One Thing Ibrox Still Won’t Learn From Celtic: To Do Their Talking On The Pitch.

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The Ibrox club has not started this season particularly well. It’s not just in that they’ve lost their first league game, it’s that their performances in the two matches so far have been little short of abysmal. Their pre-season was a mess. When even Keith Jackson is getting the proverbial broken badge out because of a couple of friendlies you know it’s bad.

I said earlier that Ibrox has tried to copy us at every turn this past few years, and that’s as true as it ever was.

But there’s one area where they just don’t seem to learn anything. The concept of message discipline doesn’t seem to exist over there. They are forever talking trash, forever assuring us that the “real” them will turn up at some point, forever assuring the watching world that this time they mean it and this time they mean it.

All they had to do in the aftermath of the game in midweek was keep their mouths shut, to focus on the game in front of them and not make big bold statements or predictions. Instead, you have Dessers and Cantwell mouthing off again. “This is only the beginning,” the striker said. Of what though? The end, one suspects, for The Mooch and a few others.

Honestly, if that man had an ounce of leadership skill, he’d get their squad together and tell them that talk is cheap and only what you do on the pitch counts. But he has allowed them to do this over and over and over again in his time at the club.

It’s a cultural thing over there.

They really do believe that all they have to do is show up sometimes, and their entire approach to the Kilmarnock game last weekend reeked of that kind of egotism and arrogance. They think three points every week are an entitlement. What we recognise – and especially now with Rodgers cracking the whip – is that it’s all earned.

Yet still they do their talking in the media, and not just talking but brash ego driven stuff which makes you think these are the daftest people on the planet.

You can get away with that stuff if you are serial winners, as we are, but it sounds crass when you do it when you have just lost your opening game in the league, and scraped over the line in the first leg of a European tie against a team missing eight first team players and who played much of the second half with ten men.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It’s the definition of stupidity as well.

Stupidity Sevco style. They sure as Hell didn’t learn this from us.

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  • Amcq14 says:

    The mole being clairvoyant and a hypnotist is too busy looking into eyes and telling all and sundry what he finks as part of his own PR machine that he probably doesn’t care what nonsense his team of giant superduper players are spouting. However, being a tactical genius also part of his repertoire, he sends them out to talk utter nonsense to keep the heat of himself. Not really surprising given their recent form and results.

  • Johnno says:

    Quite content with all the scum eejits and cheerleaders doing all there mouthing, only confirms what dopey pricks they all remain.
    Haven’t taken any notice about what goes on within that shit hole for years now with personal that haven’t earned the right to mouth about anything.
    If any of our people behaved in such a manner then they would be ran out of the club and rightly so.
    Lenny was the last to put us through the bullshit antics and hardly ended well for himself with the club in doing so, and the likes we never want to see again within our club.
    The zombie hoards love to feed upon such shite, but continues to make them sick, even moreso with our such a successful approach to how the biggest and best club within Scotland should be run.
    Long may it continue in such a manner

  • John Copeland says:

    When most scoops and commentators are of the Rangers sort , attempting to be honest and forthright is almost impossible . They just can’t help but ‘chat up ‘ their pet project and that trickles back to the ‘big hoose !’ When anyone buys cheap ,shoddy items for very little money , something will snap off or break down or collapse sooner rather than later …watch this space ! Why do you think big inaction Jackson was semi critical last week … he’s covered himself with an ‘ I told you so ‘ to his gargantuan amount of readers !

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting a Sevco supporter last Saturday for the first time since February – where he told me they were gonna ‘walk’ The League Cup Final, they were gonna ‘thrash’ us at Parkhead, hammer us at Liebrox and win the treble…

    I just let him ramble and quoted Mr Dalglish by saying “mibbes aye, mibbes naw’ –

    So on meeting him, I said – How’s that treble of yours doing Nigel ?

    He was quite sheepish, but said ‘it’ll definitely happen this season – we trashed yous at home like I said’ –

    Once again I quoted Mr Dalglish…

    This lad is quite a nice fella, good worker, nice family guy, works hard, likes a bevvy, and is sane – until it comes to Sevco of course –

    What is it with these ‘peepil’ ?

    I think I know – He probably buys The Daily Record every day and a few or the other rags too !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye humility isnae one of their strong points is it ?! It’s the same unmerited crap trudged out every single pre-season. Tho one thing, ah can definitely see them gettin more than their usual (and that’s sayin somethin) free kicks and penalties, with their poster boy goldielocks.
    Clown throws himself on the deck at the slightest challenge. Can see there bein more than a few VAR checks wi this yin.

    • Eddie M says:

      There will be LESS VAR checks for the golden child.

      Dessers admitted it post match the other night.

  • John S says:

    The Ibrox manager was disrespectful of the Scottish League and its players in thinking ‘old hat’ and ‘unwanted driftwood’ would do the business. Notwithstanding the help their team gets from officialdom, their righteousness has now become but a protest.

  • Hamoflage says:

    Part of their problem is that they are as full of shit on the pitch as they are off it.

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