Idiotic Anti-Celtic Pundit Is Wrong. Man Utd’s European Catastrophe Is In A Class Of Its Own.

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What have I said about TalkSport? Some of their anti-Celtic and anti-Scottish football “pundits” make Radio Clyde sound like a professional organisation at the very top of their game.

Being a “shock jock” is the easiest gig in the business; open your mouth and let every bit of ignorance rattling around in your head spill out through the microphone.

If monkeys could talk, you could train one of them to do it in five minutes.

Jason Cundy might be the worst. A guy even football fans have to Google just so we remember him at all. Again, I’ve forgotten who he actually played for. Chelsea, was it?

Something like that. I could Google it, but he’s not worth the effort. Instead, I want to talk about his comments last night in the aftermath of the Man Utd game and then move past him completely to look at the big picture in terms of what that competition has become.

Cundy called them “the Celtic of English football.” But see, that’s the rather where his “analysis” – so much like that of The Village Idiot – falls on its backside. To drag us into their mess is very convenient but also very stupid because all it does is draw attention to the sheer scale of the calamity which has befallen United here. There’s no comparison at all.

Manchester United’s collapse is in a class of its own. I would have thought we would have qualified from that group. That they haven’t, and finished bottom, is an unimaginable outcome. Not even Bayern can compete with their spending power.

Certainly, neither Copenhagen nor Galatasaray can do it. If we had their kind of money, I would consider an outcome like that a sacking offence for the manager and many above him at the club.

Cundy thinks he’s being a funny guy here, but you’re talking about a club which earned over £650 million last year. That’s not a misprint. They earned that, between commercial, sponsorship, prize money and in other areas. Manchester Utd, in spite of how long it’s been since they won a title, are still in the top ten sporting brands in the world.

They earn more than six times what we do, and that translates into spending power, compared to ours, which is hard even to contemplate sober.

It is convenient and easy for these people to have a go at us when we’re floundering in this tournament, but Manchester United failing to qualify from that group, even as a third place Europa League team, is far more shocking and far more humiliating than our own dreadful campaign has been … and any sensible person who covers football know that without having it pointed out to them.

They let 15 goals past them in six games, the worst performance ever by an English team and one that in the modern era none of their sides should be allowing to happen.

On paper, two of the teams in that Group would have struggled in a half-way decent Europa League one, and that’s the problem right there. Copenhagen qualified with eight points. Galatasaray got to the Europa Groups with a mere five. These times didn’t set the earth on fire.

If we win tonight, we would finish our disastrous tournament on the same number of points as the club from the Premiership has in a much weaker group.

It will not make any of us feel one bit better but it shatters the myth of English exceptionalism which characterises so much of the coverage of our own campaign south of the border.

The coverage we get up here is a little bit different, we know that it’s laced with malice and mostly comes from people who simply love to see us stumble, but after that cataclysm last night we should all be through with eating dirt from goons south of the border.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I agree that cash rich Man U should be sailing through the group they were in, but it being a weaker group than our own is debatable. Roll on next season is all I can say now regarding European football, something to look forward to, but probably the same disappointments ahead.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    Aye and Newcastle to follow them tonight. Do you think he will compare that to Sevco in anyway. Not a chance. James not bothering commenting on this shit from down there. That said and focusing on us we do need to produce a performance tonight and against the wee huns on saturday

  • king murdy says:

    you are so right james…how dare they drag us into united’s mess….we have our own mess to wallow in thank you very much….a mess created by a boardroom full of self serving, nepotistic, spineless weasels….
    i don’t know or care how man u arrived at their’s….but have a fair idea how we arrived at ours….
    another defeat tonight no doubt…..BR id certainly making his mark.

    “a club like no other”


  • Johnno says:

    Candy is better known for being anti-Scottish, and particularly anti-Celtic than for being a footballer tells you everything you need to know. I have a sneaking suspicion that he was offered to Celtic on loan back in the day and they rejected him for being the donkey he always was.

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