Ange Sounds Like A Man Preparing For A Celtic Departure. But Not His Own.

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Amidst the ridiculous speculation coming from London as manager after manager rejects the call from Spurs, Ange spoke about the summer transfer business at Celtic on Tuesday, and every word he said was suggestive of a man who sees his future at Parkhead.

I may be completely reading the runes wrong here, but everything I see tells me that we’re going to get a post-cup final announcement of the sort we’ll enjoy. A manager committing his future to the club by signing a new deal.

It doesn’t matter how many Australians Spurs have on the books; every decision will be taken there by Daniel Levy, and that means whoever gets the job is putting his destiny in the hands of a guy who cannot be trusted with it.

If it’s even offered to him – and I still have my doubts because I don’t detect any sign that Spurs are a club which knows what it’s doing here or what it wants, and this would be a momentously unpopular decision amongst their fans – then Ange Postecoglou would be a fool to take that job. It is inherently unstable. He has spent decades building his profile. He can throw everything he’s worked for away in a very short space of time.

That’s the problem with a reputation; it takes forever to gain but you can lose it in the blink of an eye, and that includes his rep as a man of character.

Let me be blunt; if Ange leaves us before he signs a long-term contract that gives us the protection of a large buy-out clause then I’ll be pretty pissed off because I don’t believe that Celtic has not offered him that kind of deal. The opportunities he has right now are the ones this club gave him, not only in taking a chance on him but in backing him all the way.

He is already the most lavishly funded Celtic boss in history. The next step is to make him our highest paid. I have little doubt that the club would follow the first up with the second without hesitation. He has more than earned it.

I would expect a man of integrity to reward that backing with at least the bare minimum of loyalty, and that’s not about staying for five more years but about giving us some insurance for the moment the right offer comes along.

Anything less and we’re entitled to be pretty pissed off.

What’s more, all involved should dissuade themselves of any notion that the offer, if it comes, will be based on the merits of the man. It won’t be. Spurs did not work their way through a list of candidates and decide he was the best one.

They worked their way through a long line of other names who, one by one, rejected them. Levy preferred all those guys to Ange, so this is not the result of some meritocratic process; it’s more like an act of desperation, a manager with a good rep who they can hire cheap and who they think is unlikely to say no.

That, in itself, makes it a rank rotten gig to take. Fan opposition, which was much easier to overcame amongst a Celtic fan-base which knows we can’t attract a world class name, is another big problem because any boss is going to need time to get it right and time is not a luxury EPL bosses are afforded anymore and especially not those which look like a gamble in the first place.

Who knows whether Levy would give the guy serious funds or serious support? He could be moving for Ange on the basis that it’s a risk, but not as expensive a one as other managers might have been, and so an easy experiment to hit the brakes on if it doesn’t look, early doors, like it will pay off. Don’t put it past Levy. He was negotiating with Slot this time last week. The same report which names Ange says he’s also talking to Luis Enrique. Anyone who believes that their club has suddenly found vision and purpose is kidding themselves on.

None of it convinces me. I believe Ange has more integrity than to walk away leaving us a pittance, I think Levy is all over the map and certainly can’t afford to offer it to Ange if there’s the slightest possibility of his turning it down; think of the epic humiliation of an act like that. We all know that there’s a chance that Ange would turn it down.

Because Ange is talking about the rebuild as if he’s going to be here to oversee it, and there are no signs at all that he won’t be. As much as Spurs might be interested, he’s already pointed out that just because the offer (to go to England) presents itself that he’d automatically take it. The idea that because there are a couple of Aussies in the building at Spurs that this is a lock is so stupid and one dimensional that I can hardly believe anyone is taking it seriously.

We have Champions League Group Stage football. If Ange can push us forward and prove himself a manager at that level, he will get his EPL offer from the kind of club which has a progressive outlook and isn’t prone to serial sacking … or he’ll get one in another league where he’ll have a chance to prove himself without the ludicrous EPL spotlight.

I think the man knows how precarious the Spurs post would be. I think he knows he’s got total control at Celtic for as long as he wants it and the chance to be considered an icon here. I think of the two gambles – stay at Celtic and risk never getting an EPL club or go to Spurs and risk a collapse which rules you out of a major job ever again – the move to England at the moment is the greater one, and I genuinely think he’s happy at Parkhead.

This is where the Rodgers comparisons never stood up and don’t stand up now. Rodgers was plainly unhappy at Celtic and made that known both publicly and privately. There were signs for months that it had all gone wrong behind the scenes.

There are no signs like that now. I don’t believe we’re about to lose our manager. I think Spurs face another epic humiliation if they ask him. That’s why I still think they won’t.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Whit gets me, are all these droolin media bastards, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in their tabloids, wettin their pants at the thought of him goin. For years they’ve been bangin on, about how sub-standard, poor and dull, the SPL has been and how it needs change. So along comes a guy, who injects some much needed excitement and flair intae his managerial tactics and after just TWO seasons, they’re obsessed with him leavin and clearly want rid of him ! Of course we know, it would be a different story if it were a successful ibrox manager ! Whit an utterly pathetic fkn mob.

    • Magua says:

      Twas ever thus, Kevan. If Ange stays for another tilt at the wrongly named Champions League, such a scenario may well drive all those hurting Huns over the edge.

      Hail Hail.

  • Drew says:

    The passionate way he spoke and celebrated as one of us on Presentation Day makes me sure he’s staying with us.. a football family that loves him.

  • Bunter says:

    Ange will become an icon and legend like Jock Stein if her stays at Celtic. He is building something very special here. He’ll be remembered forever and he’ll be well looked after financially. Why go to Spurs and last a couple of years (if he’s lucky) then be out in the wilderness?
    He’s brighter than that. He’s got something that few managers get anywhere. Love and total respect from the fans. Trade that for unstable Spurs and some more cash? I don’t think so. The man has integrity.

    • Biffo67 says:

      But remember what was done to Stein: Celtic Pools?

      • king murdy says:

        aye…..but if stein had been a catholic it would never have happened…
        in celtic’s eyes…would greek orthodox be more acceptable ??

        • Effarr says:

          If Stein.being a non-catholic was a deciding factor he would hardly have got the job in the first place and McGrory would have stayed on. Tommy Burns, Billy McNeil and David Hay didn’t manage to keep their jobs because of being catholic nor did Lou Macari or Liam Brady. The fact of the matter is that Stein never fully recovered from his accident and to be able to keep his “immortality” he had to be replaced. It would have been sad and a damage even to his and the Lisbon Lions’ reputations if he had been kept on when he obviously had lost the magic touch.

          I, myself, like many fans were sad to see it happen but at the time we all wanted change after seeing the signs.

          I clearly remember Stein being disappointed at drawing Leeds in the later semis and
          missing out on the “walk-over” to the final and we all know how he had to eat humble pie then.

          Even Stein himself stated to Shankly after being described as immortal: “ aye, but where do I go from here?”.

  • S Thomas says:

    The problem Spurs have had is the issue with their talisman Kane, and what’s happening with him. Ange seems like a guy to me who likes stability , and total influence on things, so Im hoping that will put him off if he is offered the job. I’d imagine at some point he would want to manage in the EPL, I think all the top managers do, and I can understand that. Im hoping he still feels he has stuff to do here first before that though.

  • John Copeland says:

    The way I see it , there’s a bigger picture here ! Would Ange want to up sticks with his young family to move to the Smoke , knowing the disruption to their happiness and educational needs ? I’m not so sure he would .it’s surely more than just football .Or maybe he needs new challenges continually to thrive in his job ? I don’t really know , in fact it’s all Greek to me !

  • king murdy says:

    i just hope james is right….
    but i still think, ange could, and should have, have knocked it on the head last week with 1 sentence….and he didn’t…
    but looking on the bright side….lennon is available – even tho he has counted himself out….i’m sure the arrogant bastard peter lawwell could talk him into accepting the job if need be,,,,,what do they say…every cloud etc etc…..

    • James Forrest says:

      Well mate that’s a point we’re certainly going to debate, and I’ll have an article on that tonight.

      Haha Lennon! He ruled himself out. As if there was ever the remotest possibility of his getting the call.

  • Jackson says:

    I sure hope you are right about Ange staying…. He is now big odds on 8/11 with PP to go to Spurs
    I initially thought Brendan was a shoe in for that job but not now.
    Worrying times for our support indeed,

    • James Forrest says:

      I disagree mate 🙂 Whether he stays or goes, Celtic should not be looking back but forward.

      Our club will not collapse if the manager leaves.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Well if ange is 8/11 to go to spurs that’s hardly a shoo in is it ? Im sure said bookie ( others are available)would gladly take 11 large of anyone who wants to bet it – I consider a shoo in 1/100

  • Johnno says:

    Actually believe Ange has backed himself into a corner at present.
    To much noise coming out from far better sources than the Scottish media offer, for my liking at present.
    The cup final and treble is already turning into the Ange reaction moreso that the record breaking historic treble, so bit of a dampener on proceedings at the moment.
    Just don’t understand why Ange hasn’t come out and said there is nothing in the spurs job rumours?
    But he hasn’t yet, so the speculation only grows.
    Even if Ange were to talk to spurs, and turn them down, could we really trust him going forward?
    Even speaking to spurs would indicate that he’s still got an interest in going to the EPL at some time.
    We have got no say in anyone’s decision making but still believe Ange would be crazy to even entertain such a job offer potentially in the making.
    There still remains a chance of Ange playing a blinder and creating a smokescreen with keeping the pressure away from the players while he takes all the focus?
    The cup final certainly now has far more than just a game with a trophy at stake

    • king murdy says:

      if ange talks to spurs….but stays….then surely, using ange’s own mantra against himself – if a player shows an interest in leaving…then chase him ! as per giakomakous….
      i think ange is gonna go….next week….i just wish he would be honest with the celtic fans…state NOW….i/m going/i’m staying….
      either way….celtic football club will continue and THRIVE – with or without him…
      we – celtic – have been doing this to lesser clubs all thru history….jock stein from hibs for example…and countless players…it hurts when we are the “victims”…hurts like hell doesn’t it ?
      this whole episode brings into focus the need for celtic find a more competitive and improved income based league/competition….because wait and see….kyogo…hatate…mieda…jota…..they will leave too…..maybe even this summer….
      fuck it !!!

  • Mark B says:

    We are right to be worried, it is looking ominous.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Ange is going NOWHERE,he,s the only manager to get the financial backing from the board that usually likes to say no ,they have backed him 100% ,Ange loves life at Celtic ,he knows he,s wanted ,admired and totally respected by fans, players and full board , I think Celtic board will offer him a 3/5 yr deal and sure he WILL sign it as well. Ange we trust and believe in you and we all know u LOVE WHERE U,R AT .MON THE HOOPS.HAIL HAIL

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Well if he takes the spurs job that’s his choice we just get on with finding a new manager.Just a pity if he goes was a good manager for us but this is the football business so nothing surprises me now plus some serious money in the EPL city got £190 million”winning the league Southampton bottom of the EPL £100″million Celtic spl £ 3.4million spurs paid Conte £15million a year this what where up against let’s see after the cup final but i think he is off.

    • Biffo67 says:

      I wonder how many in our support would turn down an offer of four or five times what they’re currently earning to change jobs. Remember, too, we were horrified when he was announced.
      If we have two managers in recent times being recruited by the EPL surely that will encourage an ambitious coach to come to us.HH

  • Martin says:

    Obviously he wouldn’t go before the final and doesn’t want to have him be the story beforehand. I think he’d be a fool not to hear them out. Even just as a taster of what he should be basing any requests on when the next club comes knocking. The idea that he may have ambitions elsewhere should neither surprise nor upset us. I’d rather he stay and try his hand on CL next season. And I think he probably will. After all, the Spurs job will come up again next year anyway, but so may a better one.

    As a club we should be realistic, we’re going to get a lucky break with a good manager now and then, but then they’ll move on. Same thing with players. The important thing is we have always got a shortlist of replacements.

  • Paul Mac says:

    Dont underestimate the magical powers of the Hampden showers !!!

  • Eldraco says:

    He is not going anywhere. You heard it here.

  • John S says:

    There is nothing from Celtic or Spurs that indicates imminent change. That’s the state of play at present. People can speculate but that’s all it is.

  • Effarr says:

    Ange may be a good enough manager but surely even any one the present SPL managers in the top six would win the Scottish Premiership with Celtic and Spurs will be shrewd enough to factor this in when determining the wages. This five times the salary rubbish only relates to the Contes, Pochettinos, Mancini and Guardiols of this world, not the Postecoglous who have only won in Australian, Japanese and Scottish Leagues.

    In Scotland, only one team is a serious opponent despite the rest being capable of the odd fright but in England’s top flight with Spurs 50% are equal status and the other 50% bar one are a helluva lot better and, going by the way Scottish teams have sussed
    Ange’s style with a weakish defence, I feel his teams would soon be overwhelmed,

  • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

    Do we have an important game this week?

    Potential history making game?

    Cue media onslaught to deflect and derail. They’ve succeeded this week haven’t they?

    If I was Ange I would question why so many Celtic fans have bought it?

    I suppose if the media could make Celtic fans boo Fergus McCann then they can cause panic in the days before a cup final.

    Ange is not going to Spurs, he is signing a new contract and will eventually leave us to return to Australia a very rich man and enjoy his life.

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