BBC Sports Scotland Continues To Insult Celtic Fans Watching The Highlights Show.

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Last night, BBC Sports Scotland did what they have a tendency to do these days; they put three ex-Ibrox players in their studio for the highlights show, much of which was devoted to praising the genius of the manager over there.

On a night when we won 7-1 in the best performance of the season, when Celtic fans wanted no more than to watch it, this is what the “national broadcaster” hit us with. Another Ibrox love-in presided over by the EBT brigade.

This is some shameful stuff. The bias is appalling. They aren’t even trying to hide this any longer and I know a lot of people out there are scoffing at the idea that they ever did, this is just so naked and in your face that it makes you want to scream.

We were absolutely brilliant last night, a performance to remind everyone in this country who the champions are and why, but that’s like a studio team hand-picked just in case we weren’t, so they could go over the wreckage of our season whilst sniggering about it all.

This show is supposed to be for football fans across the game. How many clubs are represented in that studio in any given week? We know that one certainly is. How can anyone who follows another club stomach something that blatant? Do neutrals even watch that show any longer? Why would they? It’s devoted almost completely to covering the one from Ibrox.

During the Celtic highlights, they showed Brendan Rodgers, near the end of the game, losing his mind on the touchline.

Actually, according to my sister who watched the game on the PPV stream, they actually took that clip from the start of the match before we were a goal up, so they edited it deliberately to make him look displeased with the performance … that’s just atrocious, that’s Jane Lewis misrepresenting the boss before the game on Saturday, which is what led to him cutting her off in the later interview. This is how they operate.

There is nothing neutral or impartial about that show. It is high time Celtic complained, as a club, for the way they behave and if they won’t at least pretend not to be so outrageously slanted in favour of Ibrox we should ban them from Parkhead.

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  • Gerry says:

    It is beyond a joke watching that show, hosted by the Sevco loving cardboard cut-out…dear god, the majority of times, he can’t even read his autocue.

    Going quickly onto Sevco’s game…the first surprise being that a penalty was awarded against them for handball. If Lundstram had been wearing his Goldson mask, he’d have avoided any punishment. Then it was onto, no surprise, when Kilmarnock were denied a stonewall penalty in the 80th minute. Anywhere else on the park, it’s a clear foul, especially when you see the soft free kick awarded to Sevco, and their subsequent equaliser from it!

    The fact that this incident was completely ignored in their post match ‘analysis’ says it all. Big Clement Freud’s hectoring of officialdom is clearly working and his muckers in the media and press rooms will happily acquiesce.

    As has been mentioned ad nauseam, we expect nor will get, favours from others. To win and retain a title, you need ability, consistency and the odd slice of good fortune.

    The majority of pundits, whether in the Daily Sevco or Blue Broadcasting Corporation, are willing the Hun hordes onto a title win!

    Only one team can stop that happening…and we have to ensure that Sunday, is the next positive chapter in our recent renaissance and a comprehensive victory over Naismith’s maroon Huns!!!

  • Johnny Green says:

    As I often repeat… them all, the long and the short and the tall…

  • John Copeland says:

    That was the TV part of BBC Scotland sport all fixed up with an all ex the Rangers players on the show . Over to the radio ,they gave us self confessed the Rangers supporters Kenny Mac Intyre in the studio ,as host and Al Lament as main match commentator with ex the Rangers player ,Lee MC Culloch as his apprentice co commentator ….. all angles covered ! Then to rub our noses in the smelly stuff rather than broadcast the Edinburgh derby as the main game of the night the radio lot had Kilmarnock v the Rangers as the top priority broadcast game . Nice to know that our public money is being spent so evenly and fairly by the BBC .I can imagine a nice commentary gig there would feel like stealing easy money .surrounded with old pals .

  • Effarr says:

    Easily rectified! I ignore every threatening letter they send me for a television licence, so much so, that they send me Christmas cards now. If they do, as they threaten to do, come to my door, I will point out that despite 8 million catholics in Britain they can`t hide their hatred of catholics. They would rather report shootings in America rather than the continuing murders during Mass in places like Africa almost weekly, or the 400+ attacks on churches and clergy last year alone in America. I would also inform them that I have no intention of contributing to the purses of thieving tax bigots spouting their hatred on their
    kiddy-on sports channels. I`m surprised they don`t have auld Spew on in an effort to pretend they have a “celtic leaning” guest with a brother a priest, all
    to show fairness. Despite his best efforts they will hate him for what he is,
    they just can`t help it. Something or other about the subconscious. As soon as I heard the squeaky voice last, I thought at first it was female, I turned it off, explaining to my wife that there was no way I was listening to three ex-gun-rhyming bigots spouting their hatred.
    Any Celtic fan paying a TV licence has sold their right, as far as I`m concerned anyway, to complain about their products.

  • Frank Curran says:

    I want to see the BBC banned immediately from celtic Park in every way.

  • Alf Bennett says:

    Not only did they fill the studio with ex Rangers players, they didn’t show or discuss the contentious issues that might have gone in Kilmarnock’s favour. Marley Watkins was obstructed just into the Rangers half when a player fluffed a passback to Butland. This delayed Watkins enough to let Butland clear the ball a fraction of a second before Watkins arrived. No doubt they’ll claim there was nothing in it.
    A second incident occurred when Donnelly was barged in the back within the Rangers penalty area. Again this was dismissed as being insignificant.
    When Derek McInnes was interviewed after the game he said the result was influenced by three significant decisions. However, if he was allowed to say what he meant it was not included in the “show”.
    Strangely enough the game was refereed by David Dickinson who was caught on camera winking to the Rangers manager after Rangers had scored.
    Presumably he was deemed a fit and proper person to referee the game, unlike his colleague Willie Collum who has still not refereed a Rangers league game since he officiated on VAR in the Glasgow derby. Nothing suspicious here of course?.
    My banana boat is waiting on the Clyde to take me back to La La Land.

  • Ian Turnbull says:

    Sick to death of the Huns at the Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation, bloody joke.

  • Duncan Paterson says:

    Up to necks in fenian blood every week and not a word.good girl ,and we have a sex pest….stay away from bbc,daily record and the rest.Celtic are too slow when standing up for themselves and as for John hartson…….

  • Big Wolf says:

    Complaint sent to BBC Scotland last season 2023-2023

    Lack of impartiality.?

    The BBCs Director General quoted recently that the BBC is ‘passionate about impartiality. Mr Davie, is evidently, unaware of the lack of impartiality and perceived bias at BBC Scotland’s ‘Sportscene’ programme. Deployment of former football players as summarisers this season up until the break for the World Cup in November 2022, covered 38 results and highlights programmes. Two summarisers facilitate each programme. So, 76 summarisers have been deployed in this period. Analysis shows former Rangers players were used on 28 occasions (36.8%), former Celtic players used on only 4 occasions (5.2%). The remaining 44 (58%) were former players from other clubs. Presenter and summariser deployment reveals former Rangers players have been used for 31 programmes (81.5%). Former Celtic Players have been used in only 4 programmes (10.5%). Sportscene’s highlights programme on the 18 March 2023 was facilitated by three former Rangers players, so, no attempt to reflect ‘a broad range of individuals and views’ as required in BBC’s Impartiality Guidelines 4.3.23. BBC Scotland seem to make no attempt to provide impartiality in any of these programme. It’s would appear to many that BBC Scotland have a veto on the BBCs Impartiality Guidelines.?

    Immediately after my complaint the captions beneath each summariser’s name was changed. So, for example last night Cameron Bell was listed as former Kilmarnock and Rangers Goalkeeper, while Neil McCann was listed as a Former Hearts and Rangers Winger. In the programme after my complaint Scott Allan was used and was noted as a Former Celtic and Hibs Player. They will never change!

  • John s says:

    Absolutely no balance on this programme Where did they get the idea of Thompson as a host he is absolutely atrocious he has no idea completely unprofessional no credibility it makes you wonder I hate to think I am paying a licence for this garbage

  • Dinger says:

    BBC billy boys club

  • Kevin Beattie says:

    Boycott bbc scotland simple

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    Just fast forwarded through the highlights this evening. I particularly wanted to see the penalty awarded to Kilmarnock (a rarity). Now whilst Killie scored I couldn’t believe the referee allowed Butland’s starting position – he was a couple of steps behind the line which allowed him forward momentum before the ball was kicked. The rule is quite clear, GK must stand on the line. Now I get he’s out of practice but do we think it would have been retaken if he had saved it?

  • Elaine Turner says:

    Total bias BBC & Sky,
    Commentary is focused on negativity towards Glasgow Celtic,
    They promote any tiny piece of progress to The Rangers !!
    Nothing for Glasgow Celtic,
    Pure bias,
    Glasgow Celtic shouldn’t have f-all to do with BBC!!
    SKY take our money but televise f-all!!!!
    Pure bias all round!!!

  • William Mason says:

    Fuck the bbc

  • Alexander Steele says:

    I am not an old firm fan . But I have noticed this happening too many times on the BBC and with decisions make by some referees the game in Scotland is not played on a level playing field

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