Ibrox’s Fan Sites Celebrate The Possible Departure Of A Celtic Boss They Never Rated.

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For the last two years, the consensus on Ibrox’s fan sites over Ange Postecoglou has changed in various ways. At the start, there was a kind of joyous “this can’t really be happening to us, can it?” sort of disbelief. Then there was mockery as we got off to that rocky start. Once we got above them in the league he was labelled lucky.

Nothing has happened in the past 12 months to change their perception that Ange is not that good. They were holding onto this like a guy in a crowded bar keeps hold of his wallet. They were holding onto it all the way up to this week … and suddenly it’s all changed.

Now Ange’s departure is a total disaster for us. Now he’s a top coach and we’re losing a huge advantage over them. And they smell blood.

You know what? Ange’s departure is a blow to us, there’s no question that they are correct about that. But their schizophrenic reaction to him shows you how much thought they actually give to this stuff; their hatred is such that they can’t see past it.

So we are hopelessly weak until we’re a towering presence at the centre of every conspiracy. We are not a good team until they’re accusing us of being flat track bullies who spent our way to success. Our players are jokes only made look good by the poor standards of the SPFL, until we’re about to lose one and then we’re plunged into crisis.

No wonder that’s the conclusion they’ve drawn from the last week. That Ange is suddenly the glue holding Celtic together. As usual, they miss the bigger picture. A new manager. New ideas. New tactics. New players. They said their biggest strength was that Beale had Ange “figured out.” So why are they so happy with the idea that he might be going?

As usual, they’ve missed something fundamental. Unless there is a succession plan in place, it is a messy affair when a ruler falls and nobody has any idea how things are going to turn out. If they thought they had problems this season … well, I don’t know how they can have leaped to the conclusion that the next campaign will be any easier.

Without knowing who they’ll be up against, what he’ll have to spend or who he’ll bring to the club? Absolute madness. But they are a mad lot, and this sort of thing is common over there. I can say this with total honesty; I’m looking forward to seeing what our club’s response to this is. We have the money to push out the boat and a lot to offer.

Our current manager is off to Spurs, don’t you know? We can add that to the list of selling points for the next guy. A mercenary, sure … but if he delivers another treble these Peepul are the only ones who will have something to moan about.

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  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Is it pure coincidence that Peter Lawwell is in and Postecoglou is out?

  • Pan says:

    At this moment it looks as though they are lulling the fans with making them feel important. It seems they are no different from the teddy bears. Take the fans’ money get the season tickets in and and patronise them. I think everything was going well, then Lawwell came back and all became unsettled again. We are being taken for mugs – again. What else will emerge. Watch this space!

  • John L says:

    It’s true what they say. You can’t educate an idiot and there are thousands of them.
    Let’s hope all the players the manager signed and now abandoned get their heads down and work as hard for our next manager as that would go a long long way to giving us another successful season . Bring it ON Hail Hail.

  • Dolphin Bhoy says:

    Well it looks like Ange is off and that is a massive blow for everyone associated with Celtic.
    However my main other concern is the impact it will have on the players, I say thar with my focus being on the ones who came from the far east. They all had a obvious great relationship with Ange and will probable be totally deflated at his departure/

  • John S says:

    It’s to be expected; hating Celtic is their raison d’etre.

  • Margaret Rooney says:

    It’s not only the players that can develop Celtic x but management can build on it too. And be better. Stronger and happier ???

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