Celtic Players Who Have Contributed Nothing Have No Business Moaning About Their “Value.”

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On a morning when we’re already going to get it in the neck the last thing I want to read about is the pitiful bitching of three players who have made contributions at our club ranging from very little to none at all. It is obvious that Rodgers has to clear the decks here.

There are basically a couple of strands to this, and one of them is our signing policy, and I’ll get to that in a moment. But let’s talk about the three players who have picked today, of all days, to signal their displeasure at the way they are treated by our club.

The first is Haksabanovic, a player who I said weeks ago probably had no future at the club. He has given us very little since he signed, and although people will say that he needs chances to show what he can do I would argue that he’s had plenty of them. Ironically, it’s in these last few weeks where we’ve started to see that there might be a player, and one getting into the team, that this has suddenly blown up out of nowhere on us.

A social media sulk. How pathetic. Get shot of this child Celtic, don’t even hesitate.

This team will not feel his loss one bit if he goes in this window as I now wholly expect. Ange might have left this one alone but Rodgers, I expect, will demand to know what the Hell he thought he was doing.

And if this is true with him its even truer with Bernabei, who didn’t even have the balls for his own act of rebellion but instead merely liked this one. To be frank, he is a waste of space. He was getting arrested in a Glasgow street before he had even made his debut, and he’s already irked Rodgers with his attitude towards time-keeping.

We’ve seen enough of Bernabei to wonder who the Hell ever recommended him as a signing?

He and Haksabanovic so clearly fit “the strategy” that it makes you weep.

Just throw players at the manager, even if we don’t need them – remember how you felt when you heard Haksabanovic was signing in the first place? I was amazed we wanted another attacking midfielder when there were more obvious places we could have spent money – and watch as they are underused and finally let their frustration bubble over.

We have a massive, way too big squad.

We’re about to make our seventh summer signing and the manager wants to crank that up to ten or even eleven. For what? Three quality additions, that’s what this team needed but the board foisted at least four of these guys on him. And this is the situation that such a policy inevitably creates, one the boss now has to deal with.

This would be a good time for demonstrating his ruthlessness. I expect him to.

As to Rocco Vata, the number of words I’ve already written on that subject I could make a book.

And he’s simply not worth all those words.

He has contributed precisely zero to life at Celtic, and his decision to “like” this confirms he’s for the off and confirms the lack of maturity which proves that he is exactly as ill-prepared to be a first team player as the Celtic coaches think he is. I strongly suspect he’ll go to Italy and that’ll be the last we hear of him until we see his name on a piece of scrolling text on Sky Sports Match Day having scored for Lincoln City or something and we’ll be like “Oh that’s what happened to Rocco Vata ….”

Celtic didn’t need this nonsense today, but it might be for the best.

Every manager fresh in a job needs a blood sacrifice, he needs to show his mettle by turfing some people off the training ground and if Rodgers wants to re-establish himself as the dominant person at Celtic Park this would be an excellent way to start … and at the same a message to the people above him to stop sending him these projects, these kids, because he has too much to be dealing with already without having to deal with temper tantrums and dummy spitting.

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  • Jackson says:

    Haksabanovic and Bernabei and a few others will hopefully be shown the door…this week
    Turnbull for me can be added to those two.


  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, we’re not going to do anything in Europe. We’ll be lucky to do anything in scotland. Too many average players. Forrest, Turnbull Taylor, McGregor, Ralston, Welsh. Shite themselves when they see a foreign name on their opponents jersey. It’s not going to pan out well this season. Rodgers has been in charge of Celtic games whenw lost 6 and 7 goals in Europe. This Euro campaign will not be nice to watch. HH

  • Martin Kennea says:

    Get rid of they 3 cxnts.

  • Phil stuart (@celtic follower) says:

    Rodgers has stated he’s been brought in to coach not manage therefor who is the person responsible for this mess? Lawell jnr is responsible for recruitment and outgoings and so far I’m underwhelmed in both areas.

  • RayRay says:

    Couldn’t agree more James.

  • williebhoy says:

    Surely the previous manager SHOULD have dealt with the imposters and the others also stinking out the place…Mikey Johnstone, McCarthy, Soro, Ajeti, etc. We have offloaded 11 x players already and at least another 6-7 should be shown the door. None of them are down to BR. But it is time he stood up and demanded the final word on players coming in.

    I’d also add Scales, Welsh, Kobiyashi, Bain,and that waster from Dundee Utd to the list to be moved on ASAP, obviously not all in this window but hopefully next. Taking 30+ players on pre-season tours helps no-one, another lesson to be learned.

  • Pan says:

    If Rodgers has been brought in to coach then he is doing a rubbish job of it. Backwards and sideways passing are his style. That display yesterday was utterly boring! He was not a good appointment and I believe you should never go backwards. That’s what we have done here and I believe it is a big mistake. There were better candidates with a fresh outlook on the horizon. The future does not look rosy now and it seems that we have infighting at the club again. The paying customers are being mis-led once again. We have no right to criticise others when we are just the same in accepting being taken for a ride.

  • Bigmick says:

    James, the way i look at these situations is simple: would i be the least bit worried if any of these players lined up against us for another club?
    In this particular case,not one iota….and neither of the three you mention are worth any potential disruption.

  • Devine says:

    I do remember last season when Haksabanovic was our best player during October and November and actually won the the Premiership Player of the Month- then the world cup came- Haksa picked up an injury and Jota and Maeda were incredible after the break and he simply never got a sniff after that. I guess this season, with the departure of Jota, he had high hopes under a new coach, and that hasn’t happened. How can James Forrest be ahead of him for a start? Maeda has been garbage. Haksabanovic was probably our most effective player last week at Rugby Park. This week Yang and Maeda start ahead of him. Yang I understand but why Maeda? I can see why the player is frustrated. The manager either has favourites- that would explain the use of a dud Forrest and the continued perseverance with MacGregor and Turnbull in midfield ahead of Iwata for example- or maybe something has happened in the background at training. Sure Haksa hasn’t shown his best for us but he’s had a combination of bad luck and injuries and he probably seen this as his opportunity- he’s obviously arsed it up now with his stupid social message.
    I understand people writing off Mikey Johnstone, McCarthy, Soro, Ajeti- to some extent Bain- Welsh, Forrest and Ralston are just not good enough for Celtic. I fear Scales may be in the category as well. How anyone can write off Kobiyashi already I have no idea- off of one bad game against the huns? The kid needs time to adapt and maybe even a loan deal with another British club. Jesus fans are already writing off Kwon after a bad half in a mid-season friendly! Iwata has clearly been written off already. Fans keep going on about a strong guy in midfield. O’Reilly has joked Iwata’s arms are thicker than most of the players legs. He was Japanese player of the year. Instead Turnbull gets a game ahead of him. Rodgers is still persisting with a completely out of form McGregor and even Holm is ahead of him in the pecking order.
    Yesterday O’Reilly should have had two. Kyogo missed one just passed the post. The St Johnstone keeper had some incredible saves- on another day it could have easily been 5 nil. We’ve played worse and won comfortably. Nevertheless we are still a point ahead of the huns and we’ve got Johnstone back and still have Carter Vickers, Nawrocki, Hatate to come back into the side and hopefully others to come back to form- combined with a few new more experienced signings to come before the week. Considering the season has just started the whole reaction of the last week has been a bit deranged. Celtic fans have become a bit entitled and spoiled and it has made many of them crazily impatient. That is not to say I’m not concerned myself but the reaction has been a touch hysterical from many. A treble winning team are suddenly pish! There’s no perspective. It’s one extreme to another.

  • Johnno says:

    Always had the makings of a very tricky transfer window to negotiate, whoever was the manager in charge.
    Believe Ange knew this and when the opportunity arose to jump ship, it was easier to run to the money than stay and improve a developing mess, with CL in mind.
    The 3 names you mentioned James, were highly unlikely to make our CL squad regardless, but now only the exit door awaits for them.
    The board would possibly have to take the financial hit, and could cause huge problems within the squad if the board want to reduce the amount they stand to lose money wise, but the club are in a position to take such a hit also.
    Both hako and Bernie could possibly make a claim either manager, didn’t use them in there strongest roles, but as poor professionals, they never showed enough to earn any right to make such claims.
    Scales also looks like being added to the list, and yuki and iwata don’t seem to be part of Rodgers plans for to long either.
    A fair few others face a very limited game time for the season ahead, especially when the CL campaign ends early enough.
    Expecting a few more established players to leave in January, as already seeing signs of players not enjoying whatever structure Rodgers is trying to install within his celtic team, as whatever it is, just ain’t working.
    Was so looking forward to the season ahead, to going back to one without enthusiasm is not the greatest of feelings at present.
    Big week ahead to change that all around, course it can be achieved, not confident that it will be sadly

    • Paul Mac says:

      Would argue that unless we get another left back in before friday that Bernabei would have made the UEFA squad (who else would play left back ?) and maybe Vata due to the homegrown rule could have been in with a shout?

  • John S says:

    The supporters who (ultimately) pay the players’ wages are entitled to 100% commitment. Haksabanovic puts more exercise into his fingers than he does his feet.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Would punt him tomorrow if anybody was Interested. As for Bernabei, when he came on, his first four passes went straight tae St. J players. Two who definitely don’t cut it.

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