Ibrox Club Heads For Court Next Year As Judge Sets Date For £9.5 Million Case Against Them.

Image for Ibrox Club Heads For Court Next Year As Judge Sets Date For £9.5 Million Case Against Them.

No sooner have they published their accounts – which show yet another loss – but the Ibrox club is in the crosshairs of legal action yet again.

The next phase of the “Elite” case has been heard today and a date for the next stage pencilled in for next month. The case itself is not likely to be heard this side of the new year; but by August 2024 it will all be over.

Just in time for season ticket sales to take a major hit should they lose. They are being sued for £9.5 million plus expenses.

They are almost certain to lose, and we all know the history of the case having followed it since the days when Dave King attempted to force Mike Ashley out of the commercial side of the club. He did so by disregarding signed contracts.

What a disaster it was for that club to allow Mr Glib And Shameless anywhere near the centre of power. Their fans welcomed him with open arms.

When there were rumours earlier this year that he might return there was a section of their support who would have loved it and still worship this guy as a hero. But he dragged them through gutters so deep that they might never wash the stink off them. They still haven’t been able to, three years after he left.

Whatever their fans thought of Ashley, that man had signed commercial deals which King’s predecessors had signed in good faith. There was probably room for a renegotiation, but King was more interested in playing to the gallery.

At every turn, whenever he crossed a line Ashley came back and hit him with a court action. And every time Ashley did that the media took the club’s side, branded him the out of control one and then published Ibrox’s lies that the matter had finally been dealt with.

When they signed the Hummel deal, they said the matter was resolved. Not true. When they signed the Castore deal, they told the fans that there was nothing to worry about, that the “historical” issue with Ashley had been fixed and that they were free to move on.

There was no mainstream media interest in pursuing the truth of that; as usual, it was down to the blogs to point out that if such a deal had been struck the club would surely have publicised it and to great fanfare.

It seemed a bizarre way to break that news.

A few of us even called them liars.

Brave of us, right? Except that nothing about the way they announced it made sense and Ibrox has a history of lying to both the media and its own fans. It smelled wrong, and we said so, with Phil Mac Giolla Bhain in particular pretty clear in his view that the issues were nowhere near fixed.

We were probably the least surprised people in the world when the news of this court case first dropped last year.

The Hummel deal was so clearly in violation of the Sports Direct deal that it was nearly certain that court action would follow. They signed that deal with Hummel when Ashley and his people had exclusivity and the right to renew their contract year on year. Phil Mac Giolla Bhain spoke to people at Shirebrook at the time and they confirmed that as far as they were concerned those rights were intact.

As usual, Phil was scorned and so were the rest of us who pointed out the glaring, gaping holes in Ibrox’s story. We’ve been right at every stage of this; the Ibrox club has been caught telling porkies over and over again.

They’re not much better in the courtroom, in spite of much media spin

King and his people lost every battle in this fight, and the suspicion remains that even at the very end, Ashley still held the cards.

The impression that he and his people are the behind-the-scenes backers of Castore itself, something borne out by their sites still selling Ibrox stock and often before the club’s own outlets are, is impossible to shake.

The Ibrox club have played it fast and loose here at every stage, in their media spin and even face to face with their own fans.

The consequences are on their way, and will drop next year … just what they don’t need. Even if they cut a deal at this stage, Ashley and his people will want millions to settle this. That club deserves everything it gets.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Don’t be surprised to hear from King the CHISLER soon,as he has been way to quiet for me.
    Something must be brewing I the pipeline,maybe he is ready to work his magic on Jackass Jackson the BOOZE JOCKEY,or that other BIGOT Chris Itchy Sack Jack to do his dirty work and get them to turn on Bennett& Co.

  • Dando says:

    They’ve already lost the case it is only the amount to pay that’s being assessed….


  • Ronno says:

    Let’s not forget also that Ashley took King to the cleaners also to be fair.

    Still he could be still taking him also to the cleaners if he’s still in charge of Castore still and also how King lied to the press also and how they ran with the lies also to be fair still.
    And let’s not forget that Ashley became a billionaire by being ruthless still and King oniy a millionaire by stealing people’s pensions to be fair and also was called a Glib & Shameless Liar by a judge in his court trial for 84 different felony charges to be fair also still.

    Still it could have worked in ourselves favour also to be fair still and at the end of the day it was ourselves who won the league and not King’s team also to be fair still at the end of the day it could well be Ashley to be fair who’s still running Castore to be fair also and King himself left the scum hanging by this rope to be fair still also mind and I’m proud as punch for Ashley billionaire scum though he is though also to be fair still isn’t it, wasn’t it doesn’t it, hmm?

  • John Copeland says:

    Any time big Masher’s PA advises him of another pending litigation case involving the Rangers, he must kick back the leather chair , put the feet up on the mahogany desk and light up the finest hand rolled Cuban cigars in delight …. the gift that keeps on giving !

  • John L says:

    Thanks for clearing that James, I can’t stomach the thought of that shoe being on our foot, they, the gutter press would have buried us in those lies and enjoy every paragraph that they wrote. Hail Hail. Up the bloggers.

  • Peter Heaney says:

    Will they wriggle out of this one.
    Taking no bets on it.

  • Roonsa says:

    LOL. Brilliant reporting. The relevant parties who are telling things as they really are at Ibrox should all be congratulated. This is what our sorry MSM lacks. A set of fucking balls when it comes to reporting on those shysters who spread lies in the name of R*****s (sic)

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    While I might not be best pleased with the practice Ashley employed to became a billionaire – He still achieved it…

    And Stupid, Stupid, Sevco – They CHASED HIM AWAY – And embraced King –

    Big, Big, mistake as they’ll find out in August…

    C’mon Big Mikey Bhoy !

  • Charlie D says:

    Thought Ashley had already won and been paid. Is the Elite/Hummel case not about their contract being terminated early and them being replaced by Castore. Didn’t Elite lawyers ask for figures of Castore deal to be revealed in order to set the amount for their lawsuit ?

    • James Forrest says:

      They’ve lost the case but the punishment is to be determined. Elite want £9.5 million plus.

      I suspect Ibrox will settle. It’ll still cost millions to do.

  • Graham Laurie says:

    Hopefully this will FINISH them James and there will be no MORE tribute acts emerging from the carcass of Rangers.

  • SSMPM says:

    Does that include court and barrister fees, who picks up the tabs here. There’s simply so many lies and liars around nowadays, and not just in Scottish football and politics.It’s part of the training to learn how to say something that’s not true but to simply get away with it. To whom do you complain and what’s the consequences anyway?
    Worse sadly, it’s an admired quality or talent so much so that it’s difficult to remember what is a lie and what isn’t. What does that word even mean particularly if people or some people believe or want to believe it. Barefaced, ” I didn’t lie, I believe it to be the truth”, or as the best, the very best, probably the best ever, American business woman Ivanka might say ‘I don’t remember saying that, I don’t recall that so no, I’m not lying’.
    Tomorrow I might hear Celtic need to get their facts right and their own house in order as they’re actually considering an offer to sell Hagi for £10m and so that’s £500,000 recorded in the profit and loss account sheets for next season.
    Best just leave them ’til they die, except they don’t even do that when they do. Mental HH

  • Patrick Cannon says:

    James Mike Ashley is been painted the vilan but from a celtic point of view I’m glad the gullybears fell out with him. He is a proper business person who knows his stuff so I’m glad they never kept him onside. Do you that when he was involved and his people on the board sevco where 6 months away from breaking even. God knows where it is now, thank goodness Mike is now against them

  • Roonsa says:

    While an operating profit is generally positive, it doesn’t guarantee overall financial health. It’s crucial to consider other factors such as outstanding debts, long-term liabilities, and non-operating expenses. A comprehensive analysis of the entire balance sheet, including cash flow and asset management, provides a more accurate picture of a football club’s financial well-being.

    I got that from ChatGPT. Given that just about everybody knows about AI chatbots, you’d think the Scottish sports media outlets would have learned how to use them by now

  • Davie says:

    When are the authorities going to deal with this club of rogue’s.
    They don’t pay their debts.
    They don’t follow contractual agreements.
    The previous Rangers left a trail of misery.
    The impersonators are doing exactly the same.
    What next, go into administration & liquidation as Original Rangers did.
    Leave similar debt.
    Start another team called The Rangers Rangers Rangers.
    Going too run out of copy & paste options.
    The football authorities need to get their acts together, however they won’t for fear of angry mobs ascending on their homes..

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