Mark Wilson’s Latest Critique Of The Celtic Board Is Impossible To Read With A Straight Face.

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Since the very first day I started doing this, I have committed myself to covering the media that covers our club. We don’t get a fair shake from these guys at the best of times, but at a time like this some of the coverage we get is plainly bonkers and some of it is grossly unfair.

This week, we deserve nearly all the stick we’re getting.

Because we are, right now, objectively a mess.

There seem to be multiple issues affecting the club, from the attitudes of the players to the gripes of the manager to whatever in God’s name is going on in the boardroom and the scouting department, and so by and large I have nothing good to say about the people who got us into this mess.

But if you fell out with a friend or a member of your family, you might still bristle at hearing someone bad mouth them. You might still want to get up in that person’s face especially if you knew they were talking crap. And that’s how I feel today about Mark Wilson’s latest daft comments on Radio Clyde, on that show he’s on where brain cells go to die.

Yesterday, or the day before – I don’t know this because I don’t listen to the damned thing, because I like my brain cells in their current condition – he made the following remarks. “I don’t think it helps when the board keep coming out and saying ‘we are doing great. Look at the spreadsheet”. That just fuels the flames (with) Celtic fans wanting more money spent.”

And I wracked my brain trying to recollect when our board had done that aside from when the accounts came out – when you are supposed to boast about the spreadsheets – and at the AGM where they are sort of part of the event. I certainly don’t remember any other occasion when they’ve done it. But the media does mention it a lot.

Celtic’s board of directors don’t talk. Ever. Unless they have to. Unless they are sitting in front of an annual meeting or making a report to the Stock Exchange.

So where is Wilson getting this from? Is he hearing voices? He must be if he thinks our directors are constantly going on and on about the money we have in the bank.

I know some people do obsess over this subject. Mainly in Scotland’s news rooms. It’s those people who keep on mentioning it over and over and over again in case we’ve forgotten it.

They do it to stir just the kind of disharmony Wilson is stoking here, whether he knows it or not, and I rather suspect that he does. But we don’t need reminding of how much money is in the bank, we’re already well aware of it. These constant references to it in the press are bizarre.

He and his media colleagues have done something which, to me, seems rather unique; they’ve made a virtue out of Ibrox being skint and a curse out of us having money. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen in my time doing this job.

Wilson comes across like someone talking just to hear the sound of his own voice.

There is plenty to criticise our board over, most notably how pathetic the summer transfer window was. And as many of us have said, the problem isn’t with what we spent but what we spent it on … ten signings when for the same money we could have signed two or three really good first team starters who might have made a big difference to the campaign so far.

Not only does Wilson seem to think our board is doing something they aren’t, he seems to think we expect them to spend money right now, when the transfer window isn’t even open. We know what’s in the bank. We know more money needs to be spent to repair the damage of the summer.

But we also know how to read a calendar and that we can’t do it for another week.

I’ll be honest; I don’t expect the manager to get everything he needs in January. I’ve seen enough of these people not to trust them all the way.

We’ll certainly get a striker, although whether it’s the sort we require and not some project I’m less sure about. I know that the wrong moves will cost us the title, and that they are too arrogant to recognise the degree to which they’d be responsible for that, but I’ll judge them on these things at the end of the damned window and not before.

They screwed up the summer, in a big way. Rodgers did too in not grabbing this by the throat.

I think Lawwell Jnr’s record has been terrible to the extent where he’d be under serious pressure at a club where they actually held people to account.

But you know what? I’m damned if I’m going to give these people stick for stuff they’ve not actually done wrong, and the idea that our board is somehow forever rubbing our face in the accounts is garbage.

Celtic fans know this much; the money in the bank is the only reason to have any confidence about January at all, because if this club actually approaches this with the right ideas and the right intent, and they promise Rodgers anything close to what he says he needs we are in a position to be able to do it, and it’s that cash pile which will let us.

If Wilson ceased running his mouth off for even two seconds he’d recognise that the summer is over and the judgement on that one is already in, and these people made a real raging mess of that.

But none of us is blind. We’re well aware that without some quality in January that the title race is in serious jeopardy. Rodgers is too, and surely to God he has fought his corner hard, so even this board has to recognise the stakes.

I’m happy to criticise this board for what it does and doesn’t do, but you know something? I’m through criticising Celtic for having money in the bank.

Of all the moronic ideas in this mad world of Scottish football, which is never short of stupid ideas, this suggestion that we should be ashamed or embarrassed by having financial stability has to be one of the worst.

It is impossible to take Wilson seriously. He’s been hanging out with Hugh Keevins too much. I thought only he could sound as stupid as this.

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  • campbe11bhoy says:

    James, what is the mechanism for calling off games due to international call ups? What is the possibility of Celtic using this in january?

  • Mr Vincent McSherry says:

    you seem to forget that mark is working for Radio Clyde! tis his job to “toe the party line”. leave the poor man alone and stop listening to that garbage

  • Roonsa says:

    If I was going onto Clyde SSB as some sort of Celtic pundit or representative of the Celtic minded view, I’d do my research. That would entail listening to the fans (through reading blogs like this and CQN) as well as being aware of the tripe pumped out by the MSM, some of which is fed to it by the club. I’d also try to formulate a stance and be ready to have that stance challenged.

    Wilson is clearly not doing his research. And he doesn’t have the minerals to think on his feet. Effectively, he is perfect for Clyde SSB.

  • bertie basset says:

    lawell is the spanner in the works , he did sabotage the 10 , lennon . foster , edourd , ajer , cristy , barkas ,
    our main rival has a penalty per game awarded to them , while rangers have not conceded a penalty against them in 2 years ?
    that thing , C E O at our last meeting laughed at our legitimate concerns , scoffed at our worries so he did . gave his Nod to the referees to fuc us over , he’s set us up to fail again this season , the Tramp !!!


      Alas PL is no Tramp.
      He is extremely ‘well heeled’ having taken over £17 million and counting over the duration of his tenure at Celtic.
      Notice I stated ‘taken’ and not earned.
      By the time he and his boy depart Celtic they will have helped themselves to quite some more.

  • James Garrity says:

    A few years ago on that show, Wilson referred to the Ibrox lot as a “new club”. He was quickly shouted down, and never made that same “mistake” again.
    He knows what is required for a sports media job in Fair Caledonia

    • James Forrest says:

      I’ve heard that mate, if so he should have dug in his heels and doubled down. Because of course, he’s in the right to say so. But it’s not exactly a popular view in the newsrooms, nor honesty and integrity popular concepts.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Defenders don’t usually make particularly great pundits, possibly because they’ve spent the majority of their working life having a heavily inflated bag of wind battered off their canister at high velocity hundreds of times a day. Yep, we’re back to the depletion of brain cells again….

  • Phil says:

    On the issue of away ticket allocations, Wilson said on Radio Clyde only a few weeks ago that Celtic and theRangers had “started this between themselves”. Soup taker.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Wilson was an utter utter wage thief in his tenure at Celtic…

    Forever injured, injured, injured and on The take, take, take –

    By constantly criticising Celtic he will certainly be no wage thief in The Scottish Football Media…

    It’ll be bonus, bonus, bonus for him and the scum that employs him !

  • Johnny Green says:

    Yes it is a flippant comment from Wilson, he’s reading between the lines as he sees them, coming up with conjecture and gilding the lily to suit his take on the present state of affairs regarding the Board’s reluctance to push the boat out. We all want the Club to spend more on quality when it’s available, but we also want them to spend wisely and to get the balance right. Let’s hope the coming transfer window will meet those realistic aims as we progress to yet another League Title.

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