Celtic Fans In Hysterics As The Village Idiot Weeps About Being Bullied.

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I always love it when a Celtic manager is being slated by dumb hacks setting themselves up for a fall, as Brendan Rodgers has been in the past 24 hours.

The blubbering child we know here as The Village Idiot (emphasis on the word The; he is not just your average village idiot) has dipped into Celtic’s Champions League form and offered his “analysis.”

And as you probably gathered, it’s on the level of crayon scraped across paper. It offers no genuine insight, just a bunch of numbers which the media has already reported verbatim. But it does offer the suggestion that Rodgers and his big clunking fist has everyone in Scotland scared to death.

The term “flat track bully” is used. It makes me laugh.

Because it always makes me want to ask the person using it, “Who’s he supposed to be bullying? Aww, are you feeling picked on, mate?”

In this guy’s case, the answer is yes.

He thinks Celtic is a bully. Well, we’ve certainly been bitch-slapping his mob all over the pavement for the past ten years.

This is a professional Celtic hater hating on Celtic; really, there’s not much to see. But the whingey nature of it is what sets it apart from any form of criticism.

It is spiteful. It is not constructive in any way; it is someone who can’t stand our club sneering at us from the studio.

Yet every word he writes reeks of fear.

Fear that Rodgers is getting more right in Europe than he’s getting wrong, because that’s the first thing this fool attempts to dismiss. Weird, because that flies in the face with what we’re seeing with our own eyes.

Fear that Rodgers could go through another league campaign unbeaten.

His assertion that his own favourite club are carrying the flag for Scotland in Europe – alongside Aberdeen! – is funny, especially in light of what we talked about yesterday in the piece about peering over the garden fence.

Their own record in the Champions League is awful, yet this is how he chose to express himself in relation to our own.

“I’m told Ange Postecoglou and Rodgers played attacking football because it’s ‘the Celtic way’. Sorry, the Celtic way in the Champions League these days is to lose.”

As opposed to the Ibrox side’s way in the tournament, right?

Which is to … err … lose.

And Celtic’s record actually has some draws in there; their own recent record was played six and lost the lot.

As I said yesterday, we’re being graded in a harder school by far and the only reason they escape similar scrutiny is because they’re not good enough to get there.

Which is where his assertion of being bullied makes me laugh. Because, really, this is just the moaning of a loser.

The term itself – flat track bully – is for those who can’t keep up.

That’s what he’s saying.

Rodgers is the lord of all he surveys here, and suggesting that he can’t do it on the bigger stage doesn’t invite comparison because only one other club has joined Celtic there and that was a humiliation which none of them want to discuss.

When you’re calling somebody a bully you’re basically playing the victim card, and that’s this joker, playing the victim card for all that it’s worth, and it ain’t worth much.

All he’s done is made himself sound ridiculous, as per usual.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    He is indeed the village idiot but how many village idiots get well paid by press and tv for their opinions.he is laughing at us as he checks his bank account. The people responsible for allowing this are to blame.

  • William McGrandles says:

    I read this clown earlier and was gobsmacked at it’s childish content how that neanderthal has a job and is allowed articles like that to be published is astounding how it gets by the sub editor I’ve no idea I remember when you used to have to achieved higher English to get a job as a reporter apparently now in Scotland all you need is to have played for one club and have the IQ of a rocking horse

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