The Sunday Mail’s Doddering Idiot Thinks It’s Time For The Broken Celtic Crest Again.

Image for The Sunday Mail’s Doddering Idiot Thinks It’s Time For The Broken Celtic Crest Again.

Even if Celtic had lost today, there would be no talk of “crisis” surrounding the club. Nobody is even remotely thinking about it in those terms. We lost in the Champions League, in Italy, to Lazio after we’d drawn at home domestically. The club remains atop the SPFL. The club remains in a great position to fulfil its primary goal; winning the title.

We know we have a media full of halfwits and people who wish us nothing but ill. But even the Village Idiot does not brim with as much poison as The Sunday Mail’s creaking embarrassment. His column this morning was deranged. He imagined that there might even be bedsheet banners in the stands before the game kicked off this afternoon.

I mean, is that serious? His column headline started with the words “I sense Celtic crisis is here”. This was a guy who once loved nothing more than breaking out the old broken crest. That rag he writes for did it once after we’d lost a couple of pre-season friendlies and he was practically foaming at the mouth about it at the time.

I’ve stopped wondering what planet he lives on. I think the greater question is what possible value does he bring to the media organisation he works for. The idea that he has anything relevant to say or any decent contribution to make is quite ridiculous.

There is a tendency in our media towards hysteria whenever Celtic go a couple of games without winning, and we recognise it. But this joker pulls this same card out of the bottom of the deck every other week; how many times has he been utterly embarrassed by our late goals after he’s been predicting doom and gloom? How many times has he made ludicrous claims about our form only for it to explode in his face? It is as regular as clockwork.

But talk of a crisis?

That’s foaming at the mouth even by his abysmal standards, and he was doing much the same thing last season and the one before, and one of the lines he was throwing about that year with abandon – Celtic and the shame of “being knocked out of Europe three times” – well, we’ll see if he uses it in relation to Ibrox, who are in real trouble in their continental group and heading, if the last game results go against them, out of that tournament.

He never does this with them. He never subjects them to this. He saves every bit of spite that he has in him – and that’s plenty – for the team people tell me he once supported. Well so did Neil McCann at one time and I can’t stand the sight of him either. I just know that this guy lives to write stories about how we’re in trouble and the state of that piece today … God, it was cringe inducing.

The real question ceased to be “what’s wrong with this guy?” long ago. What’s wrong with the people who employ him, that’s closer to the mark. No wonder their industry is in a lot of trouble. No wonder it’s losing money, and cutting costs.

However much they are paying this idiot, it’s too much.

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  • Eoin Baillie says:

    OMG James, I read Keevins’s diatribe this morning at 07:30 and said to my wife that “he’s an utter buffoon , wonder how long till James rightly highlights his column “. What is this guy’s problem with us ? Remember well that clown Gerry McNee and Jim Traynor, often met them when approaching the press box and told them exactly what they were , often asking what team they were supporting that day : knowing full well it wasn’t ours. Like you I despair at our impartial journalism in Scotland, never mind sack the board , sack the press more like.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Sack The Press – Aye well I agree 100% on that Eion…

      But buying them in a shop or fin giving them hits online certainly won’t see them sacked but quite the opposite !

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Bedsheet bamnners – very ironic coming from an old rancid bedwetter !

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    He needs a reaction to the phone in which no celtic fan should be part of. In a strange way of irony if thats a phase he took part in the greatest live radio when andy gray was told about the team he supported and played for.

  • Stephen ferry says:

    He’s a total dick fuck him

  • Rob mooney says:

    Further to your last sentence. However little they are paying him is too much.

  • harold shand says:

    Always been terrible

    Not so long ago he survived by the skin of his teeth from getting emptied off that awful radio show for his idiotic comments about racism

    I don’t read his column , but I hear clips getting posted on Twitter of the mental stuff he’s saying about the Celtic team and fans

    Seems to me that he’s just ramped his bile up against Celtic x 50 to keep himself in a job on the radio and that rag

  • Jas says:

    Hugh Keevins by any chance?

  • Timbilly says:

    He’s shit scared of the ibrox fans.

  • Timbilly says:

    Keevins won’t criticise the ibrox club because he’s terrified of them and their supporters.

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    Always know by the shite in an ‘article’ that it’s good old Spew Heavings that has dreamed up a new fantasy.

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