The Green Brigade Spoke For Celtic Yesterday. The Ibrox Sites Can Whinge All They Want.

Image for The Green Brigade Spoke For Celtic Yesterday. The Ibrox Sites Can Whinge All They Want.

I read one of the Ibrox fan sites last night having a bitter, deranged rant about The Green Brigade banner from yesterday. I think they have some balls to be pointing their fingers at our supporters for expressing a view on this ticket standoff when their own fans disgraced their club, their city and their country with their own display on Tuesday night.

These Peepul don’t care how the world sees them, and in that selfishness and egotism, they don’t care how the world sees the rest of us, all of us who the media and a lot of others suck into their vortex of hatred. But we don’t all live in their cesspit.

What The Green Brigade did yesterday was to perfectly articulate the attitude of this whole club towards their pathetic behaviour. There is nothing on that banner which wasn’t fact. What the Ibrox fan site in question wrote in response was, in contrast, a tissue of lies. We started this? Really? On what planet do these people live that they believe that?

That’s like something out of Trump Land. I know these people are delusional, but that’s taking it to the outer limits, to the point where they don’t let you walk about on public streets. There aren’t enough padded cells at Hidden Hills for these clowns.

Their club is responsible, single-handedly responsible, for devaluing the derby which gives them any relevance to the wider world. Think about that for a minute. Even before the death of the first Ibrox club, our club had long ago stopped referring to this as “the Old Firm” fixture. We understand that standing alone is in our best interests, in no small way a consequence of their ability to drag us into that cesspit of theirs over and over again.

So we have made it plain to the outside world that we want nothing to do with them. It is their club which clings to this derby like a life preserver, because that’s what it is, and without that to define them, without an object on which to base their twisted hatreds, without basking in the dark light of that fixture, what else do they have to offer the outside world?

They are, as one former Rangers director described them, “A provincial West of Scotland football club.” Without the Glasgow derby, the world might forget they existed at all. They have imperilled the one thing that gives them definition and I get that they have to be scared by the realisation of that, and want someone else to blame … but that’s not us.

This one, they’re going to have to own it. This is a mess made in their house, kept going by their board and instead of attacking Celtic fans for making that point they might want to focus their ire where it belongs … and get their own house in order before they have a go at us for what our fans put up at games.

Because the reason they remain nothing more than a West of Scotland football club is because they are backward redneck bigots who will not accept that their attitudes and ideology has no place in the modern world, and that killed Rangers as surely as the debts did.

It’s why when that club was circling the drain no-one came to snap up the assets but a fly-by-night dodgy geezer every bit as nasty as the one who pulled the plug.

They might have a shaky grasp of history and fact, but we remember.

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  • William Melvin says:

    While l agree with you on this 100%,James, l only do so when it is with regard to the vast majority of our supporters.
    Our board of directors, no matter what they say or do to the contrary are fully entrenched in The Old Firm Franchise.
    Until we sweep the majority shareholder,chairman and all the other dinosaurs who make the decisions at Paradise out of our fantastic club l’m afraid it will be business as usual for Old Firm Inc.
    No amount of empty gestures by them to try to convince everyone otherwise will change this fact.
    The proof is in the rancid(or maybe it’s rancel) pudding !

  • S Thomas says:

    I can’t go the green brigade.. think they are trouble , but I do agree about having the old allocations back. This ticket fiasco is an absolute joke.. and I think it should be full allocations, as in my opinion it made the occasion far better. I loved going to the broomloan for the match.. now it’s on the box you can only watch it. People should be sitting round a table and discussing it like adults, instead of this tit for tat wee boys at school garbage , that’s happening the now. It’s the biggest sporting event in this country, and watched by millions worldwide.. about time a bit of maturity was at play here.

    • Stesano says:

      90 minute bigots and mental! Are the poison I meant. Hail Hail fellow Tim’s Brendan going sort this bs out

  • SSMPM says:

    And yet in so many articles by ex players, replied to articles by Celtic fans in the press, Celtic callers on radio CSS mainly, and on TV sports shows so many Celtic supporters still refer to it as the old firm derby.
    Off page or what but non the less maintaining, bolstering, propping up and reinforcing their myth as our reality.

    So it seems currently that it’s not just our club and players but Celtic fans themselves that are seriously doing our club a disservice. Get a grip, get on page. HH

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    We will NEVER FORGET

  • paul obrien says:

    I agree with most of your post but think Mr Lawell carries a lot of the blame for keeping the “old firm” tag on life support when it should have been killed off .5 way agreement springs to mind amongst other things

  • Stesano says:

    The posion are total weirdos!! No sense of self or who they are the ones that say ” awww 90 minute bigit’ is are liers and mentsl!! They live off Celtic!! They can’t handle we wont use that term I tell you something not real Tim I know ever used it ever! Was always ” the Hun game” for us! These creature hate us and madly feel ok attacking woman and Childern if wearing green! That’s a fact! As they figure ” must be Fenians ” as the poison don’t do green!! But perversely they rely on us for relevance and valadation!! Ha ha hence the strop with the Aussie cup and then that cringe fest ” this the o f( I can’t even write it never mind say it! They are like some mad stalker!! They need Celtic to live to have oxygen! They are defined by hate!! They will even try in pretend not to be bitter to hold on to this dead rivalry!! They are the most disgusting weirdos on the planet and get no pass from me!! I stated many times I wouldn’t even play that new club as like the old they are utter poison that ground should been bulldozed in 2012!! But too many enablers in Brigadoon Scotland need something from the for some weird identify and never let any hit you with ” All as bad as each other”! Like our club one the Greatest ever created born out of unity, solidarity,charity and love! And your right Hugh Adam their own director told them 2002 Celtic were the only big real Global one in Brigadoon Scotland and living overseas for years I can see that even more tho l always knew this anyway ,they talk about England!! Ha ha CELTIC have 100 times more fans all through England than that poison the far right sympathiers don’t count like the Huns they just love to hate we have real fans all through that country!! Brendan get shot those 3 “school girls “from today and that vata one a total joke wee clown but get they 3 out tomorrow and go to town on that board!! Let get these players in and do what we do! And that’s win!!

  • Stesano says:

    I meant the poison saying ” only 90 minute bigots are liers and mental! Total weirdos as no such thing a bigot is a bigot and everyone that enters that cespit breeding ground of hate is one! Fact

  • Paul Mac says:

    Love the fact that after the Australian tour thing and they got so upset they insisted on making the following derby “Old Firm”. Remember the banners and especially the arch … HOWEVER did you not think it strange that on the arch proudly proclaiming “OLD FIRM DERBY” that only their club logo was present … twice! So this derby that they are clinging to as the old firm is in their own eyes .. just them because they can´t put the Celtic crest anywhere .. let alone on the shirts on a final.

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