Radio Clyde’s Amateurish Hatchet-Job On Kuhn Is Why No Celtic Fan Should Listen To Them.

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Last night, I read, with drop-jawed amazement and disgust, about the deplorable hatchet-job that Radio Clyde did on our new boy. They brought on some joker from, a site that we’ve mentioned here before, to basically go over every negative quality they could come up with about him.

Before I get to Clyde, let’s talk about the site. is a joke.

It’s a stats and general trivia site run by people who actually have no idea what they are watching. It’s the site the mainstream media quotes from repeatedly to convince us that Ibrox has a better squad, overall, than the one at Celtic Park. It has James Tavernier valued at £7 million, which is the same as Liel Abada.

I’ll tell you how credible that site is, as if that fact wasn’t enough.

In order to get articles up on one of the main news aggregators, blogs like this one are actually forbidden from using as a “primary source.” In other words, it’s regarded as on the level as the blogs themselves. It is not a credible website and the news aggregators do not consider it one.

And so the idea that we should listen to some jumped up stats compiler and trust that he knows something professional scouts don’t know is ridiculous. He talks about the player being injury prone, and he’s had a few more muscle injuries than I’m comfortable with, but he’s still a young player and there are a lot of reasons why players get those injuries.

But let me provide a little context.

He says they value the guy at a mere £1.5 million. He talks about a poor scoring record and injuries as if that explains that low sum. But let me put it in perspective for you. Kemar Roofe is 31 and his injury record is truly appalling.

But Roofe is valued at £2.5 million, a player whose time on the treatment table and advanced years confers on him zero resale value. Zero.

That’s the measure of that site.

So, when somebody from there goes on Radio Clyde to run down our latest signing as not representing value for money, I want to laugh except that it’s so brazen, and so clearly done with malign intent.

I have to believe that Clyde went looking for that guy last night, because it would be absolutely bizarre if he simply called in on his own, bizarre and suspect to say the least.

Do you think he calls radio stations and media outlets every time someone signs a player for more money than their site ranks the guy at? Because I assure you, that happens all the time.

That was nothing but a piece of shit-stirring.

The whole thing was so obviously an attempt to turn Celtic fans against our new signing before he’s even played a minute in our colours. It might be the single most appalling thing a media outlet has done in a long time, and it should nail, once and for all, any suggestion that particular outlet has anything to offer Celtic fans.

That whole show is a sterling example of the media talking down to us. It is populated by halfwits; it’s the only forum which would ever put someone like Keevins on the air to condescend to every single caller, and the worst of it is that most of wholly justify that treatment as you’ll quickly learn if you listen to even one episode of it.

I don’t even listen to it to pass the time.

The idea that there is anything worthwhile on that show is an insult to all our intelligence and it notorious for its anti-Celtic bent. They’ve employed every single one of our critics short of the Village Idiot himself … even he thinks that show is beneath him and that should tell you everything right there.

This guy hasn’t even officially signed for Celtic yet, and already the media is trying to cause him problems and turn the fans against him. And this is not even particularly surprising from them although it plumbs the depths.

Any of our fans still listening to that show, I can only ask why?

It is not a neutral outlet far less a friendly one. Those who run it are implacably opposed to us. They are our enemies, and particularly stupid with it. There is no longer any justification for tuning in.

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  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    Living as I do, in California,I find it pleasant to tune in to Radio Clyde, I also listen to the BBC sportsound podcast , I’m intelligent enough to figure out what’s going on with these outlets and will continue to listen, whether they do indeed hold an anti Celtic bias is a matter of opinion, what I can categorically state is this, NEVER have I heard any pundit or contributor express a wish for cancer to befall anyone, yet, one of the replies here does EXACTLY that, an utterly despicable sentiment for any human being to even hold, far less put on public view.

  • harold shand says:

    The only time worth tuning in is when we beat that lot

    Just to hear the pretend Motherwell fan presenter’s mask slipping as he tries to sound indifferent at the result

  • Hugh costello says:

    Great article well worded. I was raging when I heard the hatchet job on kuhn. But what annoys me more is celtic don’t do anything about this. They just sit and take it. Shame on them.

  • Hugh costello says:

    Superscoreboard has history here. I go back to the celtic game on the 30th Dec. Hugh keevins word for word was (WHEN RANGERS ROCK UP TO CELTIC PARK ON THE THE 30TH DEC AND WHEN THEY WIN THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR AT CELTIC) This guy is dangerous his comments are dangerous. He should know better. That’s why celtic banned him. And they should ban him and anyone from superscoreboard for life.

  • Stephen says:

    Don’t understand how any Celtic fan can listen to that show it’s all hope and bullshite

  • casag40 says:

    In reply to your post. I do listen to radio clyde very occasionally. However I don’t listen to superscoreboard as I switched off a number of years ago due to the constant negativety that I mentioned in my original post that I heard towards Celtic F.C the team that I support. particularly from the old Hack that I mentioned. I do use social media very regularly and on my recommendations I occasionally get an offering of posts showing him being disparaging and once again negative towards Celtic only to end up more often than not with egg on his face which serves to justify my decision to switch off long ago as it appears nothing has changed .

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