Celtic’s Alleged Striker Targets Are Ridiculous. This Club Better Start Getting Real.

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Two stories linking us with strikers today, and what are the common denominators? Both are under 23 and neither of them scores a lot of goals.

These guys are punts.

And what’s worse is that they would be expensive punts. If we’re going to pay high seven figure fees for people (not that I believe for a minute we are) they need to be a lot better than these guys are.

This is simple, and so I’ll keep it simple; our title challenge hinges on what we do in this window. If we go into the Asian Cup month without a quality striker who has a history of putting the ball in the back of the net, we’re done. We won’t win this league.

The people “running things” at Celtic claim to have been thinking about this problem for a while; well that stands to reason, since some of us have been writing about it for nearly a year.

If they don’t have a clear idea already who they want in January they’re a joke. If their plan consists of signing some project player and placing our season on his shoulders then that makes the summer window look like a top performance. That should be enough to get people fired.

If we have to pay a premium for such a player, then we’re going to need to bite the bullet and do so. This is the price they pay for screwing up the summer, when bringing in some project as a backup to Kyogo and Oh and giving the guy time to settle would have been feasible.

To bring such a player in now would be disastrous and scandalous in equal measure.

A Polish youth player with five goals in seventeen games in Austria? Really?

A Danish 21 year old with the exact same scoring record, at Bronby?

This is the calibre of footballer we’re hanging the season on?

These are the guys we’ve ear-marked to carry our entire club through a period when our entire front line will be unavailable? Incredible, if true. The implications of it are terrifying.

I know people still want to big up the strategy.

I know people still want to defend it as the only way our club can operate, but the need for a quality, proven goal-scorer to finally replace Giakoumakis has been obvious for over a year.

The need to have him in place prior to the Asian Cup has been written about and discussed and dissected for almost as long and that we’re even going into January with this still undone, when that competition kicks off that month, is indefensible in and of itself.

But if we screw this up, there will be no end of recriminations and the finger of blame can only point to one person; the chairman’s blue eyed boy.

Neither of them could survive that.

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  • bertie basset says:

    lawell deliberately hamstrung celtic in going for the ten , his choice of lennon , who didn’t have a clue , failure to keep foster and replace him with barkass doomed the club with such an important position on the park instantly , the players out of contract were never replaced , if sevco lost the ten their fan base would have wilted and they badly needed the cash to dig them out of a hole , we are seeing a repeat of that now , spent 20 million on players and only one in the starting line up , his silence on the referees is also very suspect and he it appears to find it funny and not a pattern of cheating , he and his cronies have run out of road this time i reckon his presence at the ground will no longer be entertained by the paying fans , he has done more to help sevco indirectly than he has directly for celtic
    be gone ya charlatan !!!

  • William Melvin says:

    James,you wanna bet on your closing statement ?
    These bastards will just sit there stinking out G40 while the mental health of thousands goes off a cliff !
    However, there is a glimmer of hope because by the time the Asian Cup squads are named l doubt any of our players will be called upon because their form is so shit which will mean they can keep firing blanks in the SPFL.
    I’m assuming this will be a major blow to the parasites embedded into the woodwork at Celtic Park as they would have been relying on getting a nice wee parcel of cash from the Asian Federation for our players participating, a la our World Cup bonus.
    Unless the whole,or the vast majority of the Celtic support mobilise themselves against these arseholes (the happy clappers can can do what they always do and suck Lawwell’s flaccid dick till the league is lost) and start a meaningful protest campaign they will sit there insisting the shite football is nothing to do with them as they have invested heavily in new players and contract extensions.
    As you just said the suits better get real because if they don’t then the support better do it for them to turn us back into the Celtic FC we know and love instead of supporting Gaslight FC !!!

  • Terence McHugh says:

    Given the current form of our asian players, there may be a fair chance none of them will be called up for Asian cup duty. But that alone means we need another GG. The Aussie should never have let him go when he himself refused to sign a new contract. Hypocritical is a word that jumps to mind

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Lawell and Desmond happy to play pass the parcel with the Ibrox mob just let them win something to keep there fans on board that’s being going on for decades from the Glasgow teams I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    I saw that polish lad is now being valued at 15 million so that thankfully should b the end of that one, no doubt lawell jr will dig up some other dross, its turning into comedy gold we are a total mess

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Is that what they’re lookin at ? If that’s the case then it’s an indicator that, in spite of everythin that’s happenin here, this board are gonnae stick tae their usual format of buy cheap and ‘ride it out’. Fuck that, just take the other 2 trophies over tae ibrox the now. Surely if they dae this tae us again that’s the last straw for our support.

  • Tony B says:

    Miovski and /or Shankland would do the business for us, with change out of £10 million for them both.

    There’s £ 70 plus million in the bank so what are they waiting for?

  • Dando says:

    There are a few great striker options in Europe that fit Celtic’s signing criteria (mid-late 20s & under £5m)………..

    Here’s a couple fir yae Brendan…..

    Amoura (USG)
    Nsame (YB)
    Petkovic (DZ)

    Yer Weclome !


  • Johnno says:

    Does Rodgers even know what type of striker he would want?
    Hardly been creating the chances for any striker to feed off lately?
    The regression of kyogo as a striker is alarming at especially with how he is currently being used?
    Personally believe that we need a proper target man type of striker imo, but until Rodgers gets his finger out of his hole and start getting some type of style and direction into this team, then we might as well sign a shop window dummy for all the good it will do for ourselves as things currently stand imo?

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I’ve been shouting for Shankland for a while now…

    He scores for fun in Scotland and would for us as well –

    If we don’t get him in January The Huns will break their bank knowing that they’ll get it back next season twenty fold in Champions League cash…

    They’ll be none of this pure pish ‘Ah he needs time to settle in a strange country’ claptrap as he lives here –

    Actually two words of the sentence in inverted commas is true…

    Because Scotland is (football wise anyway) a very strange country !

  • Bill says:

    OK guys, try this one out. Just after the club posted it’s account our CEO came out and told us that we couldn’t spend it it all on players as we’d need to put money away for a rainy day when we didn’t qualify for the CL. Meanwhile his beloved Old Firm project partners report a 4.5 million loss and not looking good for cash for next season. At that time we were well in front of them in finances and league points. In a matter of weeks we look like surrendering the title to them, and we still have money in the bank. Managed Decline FC right enough.

    • Kevin Lee says:

      Watch out for the Quality players £10/15 million who we are looking at to bring in before January (bullshit)

  • Eldraco says:

    Rodgers has single handed destroyed the intl carreers or almost of kyogo, meada, hatate, iwata, ( yang still young). So why would they hang around?.if in fact any get anywhere near the cup.

    Dont forget tillio that boy is an immense talent, immense he too will be at the asians he too risks being wrecked at CP proof postive if you ever need it that Rodgers, indeed celtic” improve” players.

  • Kevin Lee says:

    Get rid of Rodgers and appoint Stephen Robinson of St mirren this guy has the pedigree to get us playing great football once again

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