With His Latest Celtic Comments, Tam McManus Proves Again What A Halfwit He Is.

Image for With His Latest Celtic Comments, Tam McManus Proves Again What A Halfwit He Is.

Tam McManus does like the sound of his own voice, even when the words coming out of his mouth are idiotic rubbish and he’s shown again tonight that he’s too dumb even for our mainstream press.

His comments, on Ange Postecoglou and how “tetchy” the manager is right now are almost too stupid to write on, but as tiresome as they are, I feel I need to respond.

McManus seems to think that Celtic are in crisis, and that it doesn’t matter whether you’re newly minted champions chasing a treble; you’re not allowed to have a form dip.

He thinks Ange is angry at getting questions over the slump, if that’s what we’re calling it.

But actually, Ange is angry at having to deal with pure fools, and McManus has proved that he’s as brainless as any of them.

Because of course Ange is irked by the idea that he and our players “have questions to answer” over the fact we’ve taken our foot off the gas now that the title race is over. Ange is pissed off that a guy in his position is actually being scrutinised by people with none of his abilities or credentials as a leader of men.

This manager, and this team, have nothing to prove this season.

They did the work. They got the results when the results still mattered, and I know that hurts McManus and others, I know it messes with their internal radar but too damned bad.

Ange is no longer willing to tolerate people who ask him stupider questions every time they sit in front of him.

It’s because they cannot hide how desperate they are to paint this as an end of season collapse.

It’s because they want, so badly, to promote their favourite club that they ask him questions which he should not need to answer, as they did at the weekend when they wanted to know if the Ibrox rebuild was on his mind.

McManus has tipped Hibs to get something tonight, because of our dip in form.

He says that when Celtic are “losing games” questions will be asked; we have lost two the whole season, and the questioning, the daft questioning, has never let up for two minutes.

It has nothing to do with our form.

Even when our form was perfect Ange was responding, week in and week out, with mild disbelief, to the sort of probing that no Ibrox boss would ever have to accept.

McManus is one of a number of people on the periphery of the press who cannot hide how absolutely sick they are about how this season has gone.

Ange is not “tetchy.” He’s just decided that he no longer has to even pretend to respect some of the cretins who sit in front of him. And as bad as they are, McManus doesn’t even get to sit in that room … which is another reason for his obvious bitterness. He fails to see it’s one of the many, many reasons why not even The Daily Record would lower its standards enough to give him a gig.

In fact, the last people to offer him a stint as a pundit were those running one of the Ibrox fan media sites.

That not even they bother using him regularly says it all.

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  • Roonsa says:

    He is not even worthy of a MON – Charlie slapdown.

    There is nothing up there in that space where a brain should be located that is worthy of engaging with.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    To be fair Tam McManus,and his family are all Celtic supporters and always have been,think it’s more of just making sure he’s got a job,but then again don’t always agree with what he says,yet don’t always agree with you either

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Couldnae give a fuck whether he’s supposed tae be a Celtic fan or no, he’s a media jobsworth who’ll drag up any speculative shite about us f it gets him an article. Aye we’ve went aff the mark, tho there’s nae need tae press a panic button. That’s exactly whit his media pals would love. Next season’ll tell, when we can AGAIN shut pricks like him up.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I hope Celtic are in constant crisis like the one this season. 2 of 3 trophies in the bag and a strong possibility of the 3rd. Terrible season.

    Of course we are feart of the rangers rebuild/re-org or whatever they are calling it. They are coming it seems.


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