The Mooch Almost Certainty Faces The Sack If Celtic Extends The Gap This Weekend.

Image for The Mooch Almost Certainty Faces The Sack If Celtic Extends The Gap This Weekend.

There are stories circulating everywhere now that suggest that the Ibrox club have approached several different managerial candidates. The board there seems to have made up its mind that he is not going to turn this thing around. You could put it down to their sending smoke signals to the fans that they are listening to their concerns, but it’s more than that.

Let’s not forget; this Ibrox board is not the one which hired him in the first place. They feel no sense of loyalty to this guy at all. And nor should they. This is, after all, the same man who very deliberately fatally undermined the position of his predecessor. It was a low act, and if he wants to feel sorry for himself and moan about it he might be the only one who does.

Imagine this was Celtic. Imagine the pulverising we’d be getting in the media. Even if you don’t feel sorry for The Mooch – impossible to do – how is the guy supposed to improve results, or command a dressing room, when people all around you are whispering behind your back? He didn’t care when it was Van Bronckhorst the media was doing this to … but now it’s him and I think there’s a bit of poetic justice in how this is going, and looks like turning out.

That said, he can take some comfort from the fact that the two English candidates for his job have slapped down the suggestion. Potter allegedly turned down an approach without even hearing the details, and John Eustace sat in front of the media today and scorned the idea, committing to his current club, Birmingham, in clear, unambiguous language.

The outside world knows that club is crazy, run by weak men easily swayed by the drumbeat from the stands. The outside world knows that Rodgers and Celtic have inbuilt advantages which make the job much more difficult than the clown currently in it expected it to be. They know that there is no room for error, and that even with our club’s strength there will be no leeway. That makes it a highly unattractive prospect for any top manager.

That might be all that is currently keeping The Mooch in a job, that and the costs associated with paying his contract off. But if they drop points this weekend and we extend this four point lead over them then I think it could be over before their team plays in Europe in midweek. When the board is leaking that it’s talked to other candidates it’s as good as over.

I don’t expect that by the way. They should beat St Johnstone.

But then, I thought that we would beat St Johnstone as well. This has been a weird start to the season where it seems like anything can happen. He’s definitely in the departure lounge. I just don’t reckon it will be this week. Yet that his club is very evidently already out there and looking at other candidates, and putting out feelers, means its now certain.

Anyone would have to be working under those sorts of conditions. The Ibrox board is undermining its own boss, which means it’s undermining its own club. He is just unlikeable enough that nobody particularly cares. It’s a recipe for disaster … and as long as we continue picking up the points we can simply sit and watch as it unfolds. Lovely.

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  • Fat mike says:

    It’s funny that when being humiliatingly rejected by credible replacements, Jim White dedicated 10 mins of his show to say “High up sources at the club” confirmed no approaches had been made.. after thwy fed this garbage to the pet ‘journalists’. only an excuse couldn’t come up with this kind of comedy sketch

  • Peterbrady says:

    No cockney wanker must stay I need his ranting on a different alternate reality and his facts on a different physics string theory and the zombies take time motion movement am I here am I real is it fiction or is it real

  • Bob (original) says:

    If the sevco players regard Beale as a ‘dead man walking’ then he’s done.

    After the Beale scurry up the tunnel, and now the alleged approaches to

    other managers, it does look like it’s just a matter of when?

    Think he’ll stumble along for a few more weeks yet. 🙂

  • Ciaran 72 says:

    If they hammer st Johnstone 4 or 5 at the weekend, the media will have him back as the future engerlund no.1.


    The Sevco Board are setting up a ‘Breadman’ Scenario.

    A’ la ‘he’s been resigned’ or forcing him to ‘ jump before he’s pushed’.

    Can’t see The Mole jumping as he worked (sic) oh so hard to get the gig in the first place. However he has no margin for error now. Poor result against St J or horrendous opening game in the wee Euro Cup and he’s a

    The stakes are too high for Bennett & Co with next years auto entry to the Big Cup’s riches.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    It was Queens Park Rangers – Then The former Glasgow Rangers…

    What next – Brora Rangers –

    Ach well – That’ll be three unexpected points for The mighty Lilywhites of Clachnacuddin FC on 4th October then !!!

  • Wee Gerry says:

    All it took was two games for their fans to realise what we knew from the start.

    That Mickey The Moocher is Pedro Part 2, all hot air and no panties.

  • Wee Gerry says:

    Neil Lennon should throw his hat into the ring.

    That would upset the applecart!

  • Robert Downey says:

    I agree with every word, I had an instant dislike of the man when he was caught sitting behind GVB in the Ibrox stand when GVB was under pressure, I mean , what kind of man would do that?.
    I gave him until Christmas actually but if he goes sooner, good.
    Maybe his successor will be able to actually say the word Celtic.
    Another reason I can’t stand him.

  • John Howie says:

    I’ll be gutted if you they sack him!

    The guy is an absolute mouthy, back stabbing, arsehole … well suited to Ibrox!!!

    The Mooch must stay!!!

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