Fran Alonso Will Be An Enormous Loss To Celtic, And He’ll be Missed By Every One Of Us.

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The news today that Fran Alonso will soon be announcing that he’s left our club is more than just disappointing, it’s gutting. The women’s team has come on leaps and bounds under this guy and his character made him an instant favourite amongst the fans.

We are losing a huge and significant figure here, and his departure is a source of huge regret.

This seems to have been on the cards for a while, with persistent rumours linking him to various clubs refusing to go away. It seems apparent that he’s been looking to go and some have suggested that this is because he’s not been as well backed as he believed he might be.

I have no idea whether this is true or not, but the truth is we’re still relatively “young” as a women’s team and this offer he’s got is in men’s football, which he might well want to pursue as a boss.

The chances are we’d never have been able to keep him, not with that sort of interest. So as regrettable as this would be, we may have to just roll with the punches on this. The club might not necessarily be to blame, it might just be one of those things.

Those who have been keeping tabs on the women’s team say we’ve not been playing with the same fluency; I wonder if this has been on the minds of some people behind the scenes.

Something like this will always have an effect on form, and the ladies at our club are smart enough to know when there are things go on, even if they’re not in the loop.

This is a disruption we don’t need, and it’s a major blow to lose a guy this good. If it happens we should wish him well, but with the greatest regret, and keep our eyes on how well he does elsewhere.

Because this is a man with a future, this is a quality coach who would enhance any club and he has a great deal of affection for, and goodwill from, ours.

Really sad day, and I’m sure the women feel the same. It’s a big loss and there’s no dressing that up. We’ll see what the club’s Plan B is.

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  • John Pierre says:

    The woman won’t miss him in the slightest. Celtic Woman have been on form this season. More points now than previous years. Drew one match….against a team that they beat 3-2 after going down 2 goals in ten minutes at home. One loss to a team with the biggest budget in the league.
    Houston Dash are a woman’s team. They play in the NWSL.
    They currently have 3 players out with ACL injuries. All three would be starters.

  • Eldraco says:

    ” wont miss him” are you nuts?

    A symptom of the malaise within the club, rot begins inside.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I must be the exception to the rule if the majority of Celtic fans admired Fran Alonso and took him to their heart. I cannot put my finger on the reason, but I have never quite liked the wee guy, there was just something about him that didn’t quite gel with me. I wish him all the best just the same, but him leaving the Club is no big deal to me.

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