Ignore Stories About “Transfer Plans” For Next Season. Celtic Is In No Position Make Any.

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There is a bizarre story in the news today linking us with a 32-year-old winger on a summer freebie who was once on loan at Hibs. There is literally no element to that story which makes it believable.

We’re not signing a 32-year-old on a free, far less one who failed in Scotland already, far less one who plays in the very last position we should be prioritising.

I don’t believe there’s a word of truth in this.

It’s some agent speculating, some French version of Keith Jackson writing dire clickbait guff. It doesn’t just fail the smell test. Even the slightest common sense tells you that this is a story going nowhere but the bin.

But actually, it’s a test balloon for the next few months because between now and then we are going to get a bunch of these stories, and some of them will come from the club itself. The people running Celtic do generally think we’re a bunch of mugs and they have to attempt to appease us before the season ticket renewal forms go out, and at the same time stave off any prospect of a rebellion from the stands. Leaking “transfer plans” is an obvious ploy.

When they come, ignore them. This club is in no position to be planning for the summer and everyone inside the walls knows it. This is perhaps the most dangerous thing about where we are right now. We’re facing a huge rebuilding job and that job can’t even start until the future of the manager is decided. That can’t be decide until the destination of the title is.

This club is now paralysed. That’s where this weakness of leadership has got us. We’re stuck in the mud. The people who failed to back the manager now have to count the cost of waiting to see if their gamble succeeds or fails. If it has failed, he will go with it. Rodgers probably does know that he can’t survive losing a seven-point lead and conceding this title. I cannot imagine any circumstances where that could happen and this club could carry on with him.

Part of the problem this year was that the transfer “strategy” was already in place before Rodgers even arrived. The first signing – that of Holm – was made when we were still managerless, which goes to show how idiotic and incoherent the whole process was. Are even these people arrogant enough and stupid enough to do the same thing again, to lay plans when we don’t even know who will be sitting in the dugout and what that guy will want?

We cannot make a single playing squad decision until Rodgers’ future is known to us. We cannot sign or release any players before we know whether we have a new man at the helm. So, the board will not be able to make a single transfer market commitment, and don’t believe for a second anyone who claims otherwise, until there are coloured ribbons on the Premiership trophy.

Those who wonder why some of us are already talking about how we stave off disaster next season should be looking at the scale of the likely rebuild and then factor in a change of manager with no clear idea about who that will be or when he’ll be hired, meaning we also don’t have a clear idea of what kind of timeframe the restructuring of the playing squad will have to be completed in.

The scouting department can work off whatever criteria it wants, but if that’s not perfectly synced with the manager’s needs, we’re right back to square one.

Realise this; we’re not just in a mess in the here and now.

This is a shambolic campaign which could very easily haunt us deep into the next one. That’s how completely Lawwell & Lawwell have unravelled our position of strength. This campaign may be disintegrating before our eyes. But they might also have managed to threaten the next one as well.

Those who aren’t getting it yet, start understanding the damage these people have done, are doing and might yet do. And start thinking about how we prevent it. Remember, Noah built the ark before the rain. The rain’s coming. We can’t wait for it to start hammering down on us before we act.

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  • Mick says:

    James you’ve been bang on the money with this all along, to think folks are ready to shoot BR over this is beyond belief. Can’t people see he has been lied to since day one and has every right to walk at the end of this campaign if he chooses to do so.
    Celtic will have an extremely difficult time in finding a better manager that wants the gig, especially if BR leaves on his own accord.
    This has now reached the point where immediate action is required before this is allowed to fester and continue into next season, we’ll see what happens…

    This is now more than a title that’s at stake here, this has long term ramifications that must be avoided.

    ps. Just to say thank you for all the articles since I last showed appreciation.

  • Jim says:

    Lawwell will continue to sell the best players whether we win the league or Brendan Roger’s stays.

    It’s what he’s always done and will continue to do , as you stated James, he’s surrounded by a bunch of spineless yes men lapdogs who will carry on without questioning their orders while Lawwell continues on his ego trip unabated.

  • Effarr says:

    The mere detail of whether having a manager or not will hardly alter their damaging behaviour. It is not only a team re-build that is needed, the old stadium will soon need a severe revamping. Like the schools and hospitals that are cracking up, Celtic Park was built in the same pattern: low build cost with very high and expensive maintenance. Very few guarantees last longer than what`s marked on the tin. Is this the reason for hanging onto the £70 million? If it is, then they better win this league as the £70 million will hardly
    cover the architects` fees.

  • Bunter says:

    My big worry is that once Brendan resigns or is sacked, the 5th columnists of the board will bring back Lenny for a 3rd time to ‘steady the ship’. I was praying he’d get the Ireland job but they’ve already obviously looked at his record and moved on. Worrying times.

  • Pan says:

    It doesn’t matter who we sign. Brendan Rodgers will still play the same slow, boring style, with side passes and back passes. The culprits on Saturday were the two centre backs who began passing backwards and sideways thus instilling panic in the defence. Rodgers is predictable and everyone has sussed him out quickly this time. That’s why we have dropped points.
    We need a high press with attacking and pacy play, with Tomoki Iwata as a central defensive option. He knows how to pass accurately and forward. I don’t think Brendan knows his players. He has got to utilise those has has properly.
    I don’t believe the future is bright with him and the present board at the helm.

  • MarkE says:

    If Rodgers is this bad now just wait till next season after we sell our best in summer; he’s in the wrong job for his style of management, clearly!

  • Sid says:

    This is so spot on James. I get the it’s only 2 points and keep the faith brigade but the mess is so huge, Sevco are a certainty. I’m thinking it’s going to unravel so fast that we’ll be blessed with plenty of time to at least try and mitigate the damage for next year. Certainly see this league effectively over by the split.
    This is what the board fear more than gifting Sevco 60M. They just want your money, they see CL as bonus but the supporters money as guaranteed. No dialogue, no communication, just give us your money.
    A large percentage of the fans are unaware of the mess we’re in, denial until reality leaves them no option but all the signs which have been flashing neon lights all season will have to be processed soon.

  • Tony B says:

    Serious question. Does anyone have access to Dermot Desmond to let him know what is going on at Celtic?

    I’m not sure if he does, but if so and this ongoing car crash meets with his approval, then we are truly fucked.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    A once played on the left wing for my boys guild team. Does that qualify me for a contract at Celtic Park.

    Is there no end to the mess this board of directors are placing the club in.

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    The Heading should Read.

    Rodger’s won’t be singing “NO MORE DUDS
    He’s off.

    How’s this for incompetence Two experienced guys in dug the out on Saturday ..

    Rodger’s and Jimmy Dalaney’s grandson

    Counting the used sub’s with their fingers

    Someone shouted 1 more left…oh dear.

    Never thought this was coming,

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I simply wouldn’t listen to these fairy stories of pure fabrication as it’s liable to be…

    It’s gonna be a helluva long summer ahead for those that do !

  • Matt says:

    Does any manager worth his salt really want to manage celtic just now given the way the club operates?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Stands tae reason, that the situation could get a lot worse before it gets better and might be the consequences of gettin them out. It’s either that or sit and watch the same reckless, greedy minded, profiteerin, woefully inept handlin of our club for the foreseeable future.

  • SSMPM says:

    Should and could have 2 completely differing outcomes and I wouldn’t be too convinced that the Lawells won’t make signings should we lose BR as manager. Time will tell.
    Interesting that mentioned Noah at end but we’ll never have anyone so connected in our board. HH

  • DixieD says:

    This board are completely reactionary, they have no concept of forward planning. It was soul destroying watching them stumble their way through a transfer window were we should have been putting our boot on our opponents throat. Instead they gambled with the biggest paycheque ever. Rest assured the rangers will spend cash like a gambler with a winning lottery ticket. If we don’t win this league then surely the Lawwell’s can’t survive it. Or are they really that brazen?

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