Glasgow World’s “Celtic-Ibrox Combined” Article Is The Symbol Of A Dead Publication.

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Glasgow World is one of the direst publications in this country; everyone who reads the Scottish media on a regular basis is well aware of this. It is virtually indistinguishable from a lot of other sites out there which exists to push out nothing but clickbait.

Its journalists – I cannot use that word seriously in the context of this; they aren’t that, by any stretch of the imagination – seem determined to fill the internet with utter dreck.

Today they put up a piece on a “combined” Celtic-Ibrox XI.

They get only one point for it; they did not refer to this an “Old Firm XI”. That gets them off the bottom of the league but I’m afraid they’ll not e challenging for promotion on the back of it.

Because the piece used the awful, discredited, and useless to arrive at these conclusions and when you see that the first three players – Butland, Tavernier and Goldson – are all from Ibrox that, right away, makes me want to read no further. If it wasn’t for the necessities of this job I honest to God wouldn’t have bothered to.

Of course, Barisic is the first name on page 2 and right away you have four out of the first five of the players in this so-called “select” coming from the side which has lost the last two titles and has started this campaign so disastrously.

And it gets worse, because we had two Celtic players – at last – in Hatate and McGregor before we wound up at Cifuentes, who is just in the country, has barely kicked a ball and whose American team sold him to Ibrox for a pittance. That awful website has him priced at near enough £10 million. Which means that they rate him higher than O’Riley.

And the front three? Well, they had to get one Ibrox player in there, didn’t they? Especially now that Kent – who they had as Scotland’s most valuable player for years – is gone. And who else would that be but the new darling of the Ibrox fans and the generator of more hype and hysteria than Donald Trump could ever muster; Todd Cantwell.

There are few players in the recent history of the game here who I’ve been quite so keen to see the Ibrox fans and the media turn on. The overblown nonsense being written about this guy would make Nigel Farage blush.

But Ibrox needs a hero and there are precious few others for them to get truly excited about, and so of course this is he.

Liel Abada and Kyogo make up the rest of this “team” and if you can do the math then you’ll have spotted the sheer nonsense of this. Six out of eleven of them play at Ibrox? And some of them have barely a kicked a ball in this country yet. Abada is valued at £7.5 million … which is £1.5 million less than Ibrox’s dancing, prancing poser.

Who does’s valuations for God’s sake? Hugh Keevins?

I know for a fact that blogs are forbidden from using them as an “official source” because their valuations are contemptible nonsense. Yet some of these allegedly mainstream titles bases entire articles such as this on them.

That publication, as much as any other in this country, inspires in me nothing but derision.

I cannot believe that it gets away with publishing such dreck day after day.

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  • Simon Chilton says:

    James please don’t use the expression “math”. It’s beyond cringeworthy.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Aw well – Congratulations to Sevco on winning The Glasgow World Cup !

    A nice imaginary bit of silverware to go along with The Summertime Trophy…

    The Sevco Huns will feel warm and beautiful with that news today –

  • Captain Swing says:

    Loses all credibility straight from the word go with the ludicrous inclusion of the largely talentless Tavpen, but the addition of the sleepy left back who is always caught napping on the back post and at times appears not to understand the role of full back at all clinches it.

    I would say it was written by people with no understanding of football whatsoever, but we all know that’s not the real reason.

  • Benjamin says:

    Hey James, a story idea that has flown under the radar. IFAB has amended/clarified the offside rule due to incompetence (corruption?) of Scottish referees. Check out all the underlined bits on pages 94-95 of the 2023-24 edition of the Laws Of The Game.

  • Plastic Paddy says:

    The way I see it is this James. Most of what tries to pass itself off as media in this country, know that the team currently playing at the big hoose, are so inferior to celtic in the real world that they have to try and make them win something la la land. The bulk of sevco fans will latch onto any sort of thing that is made up to keep their complex of superiority going. They’re fkn nuts man ???

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