

Because all he does is makes himself look and sound like an idiot.

I mean, did he not say, in the same interview – the same damned interview – that a couple of signings was all the Ibrox club needed to close it? Honestly, when someone proves himself too stupid to be taken seriously, why does our media act as if he should be?

A couple of years back, when his favourite team found themselves briefly on top, we were told that we were miles behind because that’s what the league table reflected. Now the league table should be ignored and “the gap” measured by individual games?

Motherwell were the last team to take points off us.

Maybe the gap has closed there too?

Is that what’s he’s saying? Because it is the bizarre, ridiculous, logic of his position. He will doubtless say that we would beat Motherwell nine times out ten … he’s right. But we’ve won three out of four since The Mooch came in and drew the other.

So where’s the logic of his position now? He’s a moron.

As I’ve said repeatedly on this site, all this talk about the gap accomplishes is to let them kid themselves that things aren’t as bad as they seem for their club. They can’t seem to stop and bring themselves to ask “well what if they are?” What if things are as bad as they seem?

The Mooch doesn’t believe it, by the way.

That’s why he’s gone from lauding the talents in the squad to wanting to dismantle it and start again.

The Ibrox fans, in the main, don’t believe it either but some of them are just bombastic enough to tell us that there’s not much between the teams. They better hope the board takes the manager’s view and not theirs.

Because if so, a long summer will seem even longer.

In the meantime, Kenny Miller continues to prove that he’s the latest person to find his way into a media career without enough operating brain-cells to properly analyse what’s in front of him.

Between that and his bias, BBC Sports Scotland should be so proud of their hiring policies.

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  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Retirement,? Get your next payday at BBC Scotland, ex Rangers employees especially welcome, it’s the “job” for you.

  • Benjamin says:

    Kenny Miller can talk about the size of the gap all he wants, but there’s no denying it’s there. The truth is they’ve dropped more points against us than we have’ e dropped against everyone in the league including them. Even if they were perfect against every other team, their record against us is such that they’d still be trailing us in the league. And that’s to say nothing of the Cup victories either.

    And the sad reality for guys like Miller is that the gap is only going to grow this summer. For as much as we like to poke fun at Morelos & Kent and everyone else, they’re actually effective players for them most of the time. They have to replace or find the money to resign 9 players starting next month. Even if their directors were willing to reach into their own pockets again, UEFA will see to it that their spending levels come down into compliance with the new FSR regulations. The downsizing over there is just getting started, and they’re dealing with it by attempting to replace their out of contract players by shopping in the most expensive market in the world. The players they’re going to bring in won’t be nearly as good as the players that are leaving this summer. And that’s to say nothing of the porous defense with Barasic, Davies, Goldson, and Tavernier that regularly cough up cheap goals (or penalties – in Europe) against every quality side they face.

  • Jimmy R says:

    Misser Miller misses the point yet again. According to him only 2 signings are required to close the gap on us. They must have some squad down ibrox way these days because they are about to lose Kent, Morelos, Wright, McLoughlin & McGregor (probably more) but he only need 2 signings to close the gap on Celtic.
    Deranged is an adjective which can accurately be applied to Miller. Completely divorced from reality. What does it say about the cretins who employ and pay him for this incoherent drivel?

  • Johnno says:

    Peanut head and idiot still go nicely together in the same sentence when referring to miller.
    The gap remains huge still and ever growing since the arrival of Ange with looking at winning 5 out of the 6 available compared with 1 out of 6.
    In financial terms it’s massive with the scum having no player trading model in place and still been forced to overpay upon shite and all without a pot to piss in still.
    This gap this dope doesn’t want to talk about only stands to increase with ourselves investing to become even stronger.
    Trying to deny the existing problem with false claims that there isn’t to much upon playing against us is just another very weak excuse as the results have proved.
    Miller the thick should be happy that our counter attacking game was so poor in the 2nd half of the semi to give the scum the skelping they would have deserved.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The bluenose wummin beat the Celtic ladies 1-0 tonight. No doubt then that the gap is narrowing and Ange’s jaiket is now on a shoogly nail. 🙂

    • Johnny Green says:

      Fran Alonso was spotted slipping on a hard hat with 5 minutes to go just in case any of the Celtic ladies made the mistake of scoring a late equaliser. 🙁

  • Stesano says:

    He being a total ” try hard ” Hun since the booed him 2008 after he rejoined remember it’s a fact he had to sneak out the back door at Raith rovers in a pre season friendly!! They hated him! Now consider how we embraced this bang average player ! In comparison but that’s Celtic fans tho eh Alfie conn! Treated this tit Too good if you ask me remember 2006 we were out in Lisbon this tit was at the nationale with the Lions!! Not worthy not even close but their he was the morning day before the game with the Celtic squad now the wee weasal has to beg Aidan Mcgeeddy on that ” go radio”not to mention his goal against the huns wearing our famous jersey his first and one of few for us!! Ha ha even better then eh Tho he outed him! Ha ha live on air! What a little rat he is huns are welcome to him ,this clown owed my mhate for months for a cause of irn brew ! At his Bothwell chippy a cheap skate as well as a orc hope he reads this

  • JimBhoy says:

    Wee Bazza out this morning saying he has changed his mind on the number of players the rangers need to compete with Celtic.

    He says he has doubled his initial estimate from 5 to 10 and there is a gap but it’s not near as large as it’s been claimed.

    Read that back, a wee gap but they need a full team minus 1 to compete with Celtic. LMFAO.

    It seems the only people talking about gaps are rangers folk, Celtic doing their talking on the park. Celtic have not been at top gear past few games against them but you always feel we can score enough to win matches. That’s footballing ability, team drive, game management and a ruthless winning mentality. Those are tough to buy, to me that is the real gap.

    Wee Baz, I know from my coaching days and when you talk to him you can see/hear he is no the brightest but come on this guy gets to put words in a sports column, does nobody question this crap before print. He and others drag down the red tops even further, if that is possible.

    He goes on to say Celtic cannot be allowed to get to 56 titles (Shield rattling SB sales talk) and Beale has suggested this will be the biggest rangers revamp/rebuild/remodel/transformation whatever phrasology he is using now and guess what Baz is excited and he likes what he is seeing with all the folk currently jumping ship. !

    You can talk about Miller, mad Boyd, Keevins and the Scoreboard numpties but Baz is thicker than a dozen short planks, he is at a new level, he has his own level.

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    They talk about the “team gap” because they don’t want to face the other gaps between them and us.

    When you drill down as they are loathe to do there is the gap in finances, the gap in how our commercial side is run, there is a gap in how the two clubs are seen around the world, there are so many gaps that it adds up to the grand canyon.

    And the grand canyon isn’t so much as a gap as chasm, which if we do things right in the coming couple of seasons will only get bigger. The ceiling on ambition be be on the board and not Ange as he continually smashes through them. God bless you all today brothers and sisters. HH!

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