Celtic Are Certainly Not “Bracing Themselves” For Offers For Carter Vickers.

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Our media does love to exaggerate, right?

We’re allegedly “bracing ourselves” because some guy who knows Carter Vickers says three clubs have been watching him over the season. One of the clubs is in no position to make a bid; Notts Forest were yesterday told they face an EPL investigation for FFP breaches.

Celtic will not be “bracing themselves” for anything. Let me be honest; I would consider selling Cameron Carter Vickers if the price was right.

There is a feeling that he’s injury prone and spends too much time out, and a top player on big wages is no good to us sitting in the stand. In spite of that, we would get good money for him and West Ham and Brentford can certainly afford it.

But this won’t be keeping people at Celtic up at night. We hold the cards here.

Either we’ll get a bid which is so good that we’ll have to consider it or we’ll not. Nobody at Celtic will be in the least bit concerned in either scenario. The media does love to pretend that there is some complexity here when actually there isn’t. He’s under contract for another two and a half years and at the end of next season we’ll face a decision … but not until then.

Carter Vickers has been excellent for us. We have been excellent for him.

If he was banging on the door for a move that would be one thing, but he hasn’t been. In addition to this, he sat two of our Champions League games and he missed both games against the Ibrox club, and so we’ve already had a glimpse of life without him and it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as these media desperados would have us believe.

Out of 29 games this season, he has played in only 17.

In spite of what I think I don’t believe for one minute that Celtic would even consider selling him or anyone else the manager rates in this window. And the hacks running this garbage are well aware of that.

This is not the first time there’s been alleged “interest” in this window; the hacks seem to flit from player to player … one outlet even had the manager linked with the Newcastle job, a job that hasn’t been vacated. You couldn’t mark their necks with a blow torch.

I rarely worry about these sorts of stories.

The media writes these things out of desperation and when they want to annoy us. That one of the three named clubs isn’t even capable of bidding on him tells you how daft the whole story is.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Every player has their price and CCV no exception. It is a position we have plenty of cover in at present.

    CCV became a full internationalist under Celtic that will add to his value. We’d definitely be looking for north of £25m for him, pennies in the EPL but weigh that against an unhappy player??

    His progress since joining Celtic has been really good and he would be an asset to any EPL club.

    Hope he sticks around for another couple of seasons under a new deal though.

  • Henry McDade says:

    I would sell. Don’t think he’s any better than the others we have and would fetch a few million.

  • mark b says:

    He for me is one of the three key players at the spine of our team. …. McGregor and Kyoto the other two with Hatate/O’Reily …. We start losing guys like this on top of Jota and the great Ange team will need to be rebuilt with big money. Best answer keep them and add to them. We need more quality not less.

  • Charlinick says:

    aye I noticed the Newcastle job link, anyone that clicked on that deserved to actually read it

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Anyone know if their Daily Lies sales are less than Liebrox yet…

    They are getting closer to their graves thank fcuk –

    Lairs, Lairs and more Lairs please for more Liars, Liars and Liars !

    And sooner rather than fcukin later as well please !!!

  • John S says:

    Of course clubs are interested in CCV. That’s what happens when players do well.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    I would sell if the price is right , too many injuries and with his build the injuries will get more frequent as he gets older. Think he’s a good player but won’t ever be a play every week type. Take decent money and replace with quality.

  • Matt says:

    Our media is cringeworthy, while at Celtic managed decline continues, what other team with our resources would not be trying to sign at least one 8 to 10m £ player with the riches available in next season’s CL. Some cynics will think we are doing our city rivals a favour.

    • Damian says:

      Others might think that it’s odd to come to the conclusion that Celtic has made no attempt to sign players in that price range, given that we have so often in recent seasons (Edouard, Julien, Jota, CCV, Ajeti, Barkas) and that we went all in to recruit a manager whom we agreed to pay more than any predecessor. It seems odd to assume that the club is refusing to back Rodgers in the manner they were so freely willing to back Lennon, Postecoglou and Rodgers I. Seems much more likely that the players in that range approached have not been willing to sign for Celtic. That’s just more logical as an assumption (given that neither of us knows for sure). The criticism of the board in that case would be that the scouting operation is not what it needs to be, we don’t have a proper Director of Football (or equivalent) like all successful peer clubs do, etc.

  • Mr magoo says:

    We do not need to sell any players to keep the lights on.

    On the other hand, how skint must Sevco Scotland be that during the winter break when their dross should be resting and recovering that they have to play 2 friendlies ( didn’t win any of them ) to get money in. Looks like their state of the art museum just ain’t got money comin in.

    I have the jelly n ice cream at the ready .

  • Damian says:

    I’d consider selling any player if the price was right, but on this I agree with the Huddle Breakdown take from this week. From our point of view, we should aim to keep CCV. He’s highly unlikely to pull in much more than we bought him for. What we paid is his value. He’s an excellent Celtic defender but almost certainly not elite level. The only reason we’d sell him in due course is if he wants to move on (which is as likely as not), but I see no reason why we’d consider selling him in this window. I hope he’s with us for the next three or four years.

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