Celtic Are About To Wrap Up Our New Defensive Signing … And Not A Moment Too Soon.

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I do not like the idea of throwing an untested central defender into a team where we already have a central defender trying to find his feet.

But I like those things better than I like the idea of taking a risk with Cameron Carter Vickers on that plastic pitch at Kilmarnock with whatever went wrong with him at the weekend just past. That’s a chance we simply cannot take.

The problem, of course, is that we don’t yet have a replacement for Carl Starfelt. But tonight that process has taken a big step closer, as he’s revealed to be in Glasgow and about to tie up the deal. That’s welcome. That’s a huge relief, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this process had been greatly accelerated the moment Carter Vickers went off at Pittodrie.

The big guy might be fit for the game. Or at least, he might pass a fitness test for it. But he’s only just back from a long-term injury, so how fit can he actually be? We’re a team still getting up to speed here, still trying to reach peak conditioning. Another injury to him, one keeping him out for many more weeks, is the last thing this team needs at the moment.

I said earlier that we could survive selling Hatate, even without replacing him just as I think we could probably get by without replacing Jota.

Those are individual players in individual positions. But that’s not where we are at the moment. Right now, we’re without Jota or a replacement, Starfelt or a replacement, Hatate, Johnston, Oh and Kobayashi. There are questions about whether Kyogo will need a shoulder op at some point. Only a foolish manager – and Rodgers is no fool – would risk adding to that.

So I am pleased that our new Bhoy is almost in the metaphorical building, because we need him here right now and we need to know if he can slot right into the side in time to play in the weekend’s game, because putting Carter Vickers into that match would be absolute folly unless we’re 100% sure that he’s 100% fit.

Yes it is not ideal. No I would not ordinarily want to see us go into a game with what’s effectively an untried, untested defence … but this is Celtic and we never quite do things the easy way.

Needs must here, and our new signing has arrived in the nick of time.

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  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Mc manus will likely start did well when he came on last Sunday in a tough gme

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    We need guys that are gonna be and are up for the thuggery battle in this country…

    Brick for Brick – Boot for Boot – And Bottle for Bottle – has to be the order of the day this season –

    Lightweights won’t cut it in NOT so Bonnie Scotland and it’s thuggish football environs I’m afraid…

    Hope this guy comes with a hard pedigree !

  • Fun time frankie says:

    And when we go to the Govan midden, the scouse lump of wood will barge kyogo to the ground and SFA WILL HAPPEN TO HIM ,and more than likely kyogo will have go get the operation sooner rather than later.

  • Mark B says:

    Ange leaving out our transfers plan back of course it did as BR needed time to assess and had different players and style in mind. We are not at full strength or on top form when the next few weeks are important. All this arrogance about we will win the league easily and do it without Hatate and Jota well that is one opinion. I prefer to say we need to focus on us build our squad in key areas. If we lose Hatate that is 3 first teams starters from last season and that would be a huge loss any other view is nonsense. Our rivals have spent money and while they are also getting up to speed they did have a very good 2nd half last night- again to deny that is folly. Ibrox in a couple of weeks will be a tight hard battle we need our best players on good form or we will lose. Let’s focus on that and get ourselves prepared. We also have CL to come so for sure we need to bolster our squad. CH, LB, DM and CF all with power that is what we clearly need. We have enough wingers in my view. Yang looks good.

  • Dex says:

    I think after Oh hiding his injury they will be pressing CCV to be honest about how he feels about his.No chances should ne taken

  • SSMPM says:

    I hope he’s in the literal door but then there’s always Welsh?

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    This is Kilmarnock we’re talking about here. I’d be happy with Welsh and Rocky at the weekend, especially since BR has given the back line licence to clear the lines if they think it’s appropriate. Now we’ve got another guy in the building who looks pretty good so I’d say pick two from those three and keep CCV wrapped up in cotton wool for while. What would be the biggest blow at this stage of the season, losing against Kilmarnock in the League Cup or losing CCV for 6 to 8 weeks?

  • Gerry T says:

    You say you ‘won’t debate nonsense’ but this way you don’t have to debate anything.

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