Cancelling Celtic Fan Tickets For A Women’s Game Shows Ibrox’s Pettiness And Spite.

Image for Cancelling Celtic Fan Tickets For A Women’s Game Shows Ibrox’s Pettiness And Spite.

The news this morning that the Ibrox club has cancelled Celtic’s tickets for the women’s game at Ibrox is not even surprising far less shocking. This is a small-minded, trivial and spiteful club we’re dealing with here, and at a time when relations between us are at rock bottom. They are obsessed with vendetta, with the settling of scores and having the last word.

Has there ever been a more chickenshit board in Scottish football history? Remember what I’ve said about that word; its origins are in military-speak.

Paul Fussell’s book Wartime describes it as “petty harassment of the weak by the strong; open scrimmage for power and authority and prestige; sadism thinly disguised as necessary discipline; a constant ‘paying off of old scores’; and insistence on the letter rather than the spirit of the ordinances … Chickenshit is so called—instead of horse—or bull—or elephant shit—because it is small-minded and ignoble and takes the trivial seriously.”

That is the Ibrox board to a T. Their behaviour in this case is shameful. Their statement outlines a faux justification which is absurd; they wanted Celtic to cancel the block of tickets bought by the Green Brigade, a logistical impossibility in the first place and which certainly has nothing to do with security. They wanted an excuse to cancel, and were searching for any pretext they could find, and particularly one that could paint our fans as a problem.

They also knew that if Celtic had done as they’d asked that they could provoke another fall-out between the fan group and the club.

It is low order behaviour. It is further proof that they will not behave in good faith towards us. They will continue to act like children throwing a tantrum, and if I were responsible for negotiating with these people on the issue of tickets, I would be cancelling all future meetings because I don’t think there’s anything left to discuss.

Their actions are shameful. To cancel tickets the day before the game? It’s an act of utter selfishness and arrogance and it cannot, it must not, go unanswered.

And let me tell you something; this is the club we’re propping up. This is the club we refuse to use our vast advantages in power and resources to put to the sword, and I remain baffled and angry about that. Because the need for it is obvious. We should be seeking not just to stay one step in front of them but to demonstrate in clear terms how much stronger we are and condemn those fans of theirs to a generation (at least) in our shadow.

Quite why we refuse to is incomprehensible to me, because this is who they are, this is who we’re dealing with, and it’s almost a moral responsibility to slap them hard … and we haven’t.

When you project as weak people like this will try to take advantage and that’s how we come off at times. But this can’t stand, this can’t go on. We need to put these people away.

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  • Roonsa says:

    They are total fannies. A hex on all their houses

  • Tully says:

    Everywhere in this city every YouTube or media platform hatred and bile,paedos and BJK yet the the pLC let them off with EBT’s and same club nonsense funding them through Parks of Hamilton Hertz and the huns,yet they dumb the team down to fund them again.sack the board!!

  • Stuart says:

    Lawell has always wanted a strong rangers. He has said this a number of times. He is willing to sacrifice our successes to help them out.b

  • Suzanne says:

    The GB never go to games. So the fact they tried to go to this one baffles me. You clearly have never been to a women’s game either. The 2 teams have always had a great atmosphere when playing. Segregation is optional at most games. Never ever had an issue until the GB tried to gain access. These games are for families and there’s no space for hatred here. There’s a lot of mixed families and friends that go. Like my own family. So this article is ridiculous and downright lies.

  • Thomas freedman says:

    SFA bowing down agian that mob will be asking for a goal of a start next

  • John Copeland says:

    All the while our main man hits a few golf balls and tops up the Winter tan in readiness for the Summer tour ! Not to mention our chairman who has a stand up comedian alter ego who cracks a couple of funnies now and then ,then remains inconspicuous when needed ! Unbefrigginlievable ….

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Of course our board will prop them up James…

    With an arch Unionist Labour man (and therefore clear as crystal Butchers Apron Lover) like Brian Wilson on the board then why wouldn’t they prop up an arch unionist organisation like Sevco…

    And that’s just before I even start to feel sick about the same Butchers Apron Loving Tory lot like Nicholson, Lawwell and Allison !

    Because I’m afraid that’s what Labour, Tory and Lib Dem voters are – Unionist Lovers !

  • NickyBhoy says:

    What a tawdry, snotter-nosed little club Sevco are.

    Celtic women are a shoe-in to beat them tomorrow as this playground tactic only serves to heap more pressure on them.
    Remember Ibrox and none of our supporters inside!
    How did that work out. Lol.

  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    This just proves how scummy they are. I hope Celtic reciprocate and don’t allow the zombies into our home games after this. They are beyond disgrace but the authorities will bend to them yet again.

  • Jim says:

    Do football clubs hold personal details of rival fans, I take it they must if they can identify specific names in the Celtic ticket list ? If, indeed they do,how do they obtain this information and is it legal to do so ?

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Our Board are push overs, you shouldn’t get pushed around by pygmies. When the hell is our board going to grow a pair and take on this horrible club.
    Do DD, PL and the rest of the board enjoy getting pissed on from a great height. Someone should tell them the supporters don’t enjoy watching it, and are going to show their feelings very soon.

  • sligo123456 says:

    Been saying it for yonks, dont ever give them tickets for celtic park. Job done.

  • MartinKennea says:

    Keep ALL huns out of Paradise. The men , the women , and the young ones . Keep them all out.

  • Alex stewart says:

    Go play in Ireland stay away from Scottish football.dont want your bigots is correct

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Just hope The Celtic Women beat Sevco tomorrow as if the current guys team an Brendan were alcoholics and got locked in the biggest whisky bond in Scotland for a week they’d still fail to work out how to get drunk…

    Today was coming – They should hang their heads in black burning shame the lot of them –

    But of course – They won’t as they don’t have it in them !

  • king murdy says:

    and THIS is the club, the board of celtic fc have done their utmost to ensure thrives ?
    if the shoe was on the other foot….they would stand, with all the weight they could muster, on the throat of our club and fans…

    A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER – indeed !!!


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