The Longer Ibrox Mistakes Celtic’s Quality For Luck, The Happier We Should Be.

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There is something which is more pleasing to me, in the aftermath of running over an Ibrox team, than all the celebrations, the points, the morale lift and the disgust of some of our critics, put together and it’s this; the complete mental refusal by those across the city to consider whether or not it has wider implications and roots that reach far and deep.

I cannot remember the last time we beat them that there wasn’t some pitiful, worn-out excuse offered up for the result. It’s never that we’re simply a better team, with better players and a superior manager. Always its some other factor that came into play, and they do like to bitch and moan and cry and complain in the aftermath.

Celtic beat them yesterday with plenty left in the tank. The manager got some stick on our own side – when does he not these days? – for the substitutions, but I cannot think of a greater demonstration of our confidence and superiority than to make those changes and still see out the game in some comfort. They were never getting anything beyond their dead-ball goal, unless it was another dead ball opportunity. From open play, they were appalling.

Their lack of quality didn’t just extend to their strikers; anyone who thinks that signing a couple of players will fix their massive structural problems is kidding themselves on. That club, all of it, the whole rotten structure, needs tearing down and starting again. Anyone who thinks that style of football represents an improvement has lost the plot for a start.

To listen to some of them, they actually think they played well. The talk, again, was of fine margins and how they are “almost there.” Some of these Peepul have now spent the better part of the last half dozen years telling themselves the same thing … at some point, don’t you start wondering if you’re just lying to yourself? If, in fact, you are delusional?

These lies extend into every part of their squad. They are actually pinning their hopes on some of the “injured stars.” Like Raskin, presumably, who was one of the main reasons The Mooch got the sack. Like Tom Lawrence, who we might be able to pass judgement on better as a player if many of us had actually spotted him between long injury lay-offs. Bigfoot has been seen more since the day Lawrence first walked through Ibrox’s doors as a freebie. The way they talked him up you wondered why some bigger club hadn’t taken him since he was literally available for nothing; a few games in, he got a month’s long injury and everybody knew but them.

This idea that they’ll get Celtic “next time” … how long can that possibly last? How many games did The Mooch get? How many will Clement be allowed before what’s obvious to us becomes obvious to everyone at Ibrox? We don’t play them again for many months, so there will be plenty of time for doubts to surface along the way, and based on his reaction (which I’ll cover in some detail in another article) he’s not a guy who is going to do well under the pressure of further dropped points. When they come, they will rock confidence in him like a sledgehammer blow.

They just don’t want to face it and I don’t think they ever will. I think it’s actually outside of their ability to even contemplate that perhaps we’re just better, so much better that we can brush them aside even without being clinical or particularly brilliant, although we were certainly the better team and by quite a way at that.

Yes, they have some honking players in their squad who they’ll be looking to replace. But name me a time in the last ten years when they haven’t had honking players in their squad they were looking to replace. I don’t know who in God’s name scouted their summer signings, but their window makes ours look like the product of recruitment geniuses.

They have massive problems over there, and the biggest of them, by far, is their complete unwillingness to accept how massive those problems are. They look across at Celtic Park and they see a club that is lucky, and you know what? With rivals such as these, incapable of telling the truth to themselves, in some ways we definitely are.

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  • Ceilteach says:

    Hi James. Have you any info on Balogan spitting on fans as he was leaving the pitch?

  • Stewart says:

    I’ve said on this site before the only reason they’ve stayed close point wise in the league is by the way the officiating in games where they look like dropping points, they’re position was being artifiacly doped for a better word or that gap I think would be double figures,,long may it continue,,as for Clement,,,he’s been found wanting don’t think he had a clue how to change that game in his favour,,,he’s going to be like managers before relying on officials to change game in his favour

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    I always think back to the Gary Player quote “The harder I practice the luckier I get”. It’s not as if our results against them are one offs. They are a pattern. Consistency beats luck every time.

  • Jim says:

    Couldn’t have put it any better James, except maybe for hahahahahaha.
    Ps it was like watching two pub teams at times, and they could have finished with nine men with proper officiating, but the result is all that mattered, onwards and upwards, as I can only see us improve going forward, for one reason and another.
    Happy New Year

  • Chris says:

    Trangers will always play the victim card when they are beeaen by Celtic. It keeps their delusional fans onside, believing that they are a better than Celtic.

    Any person with any football knowledge would look at Saturday’s game and see the difference in class between the two teams.

    If Clement actually believes his comments after the game then he is a worse manager than he is given credit for.

    Instead he should be concentrating on where his problems actually lie. He is being sucked into.the victim mentality like all their previous managers. Long may it continue.

  • Pat says:

    100% agree. However, once again the club has the opportunity to put the boot on their neck and suffocate them. Bring in 1 or 2 quality, experiences players and again in the summer, and we will leave them so far behind they wont come back for an age.

    • Jas says:

      Unfortunately we have at our helm, a board who doesn’t want them deid, they just want them in our rear view mirror.
      My big fear is that board may not want any new “expensive” signings, who think being just ahead is fine.
      If they don’t release any of their £72m for Rodgers two things could/will happen, the huns maybe could catch us and Rodgers may walk.
      They’ve never been any good when we’ve too much money. DD being the successful businessman he pretends to be, must see the sense in spending on quality for any European ambitions.

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    There will ALWAYS be excuses from that shower of no marks , var offside shows two sticky buns in offside positions,Turnbull’s two handed push on back called offside but is shown clearly offside, Clemmont shouting cards on every tackle and Walsh tried his best to comply with that ,at least two sticky,s should have seen red o,Reilly,s nose was no accident either

  • Johnno says:

    The question has already arisen within the SPFL this season, as to whether a footballing team trying to play football in the modern manner which remains ourselves only.
    Will eventually win out against the anti football teams along with the eighties lump it forward and only capable of a physical approach aided by VAR and cheating officials, which the scum remains masters at the backwards approach to today’s game?
    As there remains so many scum cheerleaders within the media, the approach towards the game is never analysed properly by the scum cheerleaders instead only trying to rejoice in such a backwards approach taken to the modern way the game is actually played these days?
    Overall such an approach taken outside of ourselves makes the whole Scottish package a very hard marketing package to sell and bring better income into the overall Scottish game in general?
    We hardly helps matters ourselves with not getting the required results at CL level, but we remain competitive all the same?
    So there it is in a nutshell, how we remain the only Scottish club trying to play football in the modern way to compete with the elite of European football?
    The rest of Scottish football wants to drag us down to there pitiful levels, led by the scum because they can’t compete against ourselves in proper footballing terms?
    This remains a title we have to win for potentially the greater good of the Scottish game in the longer term, yet it remains a huge challenge with Scottish teams thinking and rejoicing in the backwards approach is the successful way for Scottish football?
    We still have to confirm it yet this season, and still believe that it will win out in the end yet again, especially when recent history proves so, with the amount of success that we have gained by sticking to our footballing principles.
    The scum never had any and never will either, as the thick zombie fucks wouldn’t have a clue what footballing principles even means imo

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Turnbull,s pen claim was valid ,he was NOT offside shown in replay , they (SEVCO) should have had minimum two red cards ,not counting O’Reilly,s (accident)

  • Mark B says:

    Yes we deserved to win. But let’s not kids ourselves they can beat everyone else in this league easily. They are still in Europe. They are not that bad. The league race is exceptionally close. We must strengthen and keep winning… they keep winning against smaller teams we have been poor recently. So we need to improve or we will not win the league.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I think Butland is pretty impressive for them and yes they rely on set pieces a helluva lot to win…

    Then there is the bent and corrupt Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors situation which is very real and very loaded in their favour and cost us The League Cup in the game at Kilmarnock –

    But they strangely seem to do well in Europe as well in comparison to us although of course only in the very much lesser quality competition…

    But this most critical of title races is a helluva lot closer than it bloody well should be at this stage –

    And a lot of that is our own bloody fault as well…

    We need a big result at St.Mirren tomorrow night as the pressure has been put on Beaton to aid and abet them in their game v Kilmarnock –

    And he will listen to their clarion call for sure !

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, it’s all just desperate deflection: that’s all they’ve got left at ibrox.

    And to top it all off,

    the Chairman and CEO rookies over at ibrox – Bennett & Bisgrove – are

    so inept, that they make our Board look like business titans!

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Bob you are wrong ,if we had Bennett and Bisgrove on our board we would have killed of sevco once and for all ,if sevco somehow win this league and get CL money Bennett and Bisgrove will blow us out of the water,big Pete liewell and desmond will wonder what has hit them because make no mistake sevco would kill our club stone dead if they could,may I remind you before Fergus saved the day ,that cnut Murray asked his favourite cheating bank to foreclose on Celtics debt , which was peanuts compared to what he owed but the bank were ready to foreclose on Celtic and they scum bastards would have jumped on our grave.

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