The Ibrox Hype Machine Is In Full Swing But It’s Celtic With The Advantage.

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Christ almighty, what vomit inducing stuff in the media this week since Sevco won their cup semi-final. Tavernier (Penalty) got them underway and Hearts collapsed as we’d all have expected them to do. And the story of the week is of how everything has changed over there, that they are on the ascent.

Our European defeat is interpreted as the proof that we’re on the slide at the side time, that and that shocker of a performance at Easter Road.

But Ross County was the point where a long series of away games came to an end. We have a couple of tough ones to come, at Kilmarnock and St Mirren, where we lost this season already and where we lost last season, but the traditionally tough visits are all behind us for a turn. Ibrox is going into theirs.

If i were them, I’d put the party on hold a while.

Our performances haven’t all be stellar, but we’ve got the points on the board and we’re in good shape for this second stage of the campaign.

They are the ones who will be up against it in this spell, and we’ll find out whether they are up to snuff or not. Some of their toughest fixtures will take place before January comes with its opportunities to strengthen.

Ha! Strengthen! They never explain where the money for that is coming from. I’ll discuss that a bit later on, because there was an interesting piece in the papers about that the other day. We know there can’t be much in the coffers.

We’ll see how it shakes out.

But if we keep winning, and we’re in what will be the easiest stretch of this whole campaign, they are going to be chasing our shadow.

They kick off before we do this weekend, on the first of those away games. It’s the easiest one for them, at Livingston, but the tough tests are on their way after the international break and then we’ll see if this guy can hack it.

We’re the leaders. Everyone else has to chase us down, and as long as we’re doing our job there is nothing they can do.

The Mooch had a good run when he started out, he won all of his early games until we played them and the media sung this same song on his behalf, and the tune sounds eerily familiar to those of us who have heard it a few times now.

Even I can’t believe how often these patterns repeat, and I have been doing this for a decade or more. The same people write the same nonsense over and over again. They build themselves up only to tear it all down again shortly thereafter.

Oh but everything has changed!

This time – this time haha – everything is going to be different.

But one thing is constant; us.

Our form. Our ability to get the results week in and week out. Celtic’s strength on the domestic front is the thing that has faltered only once in the last dozen years, and that was in a year so exceptional they can never hope for a repeat of it.

No matter what people might think of our board and our signing policy, the squad we have at our disposal is easily the best in the country and we have the right manager in charge of it.

Even if they win all their games up until Celtic Park, they still have to come to our house and I know who I fancy to win that one.

Even a draw there still leaves us with the advantage. It does not matter how good they are; if we keep on going Clement needs to be perfect. Anything less and the natives over there will turn on him with a vengeance.

Every Ibrox boss gets a honeymoon, and then it all turns on him. The media makes them heroes and then it calls them fools.

And Celtic marches on all the while. This weekend is the start of the second run of games. By the time it ends, we’ll see where we are.

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  • Michael Collins says:

    So James, your very confident about when the team from Ibrox comes to Parkhead in the New Year what will happen to them. In normal circumstances so would I be, but are you not forgetting about VAR and all the cheating that’s going on?
    I am not confident of us winning the league with Lawwell and his cahoots turning a blind eye and happy to keep filling their pockets while the Lanarkshire Referee’s Association keep playing with, as Brendan says, their computer games.

    • William Melvin says:

      Totally agree,Michael.
      The combined forces of the Sevco playing staff,management, fans,VAR,Mason’s in black, SMSM won’t be able to lay a glove on Brendan’s Bhoys but,and there’s always that Godamned but………Lawwell &Co ensconced in the Parkhead boardroom with their abacus,pocket calculator and slide rules feverishly trying to work out how fine they can cut the margins before we fall into the abyss.
      Make no mistake, if that mob win the league this season our £70m + in the bank will be doing some serious heavy lifting and for no good reason other than due to self inflicted wounds.
      God help that fat parasite Lawwell, the rest of the freeloaders and that shit paddy golfer who cannae be bothered turning up for an agm.
      If they thought the disturbances in the car park during the covid season were shocking they ain’t seen nothing yet !
      The fans will burn the fuckin place to the ground,preferably with them all still inside.
      At least then we might get a 70,000 seater stadium out of the carnage.
      SACK THE BOARD !!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye they don’t dae common sense, or level headedness too well. None of this sensible, ‘give him 2 or 3 months, see where we are’ shit from them ! It’s mainly right in wi the super hype, along with the grossly premature predictions and delusion straight away. Every single time, before and after only a handful of games and they never learn. It’s the continual disappointment on top of it, that causes them SO much more misery and agony tae, so ye think they would, but nope.

  • Effarr says:

    The only fly in the ointment is that they don*t get any tough games in Scotland either with or without outside help. The main help they get comes from the likes of Martindale
    and Neilson with their team selections and their tactics (no packing of the goals) on that particular day.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      Aye, or leavin your 2 best midfield players on the bench in a league cup tie at ibrox like martindale.

  • Johnno says:

    This level of shite was expected as soon as we lost to kille?
    It’s nothing more than trying to keep the survival lie intact.
    Course the plan for the scum was to win the first trophy of the season, along the European football in the new year, at our expense.
    Nothing more than an illustration of trying to claim to be the best within Scotland?
    And that’s all it will remain, until we unleash a dose of reality upon the scum, for which they all fail to deal with.
    We still haven’t really flexed our muscle as of yet, with only showing our superiority over the scum in patches as of yet,without the level of consistency that will come along in performance levels.
    The squad will become stronger with the additions Rodgers will be looking for within certain areas within the squad still.
    We still are only a work in progress under Rodgers currently imo, yet remain unbeaten within the league and without much sign of that trend even changing either?
    Teams won’t be prepared to try and go toe to toe with ourselves, especially with ourselves upon a far higher level in quality if they even dreamed of doing so.
    Still improvements are required against the anti football teams, but that should also improve when player’s start getting better understanding with the newer players introduced also?
    The day I start to worry about Hun scum will be a bad day,and one I can’t vision with Glasgow remaining green and white for the foreseeable also imo

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Ah but this time it’s real – very real – very very very very very real…

    The Gers (Sevco) will soon be hammering Real Madrid – And Real Real Real Real Real Madrid –

    Utter fcukin half wits that well deserve each other –

    Are Sevco and the Scottish Media !

  • Johnny Green says:

    We are undefeated in the league and are heading for an “Invincible” season, we are cooking by gas and have hee haw to worry about. Let the piggies squeal all they want, they will soon be the bacon in our sandwiches as we gobble them up once again in our quest for 10-in-a-row.

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