Today’s Matt O’Riley Stories Are A Joke. £10 Million Is An Insult To Celtic.

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What did I say yesterday?

Rather than write a positive story about how happy Matt O’Riley is at Celtic – as expressed by his own words – the media prefers to write garbage, and today they took it to the extreme by publishing a story about interest from England.

This originates from a single article – a supposed “exclusive” which ran in The Scottish Sun. The story throws around so many names that it would be easier to list the EPL teams which apparently aren’t interested. And yet the price tag they claim would give Celtic something to think about is offensively low; £10 million.

What are we supposed to “think about” in the event we get an offer like that? Whether it’s somebody playing a joke on us? Because that sounds a lot like a joke rather the kind of bid that we would ever take seriously.

Amongst the clubs allegedly interested are Man Utd, Liverpool and Newcastle. Throw in the European names this piece names and it’s a Who’s Who of top clubs from around the continent. £10 million? We’d laugh in their faces.

Amazingly, with those sorts of clubs allegedly in the frame the one that the Scottish media is pushing hardest in their headlines is none other than Crystal Palace. It makes you wonder why they don’t name the others, right?

I’ll tell you why; even they know this is a joke so they’ve picked the one club out of the article which they think makes it sound most realistic.

The thing with trash like this is that it requires no evidence whatsoever to produce. The hacks can just churn this out day after day without the least accountability and know that they will never be called on it.

You just knew yesterday when they were pushing the manufactured controversy of his comments to the Danish media that something like this would arise … it took less than 24 hours before they were pushing this junk on top of it.

Pathetic. A complete non-story, and typical of our dire press.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Sorry James, but this is a non-story. Matt O’Riley is contracted to Celtic till 2027. As such, if Celtic are to sell him in the short term, it will be for a value that Celtic find acceptable. I would agree that value will far exceed £10M. But this is not for us to worry about. I’d rather focus on Matt being with us for the rest of the season and beyond.

  • Johnno says:

    Forgot to mention James, didn’t we turn down an offer of 10M from Leeds during the summer, and before Matt even signed a new improved contract?
    His form this season already has shown for that to be the totally right decision for the club to have taken.
    Could well be interest come January for Matt, but that’s the case for many of our player’s whenever the transfer windows come around, so nothing new in that regards.
    But 10M is nothing but laughable all the same.
    Pathetic reporting at its best, but what else is really to be expected from the Scottish media?

  • James knox says:

    And deflects away from their accounts

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    And yet – Some Celtic ‘supporters’ ??? will be buying that vomit inducing rag today…

    Albeit it won’t be many I’d like to think anyway hopefully –

    But it’s probably in three Celtic supporting households in ma street as I write just now…

    Ach well – It takes all sorts (of Celtic supporters) to make our Celtic world I guess !

    • Pcelt says:

      30 million plus should be the starting price,we have been robbed in the transfer market in the past,time to get tougher in transfer negotiations.

  • John S says:

    Tom Morgan of The Telegraph has run a story entitled “Why Celtic fans are the most controversial in Britain”. For me, it epitomises how the image of the club is damaged by intrusive politics.

  • Maxi says:

    We turned down 10m from Leeds in the summer, so why would we accept it now?

  • Ronno says:

    I think if it came down to ourselves and the scum then Manu Utd might well though to be fair I can also see why Crystal Palace would give it a go, to be fair.

    Still, Arsenal seem to be doing okay so I can’t see them putting in a bid to ourselves to be fair though when word gets out it might only be 10 million it might be a goer even for them to be fair.

    Personably I’d say No, No and three times No but still if it were to go up to 20 odd million with add ons it would be hard to refuse to be fair dough I can’t see that little Hun scum Arteta wanting to give us a penny to be fair.

    10 million is nothing but a drop in the ocean of the Brits in the EPL to be fair but they know if it came down to a player of ours or a player from the scum they’d know what they’re getting to be fair and they’d rather give the 10 million to us though we wouldn’t want it unless it was at least 20 million with add ons to be fair and not til next season at least and preferably not even then, as it would give the scum an advantage to be fair, and the sun have enough advantages over ourselves to be fair thanks to their scum friends in the LRA still.

    So I’d recommend Celtic don’t do anything to be fair then keep O’Riley to be fair then sell someone else if they need money, not that they need money to be fair with the 73 million in the bank still and so many of ourselves out with injuries to be fair and the scum still at a disadvantage with him in our team rather down in England ro be fair and ourselves still benefitting while the scum toil and labour to get a result without their Hun scum friends in the refs association to be fair, isn’t it but, wasn’t it but, isn’t it wasn’t it doesn’t it, hmm?

  • SSMPM says:

    Ange would’ve sold him for less

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