Will Celtic’s Forgotten Aussie Get His Chance To Take The Step Up This Weekend?

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I have read a lot of comments this week suggesting that since Maeda is out that we introduce Rocco Vata to the team. I think that’s unlikely. Rocco will leave this club soon barring a major change in thinking and we’re not going to give him the first team platform as a result. It’s ruthless, but we have to be ruthless at times and so I totally get it.

The more likely scenario is a promotion for Marco Tillio. We heard an awful lot about this kid as he was signing, but one thing always worried a lot of people; the level he was playing at before now. The Australian League is not highly rated, and even the best player in that league is by no means guaranteed to be successful in the top flight of Scotland.

We haven’t seen one second of this player. He’s been injured, sure, but he’s been back in training for a good while and he’s played in some Development games. Unfortunately, if he wants to win the argument being had by the fans about who is more deserving of the chance, he really needed to be outshining Rocco Vata in those games … and he hasn’t.

So, will we see him? I think so, in spite of that. Because we’ve spent good money on this guy and to not even give him one minute in the first team squad before the inevitable January loan would be a damning indictment on a signing policy there are enough questions about already. To be honest, if he can’t get into the squad now, he’s useless to us.

It’s time for certain people to step out of the shadows and prove their worth, and this kid is one of them. This is what the big squad is for, to accommodate moments such as this one, and this injury crisis has given this kid his chance. If he isn’t up to getting into the squad at least at this point then I want to know why in Hell we spent £1.5 million plus on him.

We’re a club playing in Scotland, and we always here about how we’re financially prudent. Pissing that kind of money against the wall would represent a big problem for whoever thought he was good enough, or it would in a meritocracy.

Whether Celtic remains one of those is an open question, but I don’t like what I see.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Point taken but is he more deserving of being offered a place or have the talent available and needed to beat Aberdeen at this time than some of the others and if so surely it’s a squad place maximum if as you say he hasn’t really been impressing at the lower level. Or are you simply saying, in an unbelievable kind of warped name harming that you don’t want James Forrest to play ahead of him.
    This is a game, even given the injury ravished squad, that we have the squad to and must be setting out to win. Aberdeen should I hope also be carrying a post European weariness hangover. So the importance of winning now is essential in that it still allows the gap for the potential of a negative result beckoning later on, even in this friendlier series of matches and before our injured Bhoys can return. Just need to stay positive and see it as a kind of, albeit unplanned, rotation. We can do this. C’mon a Hoops

  • Johnno says:

    Be surprised if he was to James.
    Simple reason is because Rodgers will possibly rely upon those involved within the CL squad taking preference at this stage of the season imo.
    As Tilo isn’t involved, does that mean he would potentially take a place of a Forrest or Johnson who are?
    Could Rodgers be tempted to try something different tomorrow, with a trip to Rome coming up, and all without the services of Maeda, Palma, Hatate and Ababa?
    Awful lot of firepower to be losing, with 3 missing tomorrow?
    Tomorrow’s starting line up, along with the subs potentially on offer could be very revelling as to where some actually fit into the plans of Rodgers and the team imo?
    Still unconvinced the team is actually set up in the manner that Rodgers was hoping for at the beginning of the season?
    Still haven’t been able to start with the strongest 11 Rodgers possibly had in mind at the start of the season, and a long way away from either seeing it at present also.
    With that in mind, the team/squad hasn’t done nearly as badly as some are trying to claim either imo.
    Any form of victory is required today with the level of a response being so high after the midweek setback.
    Still wouldn’t like to call how Rodgers will make his decisions, and couldn’t care less as long as a victory is achieved?
    Victory remains far higher than performance, yet getting both would be very welcome also

  • Eldraco says:

    May I suggest you obtain some videos before writing off the Oz leagues .

    Marco is a player a real player and one to watch. Rated by better judges than me or yourself,rated by Ange.

    At this point of time JF the Scottish league is fuck all to write home about.

  • john clarke says:

    Don’t judge a player based on the League ranking he played in.
    If you do your homework, the Australian A League, as at 6/11/2023: is ranked with
    USA MLS. SPL is ranked with the J-League. Tilio has played 7 times for the Australian National team. Marco is no George Best, but he shows glimpses.
    I hope he is ready to go.

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