The Village Idiot Got Himself Into Quite The State Today Over Celtic’s January Transfer Plans.

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Did you guys happen to catch The Village Idiot before the game today, getting into a pointless, and stupid, argument with Chris Sutton over Celtic’s plans for January?

Sutton was incredulous. Imagine a team wanting to get stronger! Who in their right mind would ever countenance something like that?

What it actually did come down to was the raw stench of fear, so much of it that you could smell it through the TV. As daft as his comments were, they were born of panic.

“Why would the Celtic board (spend) … I mean, everybody tells me they are the best team in Scotland by a country mile. Why would you want to go and spend an absolute fortune in January to go and win the league again?” Boyd wailed before the game.

And Sutton, of course, treated those comments with the derision they deserved.

When Boyd fired back that he hadn’t criticised the summer business – which is ridiculous as Sutton has done exactly that – he unloaded both barrels.

“Hang on a minute, I have just criticised them for the last three or four minutes,” he said. “You are talking absolute nonsense. It’s an amazing concept you don’t understand a manager wants to sign players in January to get better … That was then, that was the past you fool! Idiot.”

And so say all of us.

If you strung all The Village Idiot’s braincells together they couldn’t generate enough heat to make a 6watt bulb flash on and off. But this was an extraordinary example of stupidity even by his standards.

He and others really are concerned that we might go out in January and spend on top talent, and the one thing this demonstrates clearly is the truth of that old adage about how if we prepare for Europe the league takes care of itself.

Had we taken the right steps in the summer and focussed on the European quest we’d be miles clear in this league race and to all intents and purposes it would already be over.

If, in January, we focus on preparing for next season’s European campaign we will win this league in the second half of the season at a walk.

Which is exactly why The Village Idiot is concerned about it.

He might be thick but he can see a mile off that if we want to, we can pull away from the Ibrox club entirely, and that if we’re going to make a go at a European style squad then that’s the ball game as far as his club goes, that’s the end of the line and Rodgers will have another Ibrox manager head on his trophy wall.

In the meantime, Sutton has his own head mounted.

Because he owned The Village Idiot today.

He destroyed him.

When I heard that they were putting those two on TV at the same time I thought that was Sky Sports Scotland sensationalising and dumbing down.

I hated it.

I could grow to love in on today’s business because that’s such a mismatch, and if he was up for it, Sutton could do that to him every single week.

I’d watch that, for sure.

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  • John Copeland says:

    This will be big fake Kris Boyd’s last season as Sky Sports ‘ village idiot ! He knows he can’t compete with big Sutton’s intellect and football knowledge and knows he will look rather more foolish every time he loses an argument . I can see him concentrating on lesser match reports or being coffee boy to the presenters in England land . BBC Scawlin will be watching closely …..

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    It was ‘Smell The Glove’ for Rangers (as they were then) in 1998…

    It was ‘Smell The Fear’ for Sevco and Boyd today in 2023 !

  • Larsson7 says:

    Noticed Boyd with a Coat with SKY on it,we can only hope it’s a going away ? present

  • Bhoysrus says:

    Feckin magic Chris

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