If The Celtic Scouting System Works Right The Manager Should Have No Bad Options.

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This week has to see at least one high profile signing at Celtic, because we need to give players time to play together before we go to Ibrox, the first game on that run of away matches including Motherwell, Livingston, Hearts and Hibs. All of those games come before October is finished and that run could go a long way towards our title.

There is a good argument for us being out of the League Cup because of behind the scenes foot-dragging.

One of the possible reasons for this, being offered in mitigation, is the idea that we have first choice targets and we need to see what pans out with those guys. But apart from that reducing us in the eyes of the football world, it is a poor excuse for not acting.

We keep on hearing what geniuses our scouting department are. Well, they must have a plan for this and they must keep records of players of a higher calibre than the targets we’ve gone for already. There have to be some players on their lists with experience, and of proven reputation. I do not believe that all those guys have already got moves.

If that list is up to snuff the manager should be able to walk into Lawwell Jnr’s office and tell him “I need a defensive midfielder. Give me a list of names.” If this guy is the genius we’re told he is by those defending the board, we should not have to concern ourselves with a scenario in which our first choice drags his feet.

Our second choice will do fine.

If he drags his feet, move on to choice number three.

I can hear the wailing already, so let’s cut to the chase.

If Lawwell knows his business every name on that list will have one thing in common; they will all be an upgrade on what we have at Celtic Park right now. If they aren’t then either the manager has the wrong list or the wrong people are compiling it.

These people got a free ride before now because this team was still getting results and the manager was still seen by the fans as the man in control. He sounds now like someone who is done pleading in private and is now pleading in public.

Along with the League Cup result that makes the status quo untenable. They forfeited any right to benefit of the doubt when they hired the chairman’s son in the role that has just become critical.

Talk is cheap and people want to see action, prompt and decisive and which moves us in a positive direction.

The manager wants his players. This team is screaming out for them.

If they don’t already know who the main targets are then they are asleep at the wheel, and it’s time to wake up because they dare not leave this guy twisting in the wind, or dealt such a shitty hand.

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  • Jackson says:

    IF Brendan has been dealt a “shitty hand “
    and he walks again there will be no holding back on the outrage of our fans towards the board…. I think BR saying he can only play the players that has been put in front of him (who) was a big mistake, it makes him look weak.

  • Henry says:

    Would not be in the least surprised if Rodgers is gone in 6 months.

  • John L says:

    Don’t put PROFIT before PROGRESS. Back the manager or feel the wrath of the fans.

    • Adoo Fellaffadyke says:

      John – where have you been? Celtic have ALWAYS put profit before progress. That is NEVER going to change. You need to pay more attention.

  • SSMPM says:

    Too many Celtic fans have been keeping quite about this broken model or foolishly agree with it. It’s only successful in one regard, increasing the healthy bank account.
    We’re all being shafted, even you yes man, and anyone with ambitions or delusions about progress are just that; delusional

  • John S says:

    From Wikipedia. Brian Clough at Derby: “Of the inherited squad, 11 players departed and only four were retained…Clough also sacked the club secretary, the groundsman and the chief scout, along with two tea ladies he caught laughing after a Derby defeat.”
    A ‘Dave McKay’ anyone ?

    • James Forrest says:

      That’s the sort of thing, yes. A Dave Mackay.

      Very possible that’s what Brendan will do.

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