More Ibrox Feel-Good European Football Lies Come To The Fore In Dodgy Internet Graph.

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You might have seen this one going around; that the Ibrox club is third on a list of co-efficient points garnered by teams in Europe over the last five years. And I don’t know exactly how that data was extrapolated, but the spin being put on it, that it’s a representation of which clubs have the highest standing in terms of their continental endeavours is plainly utterly ridiculous.

“(The Ibrox club rank among Europe’s elite for their performances in Europe in recent seasons, it has been revealed,” writes Aiden Smith from The Evening Times. It’s a lie. It’s a joke, in fact, and how anyone could possibly believe that I do not know.

But he cites a graph put together by a site called Swiss Football Data, which does indeed rank them third in its particular table … but that table does not represent what Smith is trying to suggest that it does.

It’s something to do with national co-efficient points, it is not related to club’s overall scores although that’s how we’re being asked to look at it and read it.

But for God’s sake, you only have to glance at the thing to see who is in fifth place to understand just how ridiculous what we’re being encouraged to believe actually is; it’s Real Madrid, and if you’re sitting there thinking “how can Ibrox possibly have more UEFA co-efficient points in the last five years than a team who actually won the Champions League in that time?” then you’re at least on the right track because of course, that’s insane.

According to UEFA, Madrid’s co-efficient score overall puts them third in Europe, not the club from Ibrox.

Only Manchester City and Bayern Munich rank higher.

The Ibrox club is on the European list, but they are 27th behind Shakhtar Donetsk, West Ham and of course, Eintracht Frankfurt. Feyenoord are only just behind them.

And yeah, we’re miles off it on that list which is shameful, as we’re down in an appalling 55th position, which to be frank is a disgrace which our board should be thoroughly mortified by, but at least we’re willing to confront the reality of this and not indulge in preposterous exercises like this one in spin and fantasy football.

The media in this country is an embarrassment on days like this.

Imagine presenting information like that which suggests that the team which last season had the worst Champions League Group Stage record in the history of the tournament is outperforming Real Madrid …

I mean that’s just toe curling awful, that makes the whole journalistic class up here look stupid.

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  • Jim says:

    I’m sure Mo Salah would agree. He had a really hard time picking his way through their defence.

    Perhaps the newspaper headline was meant to read ‘The Ibrox club are rank amongst Europe’s elite.’

  • Johnno says:

    Don’t really follow this coefficient nonsense.
    But should we be thankful to the scum for getting the coefficient needed to grant us the automatic CL place available?
    I’m thinking that’s how it’s currently working out?
    So the scum actually helping out our finical clout over that shower of shite?
    Sure that goes down well with the scum and it’s scum cheerleaders?
    Why do truth when a good lie will do, especially when the scum club has been built upon lies?

  • Tony B says:

    sevco has for all time achieved the worst group stage record in C.L. history.

    No points and a goal difference of MINUS 21 from 6 games.

    Forever after they will be known as Les Null Points, and no amount of spin obfuscation or lies can alter that FACT.

  • Pan says:

    You know why they look stupid?
    It’s because they ARE STUPID.

  • Devine says:

    Toe-curling. Toe-curling you say? After reading those scottish MSM headlines today my toes curled that much I had to wear those medieval jester shoes you get just to go to the local shop. Some of the best:

    DAILY RANGERS: ‘Rangers in hunt to leapfrog Celtic with astonishing prize money first as coefficient kings rip up Scottish rulebook’

    FOOTBALL SCOTLAND: ‘Rangers Europa League windfall revealed as Gers set to eclipse Celtic Champions League cash’

    DAILY RANGERS: Philippe Clement told Rangers record before arrival means NOTHING now as Celtic icon stews over lost spark

    DAILY RANGERS: WORLD MEDIA reacts as Rangers send Betis to purgatory and Clement named heavyweight great for exposing glass jaw

    Some other Crackers:

    Rangers Europa League prize money explained as club rise to 3rd in UEFA coefficient table

    Rangers fans will also be delighted to learn that the Ibrox side are third in UEFA’s top 100 clubs in terms of coefficient points, with only Bayern Munich and Manchester City above them.

    Rangers miles ahead of Celtic as UEFA publish updated document

    Tom English blown away by Philippe Clement at Rangers amid ‘absolutely exceptional’ win ahead of Aberdeen clash

    And the best yin from IBROX NEWS: David Edgar wowed as Cyriel Dessers turns into Lionel Messi v Real Betis

    Absolute comedy gold. The people are utterly insane. If you believe those hysterical headlines then you have a zip at the back of your head. Even NORTH KOREA level of propaganda have nothing on the Rangers supporting Scottish MSM cabal

  • KING MURDY says:

    all the sour grapes on here….conveniently forgetting how abysmal this poxy celtic team have been in europe….
    how can that mob be fukn MILES better in europe than us…?
    we are constantly bombarded by all celtic blogs, including this one, how bad they are…how skint they are….how close to the edge they are again…chaos…chaos..blah blah…and yet they reached a euro final 2 years ago…came a penalty kick away from winning the fukn thing – how horrendous for us all that would have been – and here they are, they got a seriously good result last night away from home to qualify for the last sixteen…and without the help of dodgy refs and var..
    with every match they win in europe…it heaps shame on the board of celtic fc…but hey…we have 70 odd mill in the bank…another 2 mil from winning a dead rubber match the other night…all is well with the world…!!!
    we can all laugh, ridicule and scorn the local press….the real laugh is on celtic fc

    yep…”a team like no other”


    • James Forrest says:

      They aren’t “miles better in Europe than us.”

      I’ve literally devoted THOUSANDS of words to that subject. You might even have read a handful of them.

      We are being judged at a much higher level than them.

      Or do you think their unbeaten campaign in the lower league, and the one in the Year With No Fans, were the equal of what Rodgers did in his first campaign? Come on man, seriously.

  • KING MURDY says:

    the ibrox entities have reached 2 euro finals in past 15 or so years….they are progressing well this year…in comparison to them, we have failed miserably in the past 6 or 7 years…rodgers has been in charge when we have suffered some of our worst and heaviest defeats in europe…i didn’t mention domestic campaign’s…you have…on the point of the “covid” season….conditions were the SAME for every team, including them…if i recall…it wasn’t var…ref’s…etc….it was again, the board of celtic fc who enabled them to succeed….
    the point of my post was not to praise them – god forbid – but i am sick of the infantile rubbishing anything our rivals do…..fuck them ! the main cause of celtics problems are much, much closer to home….the fucking board…
    the sour grapes you show is so fukn immature…..ignore what ibrox do – unless it directly affects celtic, and get on with reporting what celtic do…or more recently, don’t do…
    i just think you are better than this james.

  • John Smith says:

    They may not be miles ahead of us ,but they know how to win a game in Europe,,shame on our board,,,

  • Steven Fitzpatrick says:

    It’s just the typical bias journalism we expect from the scottish press , we get the same spin on everything about the rangers . The press can’t stick to honest facts just like the new club

  • Martin Melrose says:

    For your information we are not listed 3rd we are 28th and celtic are 55th. Your disaster of a post is laughable for a dig. Get over it your club had a miserable euro campaign 1 after the other. Dry your eyes Rangers were the first scottish team to get into last 16 of CL alex mcliesh being boss at that time. ??

    • James Forrest says:


      Congratulations on not even reading the fucking thing.

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