The Media’s Carter Vickers Story Is A Pathetic Attempt At Portraying A Split At Our Club.

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The comedy act site which calls itself Football Scotland and which is not in the business of reporting news as much as manufacturing it, outdid itself yesterday and there were a couple of other sites which attempted to follow it, with a pitiful story about Cameron Carter Vickers.

“Cameron Carter-Vickers defends VAR as Celtic star goes against Brendan Rodgers standpoint” shrieks the headline, suggesting that there is a split in the Celtic camp over VAR and that Carter Vickers has very deliberately contradicted the boss.

I mean, it’s a nothing story but the media has tried to spin it into something more. And in doing so they have missed the real story, or maybe missed it is the wrong word.

Because in focussing on the Rodgers-Carter Vickers “split” they are actually ignoring the real story which is that Carter Vickers is not blaming the technology but the officials behind it.

There are a lot of our fans who make the same point. Rodgers thinks the technology itself is a destructive addition to the game.

I don’t even think that he and Carter Vickers are necessarily in disagreement. Rodgers is arguing that the technology itself has made matters worse, and I could not agree more with him.

Carter Vickers says it’s those who are sitting behind the screens who are the problem and I agree with that as well … but in this case I think the whole thing should be binned, because we’re not getting rid of those officials any time soon.

But both Rodgers and Carter Vickers are in the right essentially, the only difference being that Carter Vickers thinks the technology is salvageable. The headline here is that he knows it’s officials who are rotten, either in the rank or the corrupt sense.

The media won’t focus on that story.

Rodgers, deep down, knows what’s going on but he knows the limits of what he can say.

I keep meaning to write about how refereeing in continental competition works – a few of the regular commentors have said it well, about how refs from smaller countries are intimidated by the clubs from the bigger nations – and so he knows that it’s about officials as much as anything, and he is well aware, of course, of how pathetic (or bent) Scotland’s referees are.

But honestly, the way Football Scotland tried to turn this into a story about how Carter Vickers had contradicted Rodgers was absolutely pathetic, and it sums up the level at which these people operate.

Anything for an anti-Celtic slant, even if it’s an invented one.

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  • Johnno says:

    The main issue regarding VAR still remains as Interpretation of the so called rules of the game?
    A zero tolerance is in play, without any common sense being applied, so a combination that has no chance of working properly, which is being proved across the whole game currently.
    The level of inconsistencies is ridiculous within these decisions only brings into question about how much corruption could be in play with such a farce in operation?
    When you see the level of problems within the so called best league of the EPL, along with the so called flagship of European football in the CL, then what chance has Scottish football got?
    We already know Scottish football is rotten to the core with the level of cheating and corruption within the game.
    So now with the current problems across the game with VAR then all it means is Scottish football can actually increase the filth within the game now, and all without any consequences to be answered to?
    Even a day before our game tomorrow, and moreso with the cheats involved in the decision making, we have to combat more than just a sheep team?
    How is a manager meant to prepare our Celtic team for a big match, against what we already know will be on show in an attempt to cost ourselves points?
    We already know that Scottish football has possibly the worst record on show, worldwide about the problems that VAR has bought with it, especially when only used as a tool to favour a shower of scum.
    Looks like as the problems are becoming bigger and making a total farce out of the game currently, then I fail to see how VAR can be continued with in it’s current form?
    The overall game is suffering to badly, and within Scottish football it’s only managed to increase the filth that the Scottish game has always had its issues with, even on a far bigger scale currently and all without any shame either?

  • John S says:

    Had this been an innocuous comment by a player from a certain other Glasgow team, would it have been similarly portrayed as a ‘problem’ ? Of course not. Partisanship is hardly journalism.

  • Davie says:

    Var is fine, the people behind it are mostly not, explanations and discussion between sfa & clubs has to happen.
    Bad var decisions should be treated the same as a player with yellow & red cards, the end punishment should be more severe.
    When the official favours another team with still pictures and not showing the full video then it can have consequences on the team wronged.
    The wronged clubs should administer the punishment to poor officiating.
    The game has become soft and stopped to long for var.
    Hand ball should be a foul wherever it is commited, none of the various ball to hand discussions.
    Player offside should be fully clear of last defender, should make lines easier, plus cameras at correct angle to check.
    We want to see and encourage goals, not chop them off by drawing lines on 1cm favour of defending team.
    Encourage quick play, I’m so bored with stop stop stop.

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