Celtic Has Nothing To Fear From What The Pro-Ibrox Media Are Pushing For January.

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You think you’ve seen everything and then our media makes another barmy suggestion on Ibrox’s behalf, and this might be the best one I’ve read in a long time.

Some of the hacks are pushing a “stunning double swoop” for them in January; the return of the Prodigal Sons, Alfredo “Mad Dog” Morelos and Ryan “Trailer Park Serial Killer” Kent.

You have to laugh, don’t you?

You have to treat it like the comedic idea that it is. Bad enough that their club is talking about giving contract extensions to Ryan Jack and John Lundstrum this summer; I love the suggestion that they might bring the rest of The Losers Club together again for one last crack at the title.

A few things have escaped their notice.

The first is that these guys chose to leave, on free transfers, so that the club didn’t even get a penny for them. Do guys like that deserve a return? Have they shown the appropriate loyalty to the club which justifies resurrecting their careers?

The second is this; haven’t their fans considered the reason both are available?

For years we said that those were two of the most over-rated players in the history of Scottish football whilst they lamented the loss of two icons of the stands.

Who was proved right and who was proved wrong?

Both players have been massive flops at their new clubs. Neither has come close to cutting it. Santos has cut Morelos loose because they’ve just been relegated but they’ve done it without regrets because he was meant to score the goals which kept their once proud club up. But he didn’t. In fact, he barely featured at all for them, having taken months to even get himself into shape enough to play.

Kent has been just as big a disappointment, a complete flop outside of a league where players let him flit about the pitch and stand off from tackling him hard.

There is a similar player at Ibrox right now in The Boy Band Wannabe, and when clubs start putting proper pressure on him it won’t be long before he considers 30 minutes of game-time a win.

You know what? I’m laughing at this because it’s frankly barmy, but if I had my way I’d make both of these deals happen. It would be a ridiculous response to whatever we do, based on desperation and lack of funds, although I doubt either would come cheap.

It would also make an absolute mockery of their hiring the Belgian talent spotter. If he hasn’t arrived at Ibrox with at least a partial list of realistic targets I’ll be amazed, and we’d know what the answer to that question was if they went out and did this.

Honestly, Celtic fans would have no time to be afraid if they did this. We’d be too busy rolling in the aisles, pissing ourselves laughing. It would be brilliant.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that.

    Of course, in any normal club, even the suggestion that these 2

    returned would just be made as a joke.

    If Clement has hee-haw to spend next month, then B&B might see

    it as a cheap, low risk move.

    Maybe even low paid deals to season end?

    …unless Lille – FINALLY – comes in for Morelos! 🙂

  • Johnno says:

    Still believe that as a club, we are on a totally different level to the scum.
    The scum cheerleaders are nothing more than flies around shite, that we give to them occasionally, and yet the scum still haven’t been able to take any advantage from it, and having to depend upon the cheating officials to stay a distant second to ourselves.
    Would still like to think our plans are longer term, for which the scum will hardly be part of either within CL football still?
    Ange never left ourselves as strong as many were trying to make out, especially regarding squad depth?
    Way stronger than when he first took over, but still lacking that form of stability that’s required in forming a CL squad?
    Process is underway, but not completed yet, which was never going to be done within just one transfer window for Rodgers either?
    Rodgers has had the time now to actually spend plenty of time with the player’s he’s got.
    Time to assess the strengths and weakness within the current squad.
    Been fair enough with the opportunities he’s given to a fair amount of the player’s available, and all this without been able to field his strongest available 11 to date yet this season?
    Some of his decisions have worked well, with others not so also, but believe there is a long term process involved, with squad depth than just looking for the quick fix, which leaves ourselves potentially in problems if injuries strike?
    Would expect this all to improve in the second half of this season, where money is available to strengthen where Rodgers believes to be done so, along with the injury front improving, hopefully also?
    Still remains unclear still, as to what Rodgers has in mind for the longer term in team formation?
    But would be surprised to see any changes to the 433 for the remainder of this season, all the same?
    The scum remains as nothing more than pigs trying to survive within there own shite, and the pig pen is already overloaded without adding more to it?
    The under answered question still remains about just how far we will leave the scum behind in the rear view mirror?
    But still believe that the focus will be upon the European football front, especially with CL in mind now, which is nothing the scum can do to change that, not unless we do so at board level to keep the scum relevant?
    Many think that’s is the current outlook for the club?
    I’m still hoping it’s more of the process involved, for the longer and bigger picture for the club, and hoping the answers may become far clearer in January and next summer hopefully?

  • Pan says:

    Look, if they want them back, don’t put them off!
    Encourage them.

  • Jas says:

    Speaking of the window approaching, I’d take more than a chance on van Hoojidonk jnr as THE striker for us, Miovski would be my 2nd choice followed by Shankland.
    As this Swede has only scored a handful of goals tells me we should look elsewhere.
    Regarding Miovski and Shankland, we have fans who are a wee bit snobby where SPFL available players are concerned, the pros are they both know the league and the way to the back of the net, the con for those snobs are “we could do better”, well big Jock went to Hearts when Joe McBride was crocked and that decision of Willie Wallace turned out pretty good.
    Van Hooijdonk is at a great age, has played in a top league and will get well coached by Rodgers should he come. The suits would be happy as he’s young enough to command a decent fee should he move on after 2 or 3 years.

  • Jas says:

    I just noticed van H jnr hasn’t scored in 6 games for Bologna……….oops

    • Captain Swing says:

      Form is temporary but class is permanent, as they say. Both Willie Wallace and Frank McAvennie* were out of form with their clubs when Celtic signed them and they both worked out no’ too bad…. although I admit part of my motivation for signing Sydney is that I’d like to get a shirt with “Van Hooydonk” on the back of it. You’d feel you’d be getting your moneys worth with a name like that, just like “Vennegoor of Hesselink”. At the other end of the scale, you’d feel ripped off if you got Oh’s name on the back of your shirt… same price as everybody else but only two letters?!!!!

      *signing McAvennie the first time round. His legs had gone by the time he came back.

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t believe even that lot would be so stupid. Morelos? Why bring back somebody who never performed against us? Kent had the odd flourish but he wasn’t worth half the £7m (ha!) they allegedly splashed out on him.

    If Clement was stupid enough to sanction this then it would only serve to mark him out as another deludemol addict.

    I just don’t see this happening. If it does happen I will love it as it will stink of the desperation we all want them to openly display. It will mark the end of Clement’s reign. I am sure of this.

    Why should we even care about that lot if this is how low they are prepared to stoop?

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Kent canny beat carpets elbows Morelos Is just a wanna be never was never will go wae the rest of tripe at sevco , they got nothing to bring to the table except for rats from sinking and sunk ships . Gap WILL get BIGGER . MON THE HOOPS

  • Michael Gordon says:

    Willie wallace made his Celtic debut on 10th December 1966. Joe McBride was injured on the 19th December 1966. Jock Stein signed Wallace to improve the squad not to replace McBride who did not get injured till after Wallace signed.

  • Captain Swing says:

    The original Rainjurzz didn’t have a lot of success trying to turn back the clock – re-signing the once-great Jim Baxter at the stage of his career when he made Morelos look svelte, a clearly unfit Gordon Smith returning on loan from Brighton to play a Cup Final against us, Trevor Steven coming back from Marseilles when it was obvious his best days were well behind him – and Sevco don’t appear to have learned anything from those experiences. Still, if Balogun and Lafferty were considered viable signings (mwahahahaha) then why not get Fatboy Dim and Superman’s cousin ($tepover Boy) back? We could use some entertainment over January!!!

  • Mr magoo says:

    Shit mate . They can’t afford their wages. Need to fork out minimum 4m between them for 1 year, 2m (ish) to end of season. Sevco are skint . Fatboy would need 6 month training just to be able to bend over n get his boots on.

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