Neil Lennon Is Still Trying To Tell Our Current Manager What He Is Doing Wrong.

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There is a convention in politics which many people follow in football at it is this; you never comment on the performance of your successors. Ideally you should wait at least a decade before you offer any sort of commentary on what’s going on in your previous role.

Only in very exceptional circumstances do you see former managers, or former leaders, talking about the people currently in those jobs. It is not the done thing, because it is grossly unfair.

All it does is generates cheap and easy headlines and gives our enemies something to work with.

“Ex Celtic boss tells the manager what he’s doing wrong” is basically what it amounts to, and that’s ridiculous, and that’s why it is most unwelcome to see Neil Lennon commenting tonight on what our transfer strategy out to be. That is especially rich coming from someone whose last job in the game was working in Cyprus, where he managed to get himself sacked.

The scars of the Neil Lennon era are pretty nearly healed.

But I’ll tell you, he should not be in the media commenting on what he would be doing in Brendan Rodgers’ place any more than he should ever have opened his mouth about what Ange was doing. Ange was cleaning up after him.

Rodgers has inherited a winning squad and has his own ideas.

Neither of those men needed Neil Lennon’s advice. I am sure that neither of them wanted it, and he has no business offering it. So, he thinks we need another striker. We might not if he had done better due diligence on Albian Ajeti. Or if he’d allowed Odsonne Edouard to be sold prior to the ten in a row campaign so that he could move for a couple of fresh faces.

He also thinks we need a ball winning midfielder. Funny, but I thought that when he was in the job as well.

It’s a problem that predates Ange. Lennon allowed Brown to carry on in the role as our sole player in that position, and his own efforts to fix it include signing – and not playing – Ismaili Soro. We have signed Iwata and Kwon; lets see what they have got to offer this manager before we write them off. It’s a typical piece of Lennon attention seeking at Rodgers’ expense.

It so happens that I agree with him on the striker; that’s not the damned point.

The press doesn’t care what I think and “fan blogger tells the manager to sign a forward” would not generate heat the way attaching a former bosses name to the story does. Lennon knows that’s news, and why.

He knows exactly what he’s doing, and what the connotations are if his “advice” isn’t heeded and Kyogo gets injured or our midfield can’t handle the Champions League elite.

It gives the media an obvious opening and creates, for Rodgers, an obvious problem; say Kyogo does get injured, and Rodgers gets the question; “Neil Lennon said prior to the window shutting that he would have signed an additional striker, why didn’t you?”

How is Rodgers supposed to answer that? By dissing Lennon, which creates its own headlines and its own problems, or by trying to be diplomatic in the face of an obvious piece of shit-stirring? Which would make him look weak. This is precisely the reason previous managers try never to do this stuff.

Lennon clearly doesn’t care which is why he’s offering up these unsolicited observations.

The thing is, he would have been extremely pissed off if a former Celtic boss had done this whilst he was in the Parkhead hot-seat.

I am appalled that he thinks it’s appropriate.

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  • Seppington says:

    I would love to see a former Celtic manager, say Martin O’Neill, tell Lenny to STFU and keep his neb out of things that no longer concern him. If he truly loves the club then he really should shut up about it. He needs to head south and get himself a job working on Leicester’s media team or something if he wants a career around the game because no club of any stature is going to offer him a job, and the hun filth of the SMSM despise him so he won’t get a gig here.

    It’s over Neil, time to move on from all things Hooped and get on with your life ffs….

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The Hun filth of The SMSM despise him so he’ll never get a gig here…

      Very true indeed Seppington – But But But – Slag Celtic, Brendan and his signings / lack of signings, tactics, formations, results, performances etc – And they will cut each other’s throats to get to the bank to find their filthy cash to pay him (Lennon)…

      Ajeti, Shane ‘Duff’ Duffy, Laxalt, Barkas – yep bloody Barkas… Ahemmmmm – Cough, Cough, Splutter (I’d add snigger but as a gutted Hoops fan on missing out on the ten – it ain’t funny) –

  • Nick66 says:

    I think NL has realised that his Managerial options are dwindling, so, what do you do? Offer yourself as a pundit of great insight. Will always remember the player, and his fight for the Hoops, but, the lucky Manager (who took over from BR), and the collapse of the team BR built over a couple of seasons is there for all to see. Lenny take a back seat for a bit and be a good pundit, you actually can.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Let’s all enjoy the sevco shitstorm that’s about to swallow up the cock ney wanker when serrvette serve it up to sevco and Bennet destroys him with the media lickspittles

  • Raymond oneill says:

    We need an enforcer he is right mid too soft

  • Johnno says:

    The ginger fool has made himself one of the least informative people to talk about our club, for the way he conducted himself during the 10iar season.
    Couldn’t hold a job down in the mecca of football in Cyprus, gives you all you need to know about his managerial career nowadays.
    Lost all respect for lenny during the 10iar season and all he had done for the club beforehand, with just becoming another soup taking eejit with soup laced with plenty of alcohol.
    Can’t stand the sound of his voice any longer and even moreso when he thinks he’s still got the right to talk about ourselves.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Lennon was very accepting of criticism when he was the manager. Oh wait, no he wasn’t. He was livid at Sutton for some very valid criticism.

    He would be well advised to keep his opinions on the issues facing the current Celtic manager to himself…. if he really knew how to do it better he would still be the Celtic manager but he isn’t – instead he presided over the signing of practically a whole team of complete duds, lost the dressing room entirely and engineered the most catastrophic implosion until the Titan submarine, going from treble winners to losing the league by 20+ points to a very workmanlike Huns team. Gerrard was a broken man at the end of 2019/20 but Lennon’s choices made him a league champion and cost us the decima.

    Keeping your own counsel for a respectable amount of time allows the passing years to rehabilitate your reputation – ask Richard Nixon. Sniping from the sidelines doesn’t.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Aye don’t forget his arrogance in tellin the Celtic support ‘there’s no panic’ and hidin behind PL & DD.

  • Effarr says:

    He wasn`t too happy at Ronnie Dalia mentioning the fish supper diets.

  • MartinKennea says:

    Neil , too soon , too soon . After the way you conducted yourself in your final season you should hang your head in shame . It hurts to talk about a , once held in high esteem , Celtic legend .

  • Mark B says:

    Sure ex managers, pundits and commentators all make comments….bloggers do and so do commenters on blogs!!!!! We do need a CF, DM enforcer, LB and CH all with power and physicality. To be fair NL knows as much about being Celtic manager as any of us !!!!!!

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