Notorious Anti-Celtic Hack Pours His Bile On To His Own Club’s Manager Instead.

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Gary Keown is notorious for the spiteful way he writes about our club.

He is, to be frank, a bitter and angry little man. And today he’s angrier than he’s been in a long time. Except that his bile is not pouring forth on us, but on the manager of his own club instead. It is an astonishingly aggressive piece.

If I had written it I’d have been quite proud.

But that’s the point. I’m a Celtic blogger. I am supposed to scorn the manager at Ibrox. I find it amazing that a mainstream journalist would use his column to write something so vicious. He has basically said that Beale deserves everything that he gets and that nobody should have the least bit of sympathy with him in his current struggles.

I happen to agree. The Mooch is not a nice guy. He’s a selfish man and that comes across often. But Ibrox has had unpleasant people at the helm before; Dave King was much easier to dislike than the current manager is. I thought Gerrard gave off highly unpleasant vibes a lot of the time. Their club attracts these people like flies buzzing around a turd.

I cannot help but think that Keown’s fury has erupted like this because on Friday The Mooch flatly refused to even countenance the idea of resigning. Nobody in his position would resign, especially as the totality of his unfitness makes it clear that Ibrox will be the biggest job he ever has in the game. That presents the fan-base with the nightmare scenario.

That presents the club with an even bigger headache.

And although I doubt there’s been an actual co-ordination between the club and some of the hacks, although I wouldn’t put it past anyone involved, it reads very much like there’s now a consensus that he has to go and it would be better if life was made uncomfortable enough for him that he might view resigning as preferable to hanging around.

I mean, the level of abuse he’s getting is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, even from that deranged support of theirs. He is at the centre of a hurricane and is being pummelled from all sides, and although I wholeheartedly agree that he’s unworthy of sympathy having fatally undermined his predecessor as well as shamelessly claiming Gerrard’s title as his own, what neither Keown or anyone else wants to say is surely just as obvious.

The club itself bears as much responsibility as he does.

The club itself allowed him to do that to the previous manager.

The club itself invited him to the director’s box and very obviously held talks with him whilst Van Bronckhorst was still in the job. They have pushed the line that he was the real brains behind Gerrard.

And although the current directors might not have been responsible for the hiring of this guy, or giving him that 2026 contract, they have backed him 100% with more money than was sensible in spite of some very obvious problems with his approach.

But the media voices raised against him aren’t interested in that, because that would challenge the story they are pushing, which is that The Mooch is the last remaining link to the Bad Old Days and that once he’s gone everything will be alright.

He’s only one of their problems and not even the worst one.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Keown must have turned vegetarian … no more lamb on the menu for him !

    • 18871888 says:

      I think he’s still fond of lamb, John, but the way he earns it is to play his part in tryingto get rid of the Eastenders reject. Leave it ahht, Mickey!

  • Johnno says:

    The fate of the moleman will be determined by the europa campaign imo.
    The league title is already looking like a longshot for the scum, and the explosion will be massive from the zombies if and when the 4 point gap actually grows, which it will.
    So basically the moleman remains as a dead man walking, especially with a league title a priority for the scum.
    Well at least the money raised during the europa campaign could be used to pay him off.
    Would be ironic that any win for the scum in the europa only helps to pay the moleman off quicker.
    Lovely situation for such a horrible individual to find themselves in, and deserves every bit of it, for being such a snidey prick.
    Saying all that, personally believe he deserves a new contract for doing such a fabulous job with the scum, a match made in heaven, springs to mind with the moleman and the scum

  • Peter kane says:


  • John says:

    Think we all suggested the Beale was the brain behind Slippy!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Offfft ! – Don’t think that guy will be going to Beale’s Christmas Party for sure !!!

  • Sid says:

    It’s so obvious he’s been given the nod from the Ibrox directors, they want him too walk away, absolutely no chance. Would love Micky Beale to say I don’t do walking away in a presser, would be funny.

  • Tony B says:

    “Bad old days?” In what sense are they old? The bad days are ever present for the zombies and always will be.

    That is their misfortune and our everlasting pleasure.

    • Stesano says:

      Exactly Tony this is always the fantasy the orc media use as if they are comparable to our great club! Whereas in reality there never been in history ever!! A more one side set up we win everything! So appart from” ghost league ” training games season ,when every benefit was given to that posion to win , They been less successful than St.Johnstone! Fact as the Perth side have 3 trophies in last 9 year ” Der Hun 2 in 11

  • Bob (original) says:

    And the SMSM sports ‘journalists’ have not suddenly found a collective

    backbone – to openly launch highly personalised attacks on Beale.

    They’ve obvioulsy been given the official ‘green’ light to take a pop

    by the Blue Room.

    Horrible club, run by dodgy people and supported by a raging support with

    mindsets stuck in the 17th Century!

    Everyone, Anyone – except decent people…

  • Scud Missile says:

    The hacks will be on his back everyday until he has gone,hoping to grind him down.
    The board will use the tea- boys they have in the media this week and next week and whatever other week to keep the PRESSURE on him hoping he will CRACK and walk away.
    The thing is though those bloggers getting SKELPED for £25,000 a season for immediate access to the DUD manager BOTTLED it on Thursday or Friday of last week at the presser,by not following through with what they had been saying on the blogs wanting him sacked.

  • Drew says:

    Robinson fae St Mirren will be in next…they’l want beale out pronto

  • MartinKennea says:

    Someone said the league is looking like a longshot for the hxns . And now we’ll need to keep an extra eye on the refs because they’ll do everything possible to help that shower of shxte.

  • Clara says:

    Yeah want him gone till the next time we drop points and they close the gap to 1 point then he’ll be hailed as a genuis again, they carry some amount of luck in Europe as their Europa
    Final appearance shows and I wouldn’t put it past them to put together a run in Europe again.

  • Robobhoy says:

    Why do you doubt that there has been an actual coordination between the club and it’s favourite hacks?
    This is how the huns operate. Brief against him and encourage others to do so in the hope that he’ll bugger off without any compo.

  • Martin.H says:

    Didn’t hear him complaining the way Gio was treated at the time. The unfortunate thing from ibrox was that Gio was a genuinely decent guy, which is out of character to have someone like him in charge. This guy will not resign, he needs the pay day as it will be his last job.

  • Migano says:

    Jeeezus that is an absolute torching! Clearly the directive to hose him has come from Ibrox as, otherwise, there’s no way these loyal footsoldiers turn against him so publicly

  • Joe Walsh says:

    Do you not remember what the old club did to Davie White? Maybe I’m a bit older than you but if I remember correctly he seemed to be a decent football man who didn’t fit in with the forces of darkness.

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