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Kenny Miller Is So Anti-Celtic You’d Think He Was Trying To Compensate For Something.

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Kenny Miller’s “wisdom” is leading the new again tonight, I see. The Daily Record is running his latest idiotic remarks about how the pressure in the title race has now been “flipped” onto Celtic. The logic of this is that we can’t afford to drop anything at Pittodrie tomorrow and that The Mooch has answered his critics. But has he really?

His side was still only a goal up and toiling badly in the last ten minutes of that game today.

After they scored the second the inevitable Martindale collapse happened. But on the back of that Miller is mouthing and doing so in a way which makes me ask a question that’s been nagging me about this guy; what is his problem?

He didn’t used to be such a Sevco lickspittle.

Miller played for us, and with that in mind he used to pay us a modicum of respect. So what was it that happened to him? Was his mind poisoned by people around Ibrox? Was his mind poisoned by proximity to Ibrox? Or was it that oldest and most sinister ploy of them all … has he gone full-tilt loony because he knows that’s how to advance his career?

In any other environment the idea would sound ridiculous, but of course he’s most prominent these days in anti-Celtic papers and on BBC Sports Scotland where talking up your Ibrox credentials is the fast track to getting yourself a gig.

All I know is that there has been a notable transformation in his attitude towards them and towards us … and not for the better.

He really isn’t that smart, which is the other reason I don’t particularly enjoy listening to him these days.

His daft remarks today are pretty much what we’ve come to expect from him of late. Of course, he thinks The Mooch has turned it around; there was always going to be a certain amount of euphoria from this clown and others like the moment they had a half-decent result, no matter the circumstances under which it was accomplished.

But honestly, none of this is original, none of it is stuff we Celtic fans haven’t heard before and before and before, and if their team goes out of the Champions League and has all those Sunday games to play for, I predict it won’t be long before he’s telling us that playing second actually confers the advantage as the pressure is on Saturday’s team.

All through last season, people in the media were saying that we were the team under pressure.

Funny that. As defending champions we were told the pressure was different than when you were trying to win back a title, and that time would tell if we coped. Mind you, it had been a while since we’d been in this position as a club … but it reeked of nonsense then and now and we won a treble instead of merely defending our title.

For much of last season we were the second side to play every weekend; again, this was supposed to confer a terrible pressure on us to perform, and after The Mooch got off to his winning start we were told we could not afford to drop anything. And we didn’t, not until the league was out of sight. Did we get credit for it?

Did we Hell. He got all the ink.

This team of ours has nothing to prove. This manager of ours has nothing to prove. His record is seven wins from seven, not in games won but in trophies competed for. I know neither Miller not his buddy like to be reminded of this, but The Mooch arrived in time to compete in both cup competitions and Celtic blew them out of both.

I expect three points tomorrow. I am sure the manager will have the team well drilled for the game. No outside noise will get through. That’s why we’re champions.

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  • Captain Swing says:

    I caught a bit of his commentary on Sportsound today and it was marked by a humourless and obvious bias. There’s nothing wrong with your allegiance being out there front and centre when everyone knows what you are anyway – I’m old enough to remember winning the league at Paisley with John Greig being the match summariser on Radio Scotland and a more dejected voice you’ve never heard in your life (Google it, it’s absolute gold), but he kept it professional, and I think Kenny Miller is really struggling to do that, which seems insane, because as one of the few who has worn both jerseys who can actually walk the streets (unlike Maurice) he is in a unique position to offer insight from both sides, so to swing so completely towards them means he is surely cutting off potential revenue streams which is a bit foolhardy for a freelancer…..

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Kenny miller should never had chance to play for celtic he is clearly not in any way possible celtic minded he is a very scarey looking man indeed and very ignorant uninteligent .he does talk gobshite hes paid to do so by people above him who he must every chance discredit celtic that is the game here but we all know what kind of people they are poisoned beyond repair.miller is gobshite its as simple as that he cant play so let him crawl to gutter press football he needs his mortgage and bills paid

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Yes James guys got issues with us going back years.When asked to name a team of the best 11 he has ever played with there was no mention of Nakamura,far and away the best midfielder Miller ever played with.Petty,immature,playing to the goon gallery.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Miller is indeed not the brightest, with his brains in his feet.

    How else could he lose his wife’s earings in a restaurant, [allegedly]?

    And he’s starting to make the Bold Bazza look reserved in his tabloid comments.

    Being loudly antagonistic towards his ex-employer, marks Miller as a

    potentail, cheap candidate to replace Beale,

    … when he has finally been found out by sevco

    as being nothing more than an expert at talking a good game! 🙂

  • Fun time frankie says:


    • Robert Cairney says:

      Keep off the buckfast…it’s obviously affecting your thought process…You’ve got the ramblings of a lunatic…

  • Edward murison says:

    Miller is one most fact the most retarded halfwit I’ve ever heard wonder how long stratching his head come out with that shite the champion league squad cost 15 million took 50 mins score against mighty livingstone at ibrokes it’s a no from me utter fool

  • BG says:

    Hi James. We all know KM isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. As you said he is a Sevco lickspittle.

    He is getting paid – similar to the other Ibrox sycophants – to make Sevco relevant and sooth the pain of the gullibillies and drive the continuity lie. End of.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He is indeed an incoherent, rambling East coast nutcase for sure that talks in illiterate riddles going around in circles like a cat chasing it’s tail and the only time I listen to him is if we’ve beaten Sevco and he’s on Clyde or Sportscene as I really enjoy his pain and hurt…

    He ought to be reminded about his ‘Fenian’ credentials as I’ve a mate ages with him that says he was a died in the wool GREEN AND WHITE Hi-bee, yep that’s HIBERNIAN in his younger days around Musselburgh –

    You’d also have thought he bled The Green White And Gold of Celtic when he scored his first Hoops goal v Sevco (It might’ve been Rangers at that point and if I’m wrong in addressing them as Sevco then I apologise, but I cannot be bothered wasting my time on ones like him to research it) –

    Remember all these lovely fun times in The Green and White colours of Celtic and Hibernian Kenny – How does that square up with your new found clientele ? – Probably well enough now that you’ve nailed your colours to such a dirty greasy butchers apron mast…

    It could be the media angle – it truly is becoming beyond the pale with these organisations for sure from what I read on here and Miller will be the most useful of idiots for them for sure…

    Hopefully no Celtic supporters will bring shame upon themselves by financing these rags and ultimately ‘peepil’ like Miller – we can read all about his lunacy in his lunatic rag for free on this pure fab blog and have the double pleasure of starving The Record at the same time !

    But thanks anyway for letting me know the lunacy that’s going on out there in the country of my birth –

  • Aodain says:

    Good Seamus your back on conveying the mutual (respectful and intellectual) craic… being cheeky as usual with the image of KM…defo a slant towards an Orc at Mordor.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Its all media rubbish only 2 matches played and talking who can the league let’s see in 15 games in will have a better understanding then as they say one game at a time .And miller just stupid got to earn a crust talking bullshit.

  • RayRay says:

    Personally I feel grateful he’s got these gigs tbh. He’s one of the many pundits who create the delusional fantasy worlds for Rangers fans that keep them in place from making any real progress. With guys like Miller there will never be any real reflection and critical analysis.

  • scousebhoy says:

    we should thank him for letting the cat out the bag regarding pressure and the timing of sky sevco fixtures. up to the split 33 games were played and they played first 18 times

  • John L says:

    Somehow he feels that he has to make it up to the Ibrox faithful for signing for Celtic . The sad thing for a sad case is, he never will. There are those out there who will never forgive him no matter how much negative crap he writes about us. He will forever be a multi badge kissing reptile. Hail Hail

  • Sid says:

    I can’t believe none of you know the answer to your question. The obvious answer is 99% the correct one. Why is he doing it? MONEY. At what point does the penny drop with fans? This is these guys careers.
    They are not just taking care of this paycheck but their also angling for the NEXT one. I know Arfield and his huddle stunt was with that in mind. When he comes home he wants to coach at Ibrox. These guys are a long time retired and they saw Dave King play the Sevco fans like a fiddle and fancy a bit of the bacon.
    Say what you like about the 2012ers but they are unbelievable payers like for the talent, mega payers. My Dad’s best friend is on the payroll and can’t believe his luck. They were paying the old bigot kit man more than the prime minister lol.
    It’s just business guy’s nothing personal.

  • Del says:

    I’ve noticed his attitude recently thought it is getting as bad as the rest .Maybe he’s taking over from Boyd as No1Gobshite,can’t stand the guy

  • Dando says:

    There’s a saying throughout the SMSM…

    “Positive Rangers, Negative Celtic”


  • Dave says:

    Not a great achievement in beating Livingston, teams on downward spiral and are likely relegation candidates along with St Johnstone, early in the season and anything can change.
    Once the bigger teams go head to head then you get a better feel for how good or bad each team is.

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