Celtic Cannot Afford To Waste Time Haggling For Targets. It’s Either Pay Or Move On.

Image for Celtic Cannot Afford To Waste Time Haggling For Targets. It’s Either Pay Or Move On.

Bronby have “named their price” for their Under 21 striker according to reports today, and they want £4 million for him.

I think that’s a lot of money to pay for a backup player, even if he’s being groomed to carry the team through the Asian Cup. It’s almost what Kyogo cost and more than what we paid for Giakoumakis.

The only question is, what do we think he’s worth?

Because we can waste time trying to negotiate that down to a lesser sum, or we can simply move on if we don’t think his CV is sufficiently impressive. There’s no time left for us to squander in this window chasing someone we don’t think is worth that kind of money. If he’s a £4 million player then pay that for him. If he isn’t, then he’s nothing but a squad player anyway.

This is what happens when transfer business is not done promptly and it’s left until the closing stages.

Teams smell the desperation off you and they jack up the prices accordingly.

The worst thing about having a Lawwell in charge of this stuff is that Daddy thought he was the greatest poker player in the world until his bluff was called.

You don’t have to recall every detail of the John McGinn saga; you just have to remember that Lawwell’s nuclear threat was that we would just wait till the following summer (regardless that the manager wanted him in there and then) and take the player to Celtic on a free; a pretty big presumption that John McGinn was certainly not on board with.

He did the same the following year with Alfie Doughty, with the same outcome. He went to Luton, where he was instrumental in helping them get to the English Premiership last season.

I would rather we didn’t spend what little remains of a window that’s been open for months, with the manager in place for two of them, locked in endless negotiations for players who, at the end of the day, aren’t even the finished article.

Different if this is real, proven quality … but even in that case why wouldn’t you just pay what they’re damned well worth?

Mathias Kvistgaarden is a guy I hadn’t even heard of until this story broke the other day, so I have no idea whether he’s worth £4 million or not, but I do know that’s a sizeable chunk of money for us to spend on a fourth striker for a club which plays with one up front. At that price I’d want to see a player challenging Kyogo for the starting slot.

And if he’s that good, pay the damned money and stop messing about.

If he’s not, then ditch the whole thing and get on with finding someone who is.

Because really, there’s no time left here for foot dragging and haggling over loose change.

This board has been given a lot of “benefit of the doubt”, but that performance yesterday and the manager’s comments after the game, where his frustration over the squad was not even disguised, has removed from them any alibi they had.

The focus is now on them and what they deliver for the man in the dugout. It would be good if we could get some business done this week so whatever new signings are made aren’t debuting at Ibrox.

Enough of this already, Celtic. Get it in gear. Get this moving.

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  • Martin says:

    Unfortunately, everything is feeling very Peter Lawwell again. If Rodgers is honestly happy to accept this again then I’m very worried about what he’s become. Focus also seem to be in the wrong places. My concern is that the areas we felt needed improving last summer are still needing improved. We’re either regressing, downsizing, or pissing about. And unless things change in 10 day, we’re risking the league and next year’s CL spot.

  • Paul McCann says:

    bernabei slept in and was dropped 2 weeks ago we needed a goalkeeper left back and a left winger we are stiil waiting pull your finger out to make sure that yesterday was a wake up call

  • Clara says:

    Was the attraction of Spurs for Ange purely on proving his self in the EPL or was it in part due to the lack of support for signing players that could take Celtic to the next level?

    Ange said he wanted progress in the CL for Celtic and if all he was ever going to get was prospects that fitted the Club Model then maybe that was in part his leaving for leaving?????

    BR already had issues with PL and DD regards bringing in players he wanted and that was in part his reason for jumping ship, he must have been given promises that this time it would be different if he came back to the Club, he seems to be getting more and more frustrated with the lack of proven signings especially since he said Celtic needed to add power to do anything in the CL, watch this space re BR leaving again.

    DD and PL have no ambition other than ” doing enough” to keep us one step ahead of Ibrox and keeping the profits coming in, we could end up in a bad place this year if that doesn’t work out, CL whipping boys could be the least of our worries.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agree that the time to stop haggling for kids is now. Another unproven youngster. Really? That’s the extent of it? It’s not gonna make a difference in the here and now. Does our scouting team only look at youngsters? I mean is that it? Is that our best at work?
    We should have signed Toney too but we won’t spend real money on talent. Ange should have kept and given more games to GG and we wouldn’t be in this position either but his favourite one striker only policy backfired on him and GG wanted off to get a game of football. There was a good reasoning in GG’s mind why this was not for him and I don’t believe Spurs was the only motivation for Ange to go either. He too probably smelled the whiff of tightness in the air and was lucky to find an out down the road.
    Seems them across the road are able to get in experience. They may not be brilliant but they’re priced reasonably and are able to get a 3-0 win against us, get, through some CL qualifying ties, get to a EL final even and get past the first round they play in the league cup. I’m glad we’re not in the qualifying rounds for the CL cause simply said I don’t think we’re even good enough for that. If we don’t get some experience in I’m dreading what the scores will add up to in the CL.
    So we got a shocking reveal about whose in control of scouting and signings the other day and now we’re producing below par performances, a shocking cup showing, and clearly evidenced, that where football counts, we have a shockingly bad board. It’s not panic to see what’s right in front of our eyes and call it out. Stand up and be on our side.
    On a separate point what have we done to Dom Robertson, who was on VAR Sunday. Over the years he’s provided some abysmal decisions against us. Another traitor that’s sold out. HH

  • John lynaghan says:

    Don’t really think another young guy is our priority after yesterdays performance .We need players who can go straight into the team not long term projects.The guy from Brondby has scored 10 goals in 37 games doesn’t sound like a starter.We need players with a physical presence right now

  • Fun time frankie says:

    James we spent £5 million on barkas and adjeti 2 of the biggest tits that we’ve wasted millions on to name but 2 so let’s start buying and stop penny pinching, Jesus even the sevco hobos spent 6 millions on one player, and you can bet your last dollar that liewell has more dosh than that whole club.

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    Contrast this circus to when Ange was in charge, players identified n signed up no messing this has Lawell written all over it , it reeks of incompetence or deliberately messing things up, Rogers is not getting a fair crack of the whip unless a change in direction this will end badly n very soon

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Gotta say it, but Ange wouldn’t have accepted this, and all his players would have been in weeks ago….
    Reeks of Pedro the Hun getting Brendan back for last time he was manager….
    But, we’ll know in 10 days, when we see who, if anyone has been signed, cos, right now, I don’t feel confident that there will be any more in, course as be delighted ti be wrong.


  • m mclaughlin says:

    If when the Asian cup comes around and we lose our strikers what then at least we will have a striker phased in and up to speed

  • Paul Kelly says:

    Well it’s accepted that the business model is buy and sell then of course they wish to see some of their “projects” increase in value by playing well in the first team. The model fails if you replace the wannabe with established experience.

  • Johnno says:

    Again James, you would expect a manager to be wanting players to fit into a system and style of play he wants the team to preform.
    To get the best out of the players he already inherited, and everyone involved within the process, knows there job’s and roles to keep delivering the success for the club.
    It’s not rocket science we are talking about, yet suddenly and totally unexpectedly the whole process looks totally broken at present.
    I don’t understand when I expected a bit of quality and experience to be added to the squad with CL in mind.
    These were issues that arose at the back end of last season, and still haven’t been addressed whatsoever as of yet?
    Could it be a reason Ange decided to leg it?
    Yet why would Rodgers return if trying to form a CL squad without sufficient backing in doing so?
    To many questions without any answers at present. Before I lay all the blame at the doors of the board yet again, I’m still struggling to see what type of play he wants to introduce into this celtic team currently?
    With that in mind, where are these players going to fit in to make the huge difference that’s required?
    At present we look like a team that needs well over 11 additions, could go to 22, as no one in this celtic team at present seems to understand what the manager is looking for?
    Can’t really blame the players either, cause I haven’t got a clue myself what Rodgers is trying to introduce into this team?
    All I do know is it looks shite and a total shambles at the moment.
    The dip in form of way to many treble winners is frightening and disgusting to witness.
    So where are these supposed new players going to fit into a non existent system and style of play that’s going to make all the difference?
    Haven’t a clue myself now, and for a start of season, looking forward to making inroads within the CL, and keeping Scottish dominance intact, to be dreading the next few weeks ahead, has left myself fuming for our club to be in this position with a season already underway and us looking like a shambles and nowhere close to being where we should be for the season ahead.
    Thinking it might be best to forget about CL this season and maybe playing in an empty celtic park would be a way of showing how disgusting our club are treating our supporters in a competition that’s made our support so famous worldwide.

  • Bob (original) says:

    And in connection with the prior blog, about perceptions…

    There is a sense of inevitability, IMO, that there will be a showdown between

    Rodgers and Peter Lawwell, [even though PL is still listed as a NED/Chairman].

    After several, highly impressive transfer windows, it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong.


    And whilst that’s probably an unfair generalisation…

    that’s the perception of many, including myself.

  • Clara says:

    From the start I wanted the Bodo Glimp manager not BR and it purely because he plays angeball and his team punches well above its weight, he would have been a perfect fit

  • Anthony Flynn says:

    Go for Shankland

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Yep – Shankland and a couple of hammer throwers to meet the thuggery that’s coming our way (Sunday was a nice wee reminder of what’s coming our way) –

      You get NOWHERE for being lightweight in Scottish Football…

      And you get ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE trying to be Mr Nice Guy in Scottish Football…

      Sort it out now Brendan and our board of cowards !

  • Eldraco says:

    Refresh my memory, who was the hold out on bringing back Brendan?

    Oh right, I will just get my coat .

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