This Time Next Year A Celtic Player Will Keep Tavernier Out Of The Team Of The Year.

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James Tavernier’s place in the Team Of The Year almost seems to happen by default, although it’s obvious that he’s not the best player in the country in his position. That is supposed to be the benchmark, is it not?

Otherwise we would just pick eleven players and make up weird and wonderful formations as we went along.

Tavernier did not, as I had expected, make the shortlist for player of the year.

It would have been a joke if he had, but one we’ve heard before and so I never ruled it out.

Tillman made the young player of the year shortlist; he’s going to win that.

The two Celtic players will take votes off each other and he’ll sneak through. It will be funny when the media tries to convince us that the winner of that award is not really worth signing after all.

Hartson – and, indeed, Craig Moore – were right to question his inclusion in the team of the year. I think Tavernier’s place is even more suspect.

Next season, when Alastair Johnston has a full campaign behind him, they will never be able to justify that. He is such a better defender that Tavernier’s inclusion is already ridiculous; this time next year it will be absolutely unthinkable.

AJ has been a revelation since signing for Celtic.

Not many players have ever been thrown into a massive game at Ibrox on their debut and coped with it as admirably and confidently as he did that day. It gave you an early glimpse not only of his ability but of his strong mentality.

He didn’t just cope in that atmosphere; he thrived under it.

Johnston has impressed everyone who has watched him. It stands to reason he’s impressed everyone he has come up against. He would have been a candidate for player of the year himself had he played a full season … he’s that good.

So this debate – which really isn’t a debate at all – will not really last much longer. Tavernier is the one last myth that still clings to the present version of this Ibrox side. Whilst we don’t know what will come next over there, as their captain he’s going nowhere.

So that myth, like all the rest, will be shattered in due course. Long before we reach this point in the next campaign everyone will be singing the praises of Scotland’s best right back.

They should be already because it’s very obvious that’s what he is.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I’m surprised at Tavpen not making the POTY nominations ! I mean with all those penalties the Rangers are awarded , it’s not easy you know to score . All that pressure ! I wonder who will be the referee of the year ?

  • Johnno says:

    Already believe AJ stands to become one of our most important players already next season.
    With him available within the team allows us to go with a 3 or 4 at the back and think AJ could do either option very comfortable.
    This possibly allows Ange to develop another playing style along with the of one already mastered.
    Becoming far more used with team’s able to change there team set up since the 5 sub rule came into play.
    Ange hasn’t felt a need to change with the success he has had with only really applying the like for like approach to date.
    Think that will potentially change and makes AJ the most important player for ourselves imo for any potential changes to happen.
    This can’t or couldn’t happen for the scum with tavpen within it’s scummy team and remains possibly one of the most overrated players I can recall within Scottish football history and not worthy of mentioning in what AJ offers

  • Jimmy R says:

    B b but Tavpen scores more goals than any other RB on the planet. There will be a stewards inquiry if he is omitted. Perhaps mayhem on the streets. Can Scottish society cope with fallout from such a move?

  • Paul Mac says:

    Don´t forget that these are the PLAYERS PLAYER of the year .. so the ones that fellow players vote for … The Football writers one .. get ready to see more of the Sevco shoe horned in to that

  • Martin.H says:

    Give A.J. the penalties if we ever get any.

  • Peter Campbell says:

    Don’t rule out that old trick of putting Alistair Johnston at Left Back to accommodate Tavernier. I think that’s stupid, and whomever is reading this probably thinks so too, but reason goes out the window when those that make the decisions are trying not to offend Rangers.

    I mind being seriously pissed off with the otherwise excellent Footy Adventures YouTube channel when he done a combined Old F*rm XI and he done just that (with Juranovic going to LB), and when you think about it, when they don’t place Taverier at LB (I mean if someone is going to go there that is out of position, why not Tavernier?) it is an admission that it is Tavernier that has to be accommodated, that it is he who is the limited player, though in my opinion, he’s is worse than limited, he’s very poor.

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