Celtic And Social Impact: Community Initiatives That Make A Difference

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Celtic fans benefit a lot from the team’s existence. They have fascinating matches to follow, parasocial relationships to form with players who inspire them, and a community to lean on when sharing their passion for football and the team. Some fans even make a hobby of analysing and wagering in favour of the team. And with access to a good UK betting sites list, many do so conveniently, deriving more joy from the games. But besides what fans get from the team by supporting it, does the team actively engage in initiatives to give back to the community?

Celtic FC and the Community

Football teams make a lot of money, from merchandise to game attendance to donations to ads. As such, players, managers, and other active participants eke a good living. It is especially so for successful clubs like Celtic FC. And like any other good club that recognizes the positive effects of its fans, this club is not shy to return the favour. It has a foundation that focuses on uplifting the vulnerable in the community and has embarked on the following projects:

1.    Dementia Care

People affected by dementia need all the support they can get. This disease affects not only the person living with it but also the people around them. And the Celtic Foundation has organized projects that centre around it by holding workshops for tens of dementia patients. They learn new skills that help them alleviate their stress levels, interact with others, and have fun by participating in fun sessions. The attendees also have lunch, talk to each other, and get support from the staff and other attendees. Results have shown that these interactions positively affect their mental and social well-being.

2.    Ability Counts

The foundation developed this program with the help of Down’s Syndrome Scotland, targeting people affected by the syndrome back in 2011. Since its inception, this program has allowed participants to interact with each other, get the support they need, and find a community. Program events often involve sports, interactive conversations, and skill development. In its years of operation, the program has grown to include people living with autism to help them build relationships and learn how to be independent as they prepare for their futures. The all-rounded approach, which mainly focuses on children and young adults, has had impressive results for the participants and their families.

3.    Gateway to Employment

Fostering independent young people is the best way to prepare them for living in the community. But not all young people have the opportunity to get such support. Thanks to this program, at-risk young people get the guidance they need. It focuses on people between 16 and 25 who live in high-crime areas, have committed crimes, or are likely to commit crimes. By empowering them with personal development and employability skills, the program steers them away from adverse decisions that can affect their lives. It helps them have a positive outlook and rely on their new skills rather than accepting their fates based on their social or economic backgrounds.

4.    The Joy of Moving

As we progress towards technological advancements, nutrition, and fitness have been adversely affected, especially among children. And with this trend, children are at risk of gaining unhealthy weight and suffering mental harm from being exposed to calorie-dense foods and inactivity. This program combats these effects by encouraging children to make healthier choices. By focusing on children in Primary five through seven, the program participants understand the beauty of a healthy lifestyle and can share the results with others.

How can you get involved in these and other programs?

  • The foundation accepts donations of all sizes in one-off or monthly installments,
  • You can participate in the foundation’s events as an attendee or provide support services,
  • You can volunteer during the events, or
  • You can organize fundraising and send the proceeds to the foundation.

You can also be part of the Celtic football club and enjoy the football spirit as you contribute to a positive social impact.

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