Celtic’s Season Is Obviously Unravelling. It’s Clear Where The Blame Lies.

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It is as we feared. This toiling Celtic team does not have enough in it to get through this campaign with a decent run of form. This team needed a major injection of quality in the window and have not had it. Too many players aren’t on it right now, and without a doubt one of the reasons they are not on it is because they walk into their places every week and not only do they have no challengers there but they are being played every week against teams who have us figured out.

This team has gone backwards in terms of the quality available to the manager. Injuries are only part of it. We took the Jota money, banked it, and spent some but not all of it. We have Champions League money this season.

Why did we bother getting excited over that fact? A run in the Europa League would have served us better because we’d have picked up co-efficient points. Without improving the squad, we were also-rans at that level. Without spending the money from it what was the point in being there? I didn’t attend a single Champions League home game. I had zero interest in doing so. The board made it clear they didn’t give a toss about that tournament and so neither did I. The money I could have spent on the tickets, I used to go to Rome. I don’t regret it.

Today, before the game, there was an anti-board banner and chants against Lawwell. This board is extremely fortunate that we’re still a couple of weeks away from a game at Celtic Park. The rest of us are very unfortunate in that regard as this team doesn’t look capable of getting there without another reversal. This season is a shit-show.

This board was banking on us getting to Parkhead having won these February games. At the same time as they sneer at this manager, they are also betting that he has enough at his disposal to get through this run with the team in this abject state. They hide behind Rodgers whilst simultaneously believing he can work miracles.

Look at the players who are off their game right now. Alastair Johnston is the one unquestioned Lawwell junior success story; how fitting that he had his worst 90 minute since signing today, but it’s not for nothing that I speculated that if he had a quality back-up that he might not be in the team. He’s been going backwards for months. He does not look like our next blue-chip player. Lawwell junior has signed over 20 footballers and not found one yet.

This feels like a season that is coming apart. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to have a happy ending, and that feeling has been there all throughout this campaign, and it started on the day the manager sat at an early press conference and said that he would work with what he was given; that sounded so utterly alien in comparison to what we had expected that it washed over us like a black wave. Things have never felt right since. Rodgers and Lawwell do not play well together and daddy’s boy running the manager’s transfer policy had disaster written all over it.

The team which started this game today had three summer signings in it. Had Carter Vickers been fit there would have been no Nawrocki in it. Had Hatate been fit there would have been no Bernardo. Had Maeda been available Palma would have been benched. 12 signings. A total of £20 million spent. But £30 million in transfer incomings … and we finished the game with a Norwich reserve up front, Scales and Welsh at central defence, Vata wide left and Tony Ralston at left back.

With respect to Idah, he played reasonably well but we could not possibly have envisioned a Celtic team with those other four in it chasing a game at Pittodrie in the last ten minutes, in order to save our lead at the top of the table, when this season started. There cannot be a graver indictment of “the strategy” than this. For those still living in denial, it’s wake up time.

Yes, we’re in the early stages of a crisis here. It cannot end before heads have rolled.

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  • Dave says:

    James, we realise you have to be a little controversial to keep the hits. It does you a disservice swinging between opinions.

  • Martin says:

    Have the board let us down? Yes.
    Is our recruitment setup fit for purpose? No.

    But have our players had any invention or guile coached out of them this season? Yes.

    That starting 11 had enough quality beat an Aberdeen team with no manager. But (especially 2nd half) we created almost nothing. That’s a style issue, more than personnel.

  • Brian says:

    I think this is a calculated disgrace,and I say that because the board already know some fans don’t want brendan rodgers as boss,and he will take the flack,but when you look st the January window we spent very little,3 million on kuhn,but got 2 million plus for turnbull,it’s a disgrace we should have been spending to stay in front,and it will cost us the title this year.then at the end of season I believe there will be big players leaving like o riley etc celtic will take about 30 to 40 million in fees and maybe spend 15 million,but for me the worrying thing is that from what I have seen so far phillipe clement is doing an amazing job,I believe hw will have the same impact as big ange did at parkhead and its scary tge board are sitting back and allowing this to happen

  • Mike says:

    It feels like hiring Rogers by this board is a way of humility taken by them to destroy his coaching credibility for his past term as coach

  • Chuck says:

    The best, most experienced and highest paid manager in the SPL should be doing much much better. Its 99% down to BR but for some reason he escapes criticism. Look what an average manager is doing across the city. Winning while BR tactics – slow, slow, back, slow, sideways, back, sideways – are closing the gap. A week on Wendnesday R go top and all they have done is grind out wins.

  • Diane Mckeen says:

    Get rid of Brendan Rodgers..he is not the manager for celtic.his style of play does not work.he is not good enough..please get rid of him.if rangers win the league it will be down to him..

  • scott Cameron says:

    Rogers isn’t completely innocent but he has been let down badly by the board. Selling your best players every year and trying to replace them with young projects was always going to fail at some point. I loved big angel but his last year the team was already on the slide. This has been coming for years the rangers were a shambles that’s the only reason we have got away with it for so long. We have been shown up by average teams in Europe for over a decade

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