Should Celtic Be Considering A Central Defensive “Sticking Plaster Solution”?

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Someone messaged me this morning with a simple question; although I’m not in favour of the club spending money on a centre back just because we have injuries, would I welcome the signing of some veteran player who is out of contract, has kept himself fit and could come in until January and do a job for us in the short term?

I said it would be a sticking plaster solution.

And he said something to me. “So, if you cut yourself, you’re against sticking plasters?”

I laughed, but then I thought about it, and I’m damned if he isn’t right. The thing is, is there such a player out there? Because that criterion is actually narrower than it sounds. Experienced, match fit and available for free?

And even if that guy is out there, we’re not asking him to sign a deal which gives him a final bit of stability. We’re asking him to come in and do a fourth month cameo. I have to be honest, I have my doubts here still, but there is an undeniable logic to this which makes me wonder if it’s not something we’ll pursue as a club.

Ibrox fans will snigger at the prospect, ignoring that their own defence has been “shored up” by the signing of the 35 year old Balogun.

It’s just the sort of thing they’ve done over the years, and as loathe as I am to see us go down that road, even as a short-term option, if we lost another central defender and were facing all those tough away games, we might have no choice but to consider drastic measures … although I still think that would be inexcusable with Iwata and Johnston at the club, a B team to possibly dip into and no fewer than six centre backs on the books.

I didn’t want to ask the guy if he had anyone specific in mind – just in case he said someone like Charlie Mulgrew, shattering the glimmer of merit entirely (I have nothing against him, and think he turns it on every time he plays against Ibrox … but, yeah, obviously not).

Still, I am nagged by the idea that maybe we should be looking for one, a stopgap, a guy we don’t need to spend any money on, a guy who ticks those boxes Brendan Rodgers talked about at the pre-match press conference about how this young side needs a few experienced boys around.

The last time he was here, he signed Kolo Toure.

We hardly saw him play, and so a lot of people thought that was a waste of a wage.

But was it really? There’s no doubt that if there was a Kolo Toure out there right now that he would get into our starting eleven with all this going on … and maybe that’s the only thing that matters at the moment.

Because no, I’m not against sticking a plaster on this if that’s what we end up doing.

But when there are already signs that the manager isn’t going to get nearly all the players he wants and needs – if I had to guess I’d say we’ll be lucky to get two, and we need left sided players, a keeper, a ball winning midfielder and a striker just to be getting started – I just don’t want to see us spend money on an area where we’re well stocked, injuries aside.

I said this morning that this season is shaping up to be a war.

So we maybe we do need some scarred old warrior to come in and give everyone some confidence and give the whole place a shake. I cannot for the life of me imagine who that might be … but then I’m not the one paid handsomely to make these decisions at Celtic, or to have lists of those sorts of targets.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am starting to have a bad feeling about this season. The same problems that Brendan faced when he was here first time round: The Lawwell situation (and now it’s Lawwell x 2) plus injuries every other week. When he was here the first time I dreaded watching games sometimes as even though we usually knew we were going to win, we also knew that someone was getting helped off the field before the game was finished. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think we might be short on Centre Halves this early in the season.

  • SSMPM says:

    What someone like Duffy? Also what does that say about the two CBs we just signed and our single focussed failing model?
    Interested to hear that Charlie Mulgrew was on CSSB saying that the pen claim on Sunday was never a penalty, in effect stating Haksa manufactured it and dived. Doesn’t take long to sell out eh?

    • Captain Swing says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into that – he’s still a member of the Centre Half’s Union that I was once a member of, and we never think ANYTHING is a penalty. Ever. It’s an article of faith for membership?

      If he becomes a repeat offender though….?

  • Johnno says:

    No doubt the CB position is nearly at crisis point at the moment and many would claim we are there already?
    Far from an ideal position the club finds itself in, yet I still believe there are more positions that are of greater concern presently.
    Most squads are built from the back to the front, and our defensive set up is currently a shambles.
    Admittedly injuries have been a huge problem, and starfelt leaving hardly helped, but issues were there before Rodgers even took over, and to see them being ignored and not addressed whatsoever, I find infuriating at this stage.
    The keeper issue was there, and all we have got to date is Bain getting promoted to a no2 choice keeper?
    AJ and CCV were a longshot to be ready for the start of the season, yet is decent cover been found for them, with CL in mind?
    I would still lean towards yes, but any setbacks in there recovery or missing for any length of time, then potentially huge problems await.
    The LB position has just been ignored, with the same question as are either choices available, be ones we would be happy with for CL?
    A definite No from myself, yet wouldn’t be to bothered with Taylor as a no2 choice and needed with being Scottish.
    So overall as a team in the defensive set up, we still remain to reliant upon certain individuals, as our back up options are mainly deemed as not good enough or ready.
    So any injuries or these certain individuals aren’t available, then potential panic stations.
    Is that really good enough for our team to be set up currently in such a manner, and without any guidance on show to improve matters?
    When the answer still remains NO then that’s a disgraceful position to find itself in, and even moreso with time rapidly running out

  • John S says:

    Or, when considering what players are paid, be sure that the they are versatile and willing enough to provide cover in other areas.

  • Frank says:

    re previous discussions we already have 3 “project centre backs” as I see it. Also pots of cash in the bank. Were is the replacement for Starfelt. A big hairy A*** no nonsense round the block ready to start defender. Again the Killie striker they brought on (cannae mind his name) comes on and bosses our two young centre backs. Stevie Wonder can c what the huns tactics are gonna be in the up and coming game and do we honestly believe that the current back four are strong enough cos I dont. As you said money in the banks no use and Charlie Mulgrew as a possible. Do me a favour

  • Davie says:

    Give scales a chance, he loves a game against Rangers, he did oknin pre season so get him in this weekend

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Never liked him the last time more concerned with his hair,Ronnie tried to change the culture he was one of the senior players that rebelled against him,no thank you

  • Mick says:

    I heard some1 mention ramos on a podcast earlier ?

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