No Celtic Manager Would Ever Have Gotten Away With What The Ibrox Boss Said Last Night.

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Where the Hell does Ibrox find these Peepul?

Last night, Phillipe Clement sat in front of the media and did his best impersonation of the last two Ibrox bosses. He talked in the same slow, monotonous, tones as that sparkling human ball of charisma Van Bronckhorst and the same rabid dog madness came out of his mouth that you used to enjoy hearing from The Mooch.

The Belgian Waffler is smarter than The Mooch. But there are things living under rocks at the bottom of sewage filled ponds that would trump that joker on an IQ level, and so this is hardly something to take much pride in.

All told, the atmosphere at Ibrox was terrible last night. Tam McManus has described it as toxic; I am sure that’s exactly what it was like.

The Aberdeen result at the weekend might have saved a point but those watching it know that the VAR intervention is the only reason they got as much as a point. They aren’t kidding themselves that they are watching a good team.

Clement has them organised.

But that can’t turn a bad player into a good one. In spite of the media attempts at portraying this guy as the Second Coming, he’s not turning this piss-water into wine and they know it. That whole squad of theirs is full of losers and just rank bad footballers. Nothing is going to save that. It needs a wrecking ball.

There is a ruthless side to the Belgian Waffler. There has to be. It’s his career that will circle the drain if he doesn’t sort things out over there. You can see it in some of his decision-making, which I’ll talk about a little bit later on. But even that won’t be enough, and his early talk about some players just needing a cuddle has long since been dumped.

But his excuses on their behalf … and on his own. Wow. Last night he came around with the very best one I have heard in my life following football. Managers use all sorts of smokescreens when it comes to the bad form of their team but in my experience talk of how a “baby boom” at the club has tired out the squad is just the finest one ever.

No Celtic manager would ever have gotten away with that. No Celtic manager would ever have offered up such a pitiful excuse for bad performances. A baby boom?

Are their wives and girlfriends the only people ever to have babies?

That’s a joke.

Imagine being an Ibrox fan having to listen to that. Imagine being a journalist sitting in that room last night. Wouldn’t you have challenged that?

Babies keeping players up? Women about to have babies causing sleepless nights?

So, what does that mean? Babies don’t just grow up in two minutes. Are these guys getting an alibi for this season and next? Cause babies do have needs beyond the here and now.

Brendan Rodgers would have been pilloried in every outlet for offering up something like that. Celtic sites, in the main, would have been aghast.

All told, their performance last night was awful. The manager’s honeymoon is well and truly over, and he’d been under the microscope with even greater intensity had his team not gotten that last minute penalty against Aberdeen.

But hey! Once the babies stop bawling they’ll be back on form.

Who said the Banter Years were over? Sounds to me like they were just renewed for another extended run.

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  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Yesterday on local radio news they were gloating about Celtic’s result v Lazio.Last night’s result and not even a mention typical of the hun media in this bigoted wee country.

  • John Copeland says:

    On the subject of babies…… looks like the ‘ Toddler ‘crapped his nappy last night after 34 minutes and had to be changed ! He even lashed out a kick at a chair trying to look all grown up and macho . The only thing missing was his milk bottle last feed of the night ! There’s a lot of sleepless nights coming for the ‘ infant .’ Time for a new dummy …..bbbuuuurrppppp !

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    More babies then – Well their fans are certainly some bloody cry babies for sure…

    And half their bloody players and managers as well !

  • Kevco says:

    Are they breast feeding

  • Bob (original) says:

    An ibrox baby boom?

    …is that why Cantwell spat out the dummy on 35 minutes? 🙂

  • Stewart says:

    They wer dire but the opposition makes it a lot worse,,even McCoist was urging the to go down in the box,,, but alas no breathetn to be found, as for clemmy I honestly think he will walk if for nothing else to try and salvage his career because that whole place is going to get very toxic very,, very soon

  • harold shand says:

    Last week he said it wasn’t a slip up dropping points to the Dons .

    He’s obviously watched a few of Beales after match pressers and thought to himself

    ‘ Wow , these media guys here are suckers i can tell them anything i want ‘

  • John L says:

    More like the 3rd coming. You could have taken any 1 from 4 or more out of that team before halftime as they were dire and it is just the right time for our team to put the pedal to the metal as we and the MIB,s are saving that club from a total meltdown, and we don’t want that. Hail Hail. Ps I hope you enjoyed Rome if not the result, I was hoping for a Bruce Lee v Chuck Norris in the colosseum outcome, we live in hope.

  • Nathaniel says:

    That’s what happens when you sign too many kafliks!!!!

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    Not interested in anything sevco but when I read Yang Huang and Tianjin tian were going home I thought Brendan had started his clear out alas it was the pandas hh

  • Captain Swing says:

    The successful(ish) career of Leigh Griffiths goes some way to disproving this bogus theory – he’s got more bairns than Angelina Jolie and it never affected his performances beyond the occasional ‘groin strain’….

  • Adam Thomas says:

    They are still in europe we are out ,I think that is a bigger problem þhan talking about babies however weird it is .

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      They certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near Europe had they got the groups and not PSV Eindhoven for sure !

  • Johnno says:

    With pantomime season upon ourselves the scum never fail to deliver, and starting to begin the festivities of the season even earlier than usual?
    So who’s going to be the pantomime villain at the shithole this Christmas?
    Spoilt for choice with the showing from the Disney characters last night?
    The ghost from Christmas past is still haunting the scum, and will keep his place within the scum pantomime for some time to come yet, with such a fantastic performance given by the moleman.
    Pepe le boo boo is already starting to audition for the part of the moleman, and becoming a serious contender for actually landing the part before long also.
    The main character of the pantomime, is starting to see the hungry bears are no longer to impressed with antics of there star preformer, especially when a ladder within its tights brought an early end to the show last night, after handing out gifts to the wrong members in the audience.
    Tavpen was distraught, when a change of producer was involved in the pantomime show last night, that prevented him becoming the saviour of the show as has been the case over the past few shows, but was consoled with the thought of proceedings being restored at the weekend?
    The audience was given the extra sound improvements with the sound of crying babies added to the chorus of boos from the bears, on a fabulous pantomime production from the scum within the shithole last night.
    Yet all the scum cheerleaders will manage to promote the production as a classic all time European great all the same, especially with the pantomime show due to run well into next year?

  • Aaron says:

    Wat a warped bunch off losers that club is never learn we aren’t great but deadco always gud for a laugh ?

  • Mervyn Maxwell says:

    Why are you exercised about another club? Don’t you have enough to write about regarding your own club? Subjects such as the.paedophiles in your boys club and the IRA/Hamas terrorist supporters in the Green Brigade.

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