David Tanner’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Talks About Facts Without Using A Single One.

Image for David Tanner’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Talks About Facts Without Using A Single One.

Good grief, have you seen this latest piece of anti-Celtic bile from David Tanner?

What a ridiculous comment.

What a spiteful, bitter pro-lbrox lickspittle that man is. Imagine using the word “fact” to punctuate a statement so completely devoid of any. Has he got a single thing right in that tweet? He spells Maeda’s name right I suppose.

Let’s start with his question; does Maeda’s injury obviate any defence of his tackle? You know what, no it does not.

The tackle didn’t merit a red card. Period. That he’s the only one injured in it shows you that it was not malicious or reckless and didn’t deserve that sanction. The injury only increases my conviction that the decision is ludicrous.

What’s his problem with people having their say on this issue?

He seems pissed off about it, doesn’t he? But why? Is someone defending a Celtic player really enough to trigger his rage? Man, oh man, he’s in the wrong business if he can be wound up as easily as that.

The second part of his tweet contains enough stupidity that it could fill four or five columns by The Village Idiot.

For one thing, Maeda didn’t endanger his opponent in any way, shape or form. He had a high foot, but the Atletico player made a meal out of it. He didn’t endanger himself either. It was a simple coming together; these things happen every single week.

And since when is the second derby “the biggest game of any season”?

So, what, it’s bigger than a treble winning Scottish Cup Final? Bigger than a major European tie?

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that particular nonsense and with any luck it’s something that will never be repeated again.

What a moronic statement.

Then there’s the last bit; “The narrative was shifted to “scrap VAR”, blithely ignoring this key fact.” The first part of that statement is garbage.

The narrative was not “shifted.” VAR was the point. It was a yellow card challenge overturned by VAR, so what in God’s name is this eejit prattling on about?

And since that point is as stupid as the rest that renders the entire tweet fact-free and yet he’s got the cheek to end it with that particular word.

Here’s a fact; Tanner is a washed-up former TV presenter who will probably never again see the inside of a proper studio, and that’s fitting because he was like a bad joke anyway.

He’s bitter about that no doubt, and I would be in his shoes when even The Village Idiot can still get a gig and he can’t, but he was bitter before then anyway and we know how it manifested. He has been pronouncedly anti-Celtic all the way, and I do not miss his “insights”.

But the mind boggles reading that rant; where the Hell did that come from? What possessed him to unleash like that?

That’s the behaviour of someone who has Lost The Plot.

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  • Tam says:

    When a Ross county player was sent off by VAR after a yellow card was given.what did Mr Tanner say “nothing”he might have said it was harsh.was it because CELTIC gained an advantage . And he deserved a red card he did put an opponent in danger. As a so called professional journalist ” say what you see NOT what you want it to be” Mr tanner is being Mr tanner talking biased s:&+£e and to think someone is paying him

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Dont buy sevco rags do not listen to or take part in phone ins leave it to the bloggers to tell us the sevco rags propoganda

  • SSMPM says:

    I of course don’t read that trash either but I’m not surprised to hear what was said by the sausage sucking bigot that man is.
    I am surprised however that I haven’t yet heard the annual tirade about Celtic and its fans not supporting the poppy day commemorations yet or maybe that’s because I simply don’t read the free press that so advocates freedom of speech and expression.
    I do know that Celtic FC will commemorate this by the usual non attention seeking donation and minutes silence that I’ve noticed of late never quite lasts a minute.
    I’m not against the principle of commemorating those that gave their lives or were injured in WW1, as the poppy was originally set up to commemorate. Nor in fact that it was then stretched to commemorate those that fought and suffered in WW2 in the fight against fascism.
    What I don’t like or will commemorate is the way it’s been hijacked to represent the whole of the armed forces now and forever and for every war that they’ve ever been sent in to fight.
    Nor that I’m supposed to do so without any question or objection to the recent terrorist state actions of the British governments and British armed forces in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that we undeniably totally shafted and then left in the hands of the Taliban and of course were subsequently guilty in enabling the rise of ISIS.
    I haven’t even mentioned Ireland or the imperialist actions of its greedy grabbing murderous empire. Or did I just do that. Soz, not.
    If the FREE PRESS and their top journos want to report on those that ‘are deserving of all they get’ well report on that Tanner you orange f.ckwit. C’mon a Hoops

  • John Timoney says:

    So why do these clowns keep this shit up,my granda said”its a protestant dominicated country “

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