Define Stupidity; Ibrox Is In Crisis And Their Fans Are Laughing At Seven-Clear Celtic.

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I hear Kris Boyd had a good night last night.

It must make a change for him.

I can’t write enough about how amateurish it makes Sky look to have him in their employ. I apologise for using his name in this piece, because this blog has long refused to do that when writing about him.

Instead, I just call him The Village Idiot.

The thing about that which you need to keep in mind is that he’s not the idiot in just any village. His is a special village. His is the village where they put all the people too stupid to qualify as a village idiot elsewhere.

Oddly enough, it’s those Peepul I want to write about here.

Because there’s a lot of gloating and laughing going on today that I find hard to credit. One of the things I refrain from doing on this blog is looking over the garden fence if there are issues right here at home which I’ve not tackled yet.

It wouldn’t dawn on me to want to write about them whilst we were still in the post-mortem phase from last night.

But I’m over last night, having already published 3500 words on the subject.

I will write a little more today on where I think we go from here, and why I’m optimistic but guardedly so, but I do feel as if I’ve said my piece on the people most responsible … and that’s why I can confidently move on and discuss things that are happening elsewhere.

There’s another reason why I can do that; our house is secure.

Our club is stable.

Celtic is in good shape where it’s always mattered most. Domestically.

Because without that foundation, without that strength, without that power and the trophies that come with it, we wouldn’t be talking about Champions League setbacks in the first place.

And to be looking over into your neighbours garden and laughing because the lawnmower is broken, whilst your own is a dishevelled mess, when your own house is a shit-hole, when the kids are out of control, the landlord is screaming on the phone and smoke is billowing out the kitchen window cause the person who was supposed to be watching the chip-pan is passed out, drunk, on cheap wine in the living room … that takes stupidity and lack of self-awareness to a whole other level.

That’s mindless. That’s beyond an embarrassment. That’s trolling nobody but yourself.

That’s not even fiddling whilst Rome burns, that’s spreading the gasoline on your own property as the flames creep down the street and telling the fire wardens you’ve got everything under control. Anybody on their forums or on social media laughing at us today should be getting hauled off their not-so-smart phones by those around them with a bit more sense.

We’re seven points clear of them in the league right now. Their club is in meltdown.

It goes into a European game tonight with the management team of Dumb & Dumber.

They are frantically scouring the earth for someone daft enough to take The Mooch’s job lest they have to give it those guys for real.

If Brendan Rodgers gets another Ibrox manager sacked he’ll not only get the match-ball but a star on their jersey for every one he has managed to dispatch. In that event, especially if it happens quickly, their club will enter a place from which it might not emerge for a long, long time if it ever does.

If they were smart Peepul at all, they would forego any notion of looking for issues at Celtic and start dealing with the ones on their own doorstep.

But then, if they were capable at all of sorting out their own mess we might not be so far in front of them in the first place.

Hell, if they were capable of that, they might not be following Sevco instead of Rangers.

They never will see it. They never will learn.

Over and over again, they put more energy into gloating over someone else’s misfortunes than they do into examining the reasons why the club they are busily laughing at is miles in front of theirs.

Miles, and continuing to motor into the distance.

These Peepul deserve everything they get.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Oh ho – Time for me to go out armed to the teeth then James…

    Where I live is kinda mixed between supporters of quite a few teams and I’m liable to meet one or two of them in the shop or the street today or the pub on Saturday…

    Should they come the “Yous are pish in Europe” mantra then they will be met with “ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN POINT NINE MILLION” that’s the Celtic turnover no go cry to that one please do…

    Also I’ll be armed to the teeth with the pocket sized cardboard Scottish mainstream media headlines and pictures of June 2012 from The Sun, The Record, The Evening Times and The Glasgow Herald that I got screenshots off and cropped to pocket size –

    I particularly love the one from The Sun of The Rangers’ coffin over their open grave with the red, whine n’ blue wreath on top…

    I just flash these four cards at any Sevco fans that try to be wide boys and it shuts them up in a millisecond to be honest and it feels really good to do this..,

    I’d urge any other Celtic fans to do the same as it really sickens their cocky element but of course it’s a bit different from ma bit in Glasgow and some surrounding towns and this advice should only be tried in ‘Sevco – Hun Safe Areas’ where you know them and it’ll just be banter and nothing more –

    They truly are so utterly dense, but so very very easy to ‘beat’ and get one over on them easily any single day of the year !!!

  • Frank Connelly says:

    yep and the fact we have it nailed on domestically should be the driving force for our scouting system with all the fancy tools at there disposal to identify real experienced quality to allow us to make an impact in europe, Yeah we will never will the champions league but when you consider the ticket prices they are charging to watch champions league football together with domestic season ticket sales we can surely acquire even better quality players with no disrespect to the current crop

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Aw, cmon, in the 90s our only light relief from the domestic horrors was at least knowing we’d get a right good laugh at oldco when they got cuffed in Europe each year.

    If we don’t want them ti laugh at us, we need ti no get beat.


  • Scud Missile says:

    The BENNYS will be calling the Samaritans after the result tonight.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      They certainly will now Scud !

      I actually don’t feel so bad about last nights undeserved sucker punch from Lazio now…

      Actually being a Celtic supporter ain’t too bad these days folks !

      Wonder what price that you’d have got on Aros Limassol beating Sevco !!!

  • Johnno says:

    How any scum cheerleaders can even raise a smile at our expense only confirms just how thick these mutants remain.
    Couldn’t even qualify for the tournament in order to tackle there worst ever team record within CL history?
    Please let all the scum know that it’s potentially well secure also, possibly never to be beaten, especially with the new format coming into play next season?
    We remain upon a totally higher level than the scum do, and could be years yet before that shower of scum will become a serious threat to our Scottish dominance crown?
    So what about all these flops, that were meant to come from higher leagues, with so called better pedigree, yet still remain flops?
    Didn’t these thicks, ever get told by there mammy’s, that when you live in a glasshouse, you shouldn’t throw stones?
    Maybe it might have helped all the eejits, if they even new who there mother was, or was it there sister?
    Inbred fucks the lot of them

  • Dora says:

    If I were unfortunate to support sevco, I would be still hiding behind the couch after last year’s debacle-6 losses and almost 25 goals conceded…
    Mortified for sevco!
    Dumbest support by a country mile…

  • Scott Murray says:

    no matter what its good to get a laugh at your main rivals…..and it goes both ways…cant stand all that hidden and sometimes open hatred…

  • Scott Murray says:

    p.s did not laugh at Celtic’s result last night……wanted a result in Europe for them anywhere else I like a good laugh….

    • James Forrest says:

      Scott my brother 🙂 Good to see you posting here my man!

      One of the most fair-minded and decent people I know, and I echo your sentiments exactly.

      Ladies and gents, you know how that question some of you pose on here about the “good guys” on the other side of the city?

      Scott is one of them. A gentleman, a true credit, and a guy who will debate with everyone and anyone in a fair-minded and open way.

      (Except bigots of any kind; I won’t say he hates them Scott doesn’t hate anyone. But they get told pretty sharpish where they can talk their poison.)

      Make him welcome. I hope he sticks around here.

  • Paul Mac says:

    Doubt if Kwis Void will be smirking tonight !!!

  • Joe Monaghan says:

    Well he’s not laughing now ?

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