Brendan Rodgers Is Getting Tough And Nasty. Celtic Fans Should Be Glad Of It.

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At last the nice guy façade has been laid aside.

At last Brendan Rodgers is shaking off the Nice Guy and cracking the whip.

Did you ever doubt it would happen?

Did you ever doubt that this man would eventually show his steel?

It could not have come at a better time.

Across the city, they have tried everything they know how in a bid to copy us. The Mooch is trying to be a nice guy to his players and not offer criticism because of what he sees us do. Now Rodgers is going on the offensive, and giving players stick even after we’ve won our first game; how long, do you reckon, until the Ibrox boss is doing the same?

But Celtic will be better off for this no matter what happens across town.

Rodgers has given the whole team a jolt by cracking down on casual indiscipline and by reminding everyone, no matter their level of talent, that the team comes first and he wants to see commitment.

That is what top managers do. They impose their own version of order.

He punished Bernabei for not showing up on time for training.

He needs to see a bit more from Hatate, and he’s made that clear … and although he did so after being asked a direct question, and the media has severely overblown his answer, there is still a message there for every player.

Rodgers said it himself; ““It’s not in my contract to play any player … it’s a new cycle, a new manager, and Reo has to prove himself.”

Good player though he may be, the simple fact is that Brendan Rodgers is the man now and his writ has to run. If he can be intimidated by the idea that he might upset a player then he’s not really in charge at all and he’s going to get walked all over.

Rodgers is too experienced to let that happen.

I said before the game last weekend that he would have to drop a key player just to demonstrate to the world that this was his team now, and Hatate was the one he chose to bench, and to give Turnbull a go.

Turnbull rewarded that faith.

Whilst there is no suggestion that Hatate is making trouble or anything behind the scenes, nor does he appear to haggling for a move, Rodgers needs to see some sign that he is fully onboard with the cause.

But he went out of his way to point out that there are “no red flags” with Reo or anyone else.

Rodgers simply wants people to know nobody is guaranteed to start.

The man is finally showing everyone that things aren’t going back to the way they were.

This is not a temporary change, this is real now, this Rodgers team and Rodgers’s vision which is getting put across. He has spelled it out “a new manager and a new cycle” and everyone has to be seeing the writing on the wall.

Bernabei will not be the last to mess up … nor the last to be punished for it.

But casual acts of indiscipline will pretty much end right away … he is making sure of that, and that means that the focus of champions is being reinforced. What a perfect response to last weekend’s results.

To work harder. To prepare better. To find more.

Rodgers has been very careful up until now to keep things on an even keel whilst he got settled in. But the disciplining and the enforcing of standards means that this man is now locked on course and the serious stuff is underway.

Woe betide anyone who tests him … and woe betide those in the media and elsewhere who presumed – wrongly – that this guy was going to come here and coast it, and follow the Ange blueprint prior to sodding off toe England at the first opportunity.

This man is not messing about. The boss is most definitely back.

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  • Martin says:

    Right to drop Hatate and play Turnbull after the pre season. He could’ve given the media less rope by saying “different games suit different players, Reo will be massive for us in lots of games this season” or something like that. I did like what he said about Carl leaving though, makes me think there was an honest chat about him wanting to be nearer Jacynta (though Vigo is hardly right next to Lisbon) and Rodgers was understanding that sometimes you just gotta go see about a girl.

  • John L says:

    I agree with rules and regulations, I just pray that it is nipped in the bud early and somewhere down the line it doesn’t split the changing room. That’s the last thing we need as the gutter press may well turn it that way.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Only downright illiterate human beings read The Scottish Football Press these days John…

      I’d like to think that Brendan and his players are above that gutter level lifestyle…

      And I’d like to think that Celtic supporters are above that gutter level life also…

      The Celtic Blog will report whatever lies they are saying about our beloved Hoops !

  • Dan Cowie says:

    I wonder why Rodgers doesn’t give the impression of frustration over signings. I agree with your previous articles that we don’t know how good our new signings are yet, but I doubt they will be showing Champions league level before the first tie. With our current squad, I am perfectly happy domestically but am dreading the first CL game. Do we not need a little experienced quality? I cannot help thinking Peter Lawell has more clout than we thought

    • Martin says:

      Or Rodgers knows something we don’t. Perhaps talks with a key addition or 2 are quite far down the line and he expects them in soon, so is relaxed.

  • Joe McLaughlin says:

    Quote from above, “Rodgers simply wants people to know nobody is guaranteed to start”. What about Hart, Taylor. CCV, McGregor and Kyogo? What games have they missed when not injured?

    • Eddie M says:


      Hart has been ‘Hart In Mouth’ so often it’s ridiculous he’s still on the park and Taylor comes & goes but I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell big CCV he’s no starting 😀

  • JimBhoy says:

    same philosophy as Ange. Brendan is not there to further the careers of players who don’t want to put the effort into impressing thse who choose the starting 11.

    The players got that message when Ange was around so they know the score.

    • Stesano says:

      ” Ange” geez a break about that guy he is gone no fan bhoy garbage please!! Gone as I told plenty on here he would be to and they were no no no , living in Australia or anyone that ever has would told you that. Brendan the manager and only opinion that should be spoke of and a way better provan elite manager at that!

  • John S says:

    The fans underwrite the players’ wages, which aren’t cheap to the average supporter, and rightly expect full commitment as the bottom line.

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