An SNP Councillor Should Be Asked To Explain His Apparent Slur Against Celtic Supporters.

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Celtic fans are amongst the most politically engaged football supporters in the country. This is a fact.

There are various strands of political opinion running through our number, but nobody can deny that Celtic fans are switched on, that we care about political issues and that nobody has to tell us that we should use our votes and make our voices heard.

That’s why it never ceases to amaze me how many politicians have, over the years, gone out of their way to colossally disrespect us, and with an election looming next year and the SNP’s numbers pretty much in the toilet it’s probably not a great time for one of their elected officials to take a swipe at us when talking to the media.

As some of you will probably know, there was a proposal in front of Glasgow City Council recently about a “pop up bar” at Celtic Park. Celtic themselves opposed the policy because we saw stewarding issues and we’ve got our own bars inside the ground on match days to consider.

The club’s position is pretty easy to understand.

With the club not in favour of it, and the police having their own concerns, you can see that the idea was dead on arrival. There are a lot of valid reasons for turning the application down, and so there was zero need for any kind of gratuitous commentary.

Nevertheless, that is exactly what SNP Councillor Alex Wilson provided. “I don’t think football and alcohol are a good mix,” he said. “Particularly with this fan base.”

And I think we’re entitled to know exactly what he means by that.

It’s a needless comment, thrown in there just for the sake of it.

If you detect some deep-seated resentments towards us in there then you read it precisely as I have, and if you check the guy out, which of course I did very briefly, you’ll find out that he is actually a football fan … a St Mirren supporter going by his social media posts.

So that makes his dig at our fans all the more obvious.

People who serve on the licensing committee are supposed to be objective.

That kind of uncalled for and unsolicited commentary, that clear hint of prejudice against Celtic supporters as a whole – there is no other way to look at that – suggests strongly that he’s incapable of that, and I sincerely hope that he is not dealing with the club on weightier matters.

I don’t expect an explanation. I don’t expect an apology. But if he was my local councillor, I’d be voting for somebody else when re-election time comes around.

He’s not exactly a notable figure in the city’s governance; if you Google his name you get stories from three years ago about how he abandoned his wife and his autistic kids to shack up with another SNP councillor … so he wouldn’t be a great loss to the political or social firmament.

What those comments appear to reveal is a small-minded and petty attitude towards our fans that might spring from West of Scotland prejudice.

It might spring from being a follower of a small club with the natural envy of the big boys or he might just be a completely brainless dolt who isn’t even aware that those words reek of bigotry… I really don’t care what his motivations are.

If he wants to explain them I’m sure we’ll be happy to hear what he says, but honestly, I think that remark is pretty pathetic and so l’ll file this away until the local elections which, fortunately for him, are still some time away.

The general election is much closer and if he was an MP these would be very interesting comments to share with some of his constituents. When you consider that the Ibrox sect aren’t voting for these guys in the first place they need all the friends they can get.

In the meantime, if you feel like contacting him and asking for an explanation, go right ahead. His details are easy enough to find, although I’m not sharing them here. Google is your friend in this regard, and under the circumstances, I couldn’t offer you one good reason not to.

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  • Tony B says:

    Vote Green instead as a protest against this bigot.

    BTW. He’s a St Mirren fan in the same way that Chic Young is.

    Too cowardly to admit his true staunch allegiance.

  • Paul says:

    Good afternoon Councillor Wilson

    As a monthly contributor and card carrying member of the SNP, I would like to refer you to comments made by yourself re your stance on fans of Celtic FC and alcohol;

    “I don’t think football and alcohol are a good mix,” “Particularly with this fan base.”

    Would you like care to explain what you meant by “Particularly with this fan base.”?

    Are we all deemed to be alcoholic trouble makers?

    I’d be seriously reconsidering my allegiance to a party that delves into just stereotypes.

    I await your response.


  • scobie says:

    I love this website but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to actually read the articles with all the advertising blocking the actual content, very disappointing and off putting

  • Michael McCartney says:

    This proposal was never going to happen, just shows you what an eejit this guy is. As a SNP member I’m shocked at the low calibre of their local representatives, although that goes for most political parties these days.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    He’s obviously a bit of a thicko, and I hope he gets it tight for being a grade a bellend and a sorry excuse for a father. If you’re in the public eye it’s best practice to make sure you are beyond reproach if you are going to use derogatory speech against a group of potential voters whose vote might be enough to stop you from having to find a real job.

  • The Real McCoy says:

    Thanks for highlighting this here James.
    I commented about this on Sentinel Celts last night.
    A sly devious slur on every Celtic fan.


    He is My Cooncillor.
    Hun. No doubts.
    There’s a few of them running that Ward.
    Greater Pollok & Cardonald.

    E’mail sent.
    Another vote lost.

  • Jack says:

    Maybe coments like this got him where he is not the only one holding a job cause he is qualified no but what school he went to or a funny handshake

  • J.P.Docherty says:

    The only way to affect people of his persuasion is to vote against him at every opportunity and encourage others to do likewise.

    • Michael M says:

      Or deliver him a right good swift kick in the nutsack.

      He deserves it for leaving his kids alone, never mind this Hun pish.

      And I laughed out loud when he claimed to be a St Mirren fan cos only bluenosed scum would leave a rejoinder like that just cos he could without realising just how much it could cost him and his party.

      Hopefully the next time we hear of him is when he’s sweeping the streets.

  • John L says:

    May be he has a soft spot for the Buckie throwing billyboys. Absolute Turd

  • Dr Joe Murray says:

    This guy is my councillor and he does not speak for me. Nor does he speak for many in his local branch. A branch of which I was once convenor and in which I am still very active. I speak here as a season ticket holder at Celtic Park, as are others in our branch — Alex Wilson has insulted all of us and, not for the first time, his personal behaviour has let our Party down.
    His personal bias and subjective views are counter to his role in any council committee and he should be called out by the council leaders on this. In my opinion he should relieved of his responsibilities on this committee and banned from sitting on any other.

    Anyway, guys, there’s more for us to be bothered about the now than this muppet.


    • The Real McCoy says:

      Thanks for that insight Joe.
      I immediately noticed the unnecessary and inappropriate quote when I read a report of The Licensing Board decision.
      I felt the need to comment online last evening regarding this, something I don’t do readily.
      Hopefully he is held to account.
      Thanks again

  • sligo123456 says:

    The time to question this clown is ASAP. In this bonny wee country this will be forgot about in a day or 2. E mails to his party inbox aint a bad idea also. James I think this is worse than just dont vote for him. He should be taken to account for his comments in a way where he should be subjected to visibility by a very large audience. His comment [s] are bordering on bigotry!

  • Captain Swing says:

    By the sounds of it, this clown will soon be “stepping down” to “spend more time with the family”, except he’s already ditched the family for a bit of skirt (I’m assuming it’s skirt, you didn’t specify and I couldn’t be bothered checking out such an obvious nobody). It’s a particularly stupid politician who doesn’t know who votes for him.

    I’m sure he’ll soon be explaining it all to tiny crowds while starring in a Brewery Theatre production of ‘Thae B@$t@rd$ Did Fur Me, Fur F***-All Tae’…….


      Have a good idea who the bit of skirt is.
      Fellow Local Cooncillor Hunnette of the ‘ Hunnish’ persuasion.

  • goodghuy says:

    I’m voting labour next anyway so all good, been pretty impressed with Starmer recently. I do take your point though James, not a great comment to be making with an election so soon, Yousaf needs every help he can get as they not the same since Nicola Sturgeon left office.

    • StevieD says:

      I get what you’re saying goodghuy but I could never bring myself to vote for Israel’s whore. A human rights lawyer too!?!?! Dear God . . .

      • goodghuy says:

        I support Israel’s right to defend, but think need to get chatting as lot of people dying now. The thing is Stevie, that Hamas were horrible doing that to people at a music concert, they were anti human beings. The UK will always support Israel bud, as will our good friends in the US. Joe Biden considers himself an Irish American Zionist. I’m pro west as I’m pro democracy and pro human rights, but that part of the world at the moment is terrible, but also the Ukrainians as well, let’s not forget about them as well.

  • Phil says:

    I’ve emailed him requesting an explanation. I won’t hold my breath.

  • Gerry Henderson says:

    Surprise surprise, the bigotry in this country is unbelievable but ofcourse never gets looked into.
    Now, I wonder why !!!???

  • Billy Murray says:

    I think he means the militant football UK/USA/ISRAEL hating Ultras. You know the flare and violence brigade that think that Scotlands Ireland with its republican views.

  • Stuart says:

    I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and go for the brainless dolt theory ( although I fear it could be something far more obvious). As a St. Mirren supporter myself, I’m always suspicious of anyone from Glasgow who claims to support the saints, most of those guys only connection to Paisley is the time they passed through on the train to Largs.

    • Michael M says:

      He’s a bluenosed bigoted Hun and that’s no theory but a self evident fact.

      I knew it the second I read it.

  • phil says:

    Total waste of a comment from Bill Murray. Councillor Wilson has responded to me personally. He has explained exactly what he meant and how it was taken totally out of context by the Evening Times (surprise surprise). He has contacted them to complaim. A million miles away from your deranged comment. Contact him yourself if you don’t believe me.

    • James Forrest says:

      Well share his response with us. He was quoted by more than just The Evening Times. He was quoted by every mainstream title.

      He said “Particularly this fan-base.” How was that “taken out of context”?

      Did he explain the context in which it was meant? Those words are CLEAR CUT. This isn’t spinnable.

    • Paul says:

      Share then please? He has completely rubbered my email which is posted above.

  • Phil says:

    James, my response was to Bill Murray’s comments and not your article. Anyway, here’s his response to me in full.

    I appreciate your email.
    Just for clarity my comment was not aimed at Celtic fans in general but in fact the number of fans around such a pop up bar. I can see why people are upset but the whole context of what I said was not representative of what I actually said. I have contacted the Evening Time to clarify why why they sought to misquote me.
    When I said this type of fan base it was regarding the size of fan base nothing else. Most of what I said was omitted by the article and at no stage did I say anything detrimental to Celtic or their fans.
    Hope this put things in perspective.

    Cllr Wilson.

    There’s his response in full as requested. However, I’m surprised you are asking for clarification from me as I would have thought you would have had the same response from him. As you were encouraging other supporters to contact him directly, surely you must have done the same?

    • James Forrest says:

      Thanks for posting that mate, I appreciate that.

      Let’s see if The Times offers to re-frame his comments, I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

      Appreciate you doing that.

    • Michael M says:

      A typical politician’s reply that if ever I saw one.

      But maybe he’s not the bigoted bluenoses Hun that I called him.

      Or maybe he is.

      Either way, he’s most likely lost an awful lot of votes over it.

      Not that I care as I detest all politicians anyway,.

      Self serving money grabbers one and all.

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