McInnes Says He Has “The Answers” To Stopping Celtic. Eleven Behind The Ball No Doubt.

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Here’s an interesting guess for this weekend; across the SPFL, even accounting for Dundee visiting Ibrox, Kilmarnock will have the lowest number of shots at goal of any other club on the card. If there was somewhere to put money on that, it would be a good bet.

Derek McInnes says that he has “the answers” when it comes to stopping Celtic. One win, in the cup at the start of this campaign, Kilmarnock’s moment of glory for the whole season, the result which some of their fans told friends of mine made their year and would make up for the inevitable knockout in the following round, and this guy thinks he’s a world beater.

Let’s try to be fair to him for a moment. He was speaking in general terms, about the clubs in the league, and not just us. But it’s hilarious just the same, because his team is sixth. They have a mere 20 points. If that’s having the answers … God help that club.

Derek McInnes is a third-rate coach.

His “answers” don’t even have to be guessed at. What we’re going to see is as sterling a case of anti-football at the weekend as you will get.

Kilmarnock will barely leave their own half. We’ve seen it from this geezer time and time again, but only ever against us. And it brings me back to a point I’ve frequently made here.

If eleven men behind the ball is such a viable strategy that it can stop this free-flowing Celtic team in its tracks, why aren’t these guys using it every single week? After all, if it can halt the best side in the country, it can surely keep out everyone else? You could take a perfectly ordinary team a long way if you had genuinely stumbled onto a Magic Bullet like that.

But there’s no magic bullet, of course.

When a team like Kilmarnock or Livingston puts eleven men behind the ball to contain Celtic, especially at Parkhead, and manage a result that’s not down to brilliant strategy.

Look how many of those games there actually are; we remember them because they are rare. More often than not – by a comfortable margin – it does not work. Let’s face it, if this was a workable tactic, the success rate should be a lot better than it is. Why isn’t it?

Because getting a result with a back to the wall performance is more about luck than it is about the efficacy of that particular tactical approach. Think about it.

One bad bounce of the ball, one miskick, one missed header, a hand in the wrong place resulting in a penalty … that’s your day over. That’s your plan in ruins. That’s why teams don’t use it every week, it’s why no club has ever climbed through the ranks and won a title doing it.

McInnes thinks he has all the answers. Great.

We’ll soon find out.

They won what was only their first away match of the league campaign the other night, so a world beater this guy ain’t. At Aberdeen he was the most underachieving manager in the league outside Ibrox. There hasn’t exactly been a return to the glory days since they booted him but they ought not to regret it a bit because this guy’s solid rep in Scotland is a triumph of mediocrity.

We owe this mob a proper beating, if for no other reason than to avenge that scandalous League Cup defeat earlier in the campaign. But as much as anything else, I want to see us send McInnes wailing to the media with another of his petty excuses.

Whenever we give a doing out to one of his teams you can virtually set your watch to it.

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  • Stewart says:

    The media drool over these tactics against us, no matter who we play in this league it’s the same garbage every week,, any wonder the likes of sky treat it with contempt

  • John Copeland says:

    Operation ‘hammer throwing exercise ! ‘ that’ll be fraud McInnes’ tactics … do as much harm and damage as possible on the plastic pitch . The more the merrier as it helps his favourite clumpany in its desire to win the league …job done ! Cameras everywhere ,but his objective shall be reached , unpunished . It brings a new meaning to the expression – ‘ injury time ‘ doesn’t it ?

  • Tony B says:

    Part of McInnes’ strategy is to try to injure Celtic players.

    He did it at Aberdeen and has continued at Kilmarnock, so expect elbows in the face etc.followed by the usual bullshit about “no malice in it”.

    I would be particularly concerned about Kyogo and Celtic needs to be keeping a close eye on the situation. Any attempt at such brutality should be met by a strong reaction from the Celtic players and, for once, the board and management.

  • harold shand says:

    Instruct his team to camp in the penalty box , fall over at every tackle and time waste

    then his mind can be 100 % fully focused on the most important thing .

    Getting into that Viaplay tv studio on Thursday to cheerlead his old club

  • Eldraco says:

    So we set up as 442 that is 4 front mid and 2 defenders why not ? Get all 8 running at them at off each other tic tac toe see how long his ” answers ” hold up


  • Joe black says:

    Spot he’s another blues nose who hates us. Will try anything. Let’s kick his arse tomorrow…

  • Tony McManus says:

    Thoughts now??

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