Scott Brown Has Done The Celtic Board A Favour Closing The Door On An Early Return.

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Scott Brown has closed the door on an early return to Celtic, and told the media that he wants to continue pursuing his management career. He’s not going to come back here to be a mere coach, he’s had his taste of the big time and he wants more of it.

He’s done our board a favour. He’s done them a favour in ruling it out before even being asked. He would certainly have been asked.

The man is a class act. He won’t embarrass them by turning it down.

If Kewell goes it would have been the obvious and lazy appointment and it would not have looked like anything else.

It is worth remembering Lawwell’s words that he thinks Brown will inevitably return here one day; that’s a terrifying thought right now, as one of the articles said last night. You can easily imagine these people promoting Brown too quickly and perhaps even to the top spot.

The further Brown is away from this club the less tempted they will be to do something not just daft but absolutely insane.

I think he’s well aware of it too.

He doesn’t need this in his life. The speculation would be constant, and he would be cursed with it in much the way Kennedy has been dogged by rumours that he’s being groomed for the gig.

He is not remotely ready for it. Staying here for years, working under someone else, will not do a damned thing to properly prepare him for that possibility.

Brown will be better off if he earns his spurs somewhere else.

It would be an insult to that guy to expect him to come here and work on the coaching staff when he’s already been in a management role and one where he performed credibly.

Kewell is going to go. Absolutely. He should.

The offer from Japan would be too good to turn down.

How about for once these people conduct a proper process and bring in someone from outside the old contacts book, and maybe even after a real search?

We definitely need a set-piece coach, and that should be a priority … our first team coaching setup is pitifully small for a club which aspires to be a European competitor. Kewell will need replacing, that’s a fact, but it won’t be with Scott Brown, and the man himself has made that clear.

We should be thanking him for it. And so should the board.

There are enough doubts about these people as it is without another appointment involving no imagination whatsoever. It’s one less thing we have to give them a hard time about.

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  • William Melvin says:

    James,l’m at a loss here.
    Why would this board of charlatans conduct a proper search when they already have a “shoe in” for the job already at Celtic Park ?
    Lawwell (senior) can surely fulfill this role at a breeze,after all he has (in his twisted mind) all the qualifications,skill set and man management qualities required for such an important job vacancy !

  • Roonsa says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Broony. He was brilliant for us and paid off the £4.4M Celtic paid Hibs for his services (plus the salary which wasn’t unsubstantial) many times over. I wish him nothing but success in his future career wherever that may take him. And if he does return to Celtic at one point, I am sure it will be for the right reasons as far as he and the club are concerned.

    But now? Right now? Let’s please focus on letting the current manager, Brendan Rodgers, see out his mission which he gets paid very well to do. Let’s focus on Celtic giving the man the required support and resources to help our team maintain their dominance in Scotland and do something worthwhile in Europe (for a change). Everything else is just noise. Let’s keep it simple. Support the manager. Support the team. Fuck the huns.

  • Frankie says:

    100% Roonsa

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