Celtic’s New Bhoy Checks In Facing Doubts From Every Quarter. That’s All To The Good.

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Boy oh boy, I am looking forward to watching our new signing.

Having read up on him and checked him out I am convinced that we’ve gotten a footballer of quality here. More importantly, so is the manager of our club who thinks he ticks all the boxes he needs.

This is not a project signing. This is not some football has-been. In fact, the worst thing we can say about Kuhn is that he has yet to achieve his potential. That’s great for us. Because if he’s as good as he was rated just a few years ago we’re really onto something special.

I cannot remember the last player who arrived at Celtic surrounded by so much negativity.

There are a lot of our fans who have virtually written this guy off before he’s even pulled the jersey on. I am glad more of us don’t listen to Clyde after their despicable hatchet-job the other day. Still, our head of scouting has not exactly inspired confidence, and the player seems to fit the “project profile” as has been laid out in several outlets.

There are members of our media who are hoping this guy will fail.

That’s already clear, and they have a habit of turning on and trying to destroy Celtic signings early in their tenure. I have written about it several times and I don’t doubt they will trash this guy if he doesn’t hit the ground running. Compare and contrast with the team across town. The same hacks are still making excuses for guys like Dessers.

Hell, they are still trying to rehabilitate wastes of space like Matondo.

I am glad this guy has landed to such an underwhelming response. It takes some of the pressure off him and it will come as a major shock to people if he’s got the skill-set his CV suggests. I hear that Keevins was at it last night talking nonsense about how Ibrox would win the league if they signed Shankland at the same time as he casts doubt on this guy.

He thinks it says something that he signed for both Ajax and Bayern Munich without cracking the first team at either. You wonder how someone who talks such obvious rot can possibly still be rated as a pundit. Failing to get into the Ajax and Bayern Munich teams is not exactly a sign of a player without talent. It’s an acknowledgement of the quality already there.

The people who work at those clubs are vastly more qualified to spot footballers than the guy who thought we should have signed John Spencer over Lubo Moravcik. It is hilarious that he has knocked a player who has been at two of the biggest clubs in Europe whilst banging the drum for a guy who has spent the better part of his career in Scotland’s lower leagues … a player neither Celtic nor the club across the city rates as good enough to play for them.

I strongly suspect that we have a good one here. Our club has spent good money on this guy, the first money actually spent in the SPFL on a transfer fee in this window, not that you would know that to listen to the halfwits in our media banging on about all the talents Ibrox are chasing but haven’t actually been able to sign yet. Ridiculous.

It pleases me that he’s getting stick without playing.

A lot of people, including amongst our fans, are in for a big surprise if this guy is half as good as his CV suggests. I am really looking forward to watching him, and the other players we bring in.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    Time will tell. If nothing else he looks like he will be a good member to our first team options. Creative players need confidence to be at their best.

    Personally I think the boy needs a confidence boost, plenty have come to Celtic and had just that and performed really well for us becoming a valuable asset.

    Good luck to him and I hope we have 2 or 3 others in the pipeline.

    Interested to see what happens with Turnbull. He’d be on a renewed contract now if He/Celtic wanted that to happen so I think we have to say he is off and cut our losses asap taking what we can get for him. Hs style will not suit any dynamic team as he tends to slow down the attacking play so low end EPL to Championship maybe his destination. Best of luck to him.

  • John Copeland says:

    He has not kicked a ball yet in earnest in Scotland, but we have the drain circling daily Record offering ways in which he can improve his football skills . The implication being that he’s not too good in the first place …. It really is a national disgrace that a posse of cowboy’s sets the lowest standards for reporting stories in a national title … SCOTLAND’S CHAMPION ! I’d rather use the title of Kharsi roll .

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    “There are a lot of our fans who have virtually written this guy off before he has even pulled the jersey on”

    That being the case then – Black Burning Shame on these Celtic ‘fans’ for being swayed by the scum that are The Scottish Football Media…

    There is at least one Media Lover been spouting on here in the last couple of days –

    There are more than a few Media Lovers on other Celtic Forums…

    And then you’ll have these Celtic ‘supporters’ ?? who’ll have been already in the shop up the road buying their beloved Daily Record while I was still enjoying my long lie on this freezing day –

    Personally I wouldn’t know one way or the other but I certainly hope he makes it big time at Parkhead and I’m certainly not writing him off –

    And neither should any decent Celtic fan !

  • Jay says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play & think this weekend would be the perfect game to bring him into. It’ll be a lower intesity affair with the quality of the opposition & it’s at home where he can get used to the stadium & atmosphere of which will be little pressure on him as he can’t be singled out if it isn’t anything other than a win.
    My only concern is the apparent repetition of muscular injuries but that is hopefully more of a young & inexperienced but ambitious person trying to come back to quickly & causing more damage. I don’t think he’ll be rushed back here as for the most part we tend to allow players additional time to recover from injury especially in the attacking positions. No injury since last spring/summer says he has liekly fully recovered from those issues too.

  • Roonsa says:

    I have to say, James, that I don’t share your enthusiasm. I get what your saying about senile idiots like Keevins and the hacks who are all desperate to be proven correct in saying he’s a dud. I don’t listen to a word they say.

    But the fact is, we don’t know. He could be what you suspect but the chances are he’ll be “bang average” (whatever that means) and he’ll disappear after a few starts that descend into appearances off the bench then obscurity.

    Please be right but I’m not for getting excited just yet. Far from it. Whelmed I am not!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    How is it, every single player who comes tae the ibrox club, is met with the same media hype and over excited bullshit. While we have this player comin in and they’re ready tae class him as a dud already. It’s unreal. Hopefully all this negativity only succeeds in givin the guy the extra motivation. With the keevins-shankland statement, he’s just bein typical and doin his usual ibrox arse crawlin, so he can get walkin down the street. It keeps him ‘safe’.

  • sligo123456 says:

    I think he will be a great asset to our club! Dying to see him playing. Would be fantastic if he scores on Saturday!

  • SSMPM says:

    You’ve read up on him, in particular his background, and you’re convinced. Many a talented young player falls by the wayside as he progresses into the 1st team squad at bigger clubs. If we have rescued him from the never never and he settles into a more talent appropriate level at our club them mibbies he can flourish here.
    I hope your boundless enthusiasm for the bhoy comes to fruition. Some of our younger development bhoys have excelled in their leagues and have yet to impress. However he’s a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser for working with class players. I hope he settles in quickly as we don’t really have time to waste on him.
    The season’s coming to the business end and as always we need to do the business now. HH

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