Rarely Have Ex-Celts In The Media Been So Vicious In Attacking Our Own Players.

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Today Mark Wilson is slagging Bernabei in the most vicious language. The other day he was attacked the new boy, Nickolas Kuhn. Sutton attacks everyone at Celtic except for those in the boardroom. His attack on Idah before he’d even kicked a ball was appalling.

This is the tip of iceberg.

All across the media, the ex-Celtic players are attacking our footballers in terms that would not look out of place on Follow Follow.

We are used to seeing Celtic players attacked by the rest of the media, in an effort to wreck their confidence. This is the first team I have seen so many of our ex-footballers join in the kicking.

What possible good do they think this does the team at the moment? Some of it is so highly personalised. Bernabei doesn’t look to me like he’s going to do a job at the club but for Wilson to attack him on the grounds that he is lazy is just way too much.

Like it or not, rate them or not, these are the players we have at the moment, the ones who are needed to get us through this campaign. For ex Celtic players to be heaping the pressure on in this way … it’s lamentable.

There is a way to make a point without resorting to some of the language they use. If this was some ex-Ibrox player in the media being as venomous as this most of us wouldn’t tolerate that or accept it for two seconds; we’d be all over the outlet responsible.

I don’t feel any need to ignore it just because of the source. It is undermining. It does nothing for the confidence of the players and only casts doubt on the manager for picking them. But who exactly is he supposed to pick but the guys he has to hand?

This is the hand he’s been dealt. In Bernabei’s case I hear nonsense about putting Frame at left back; yeah? People want to trust the title tilt to a kid, do they? And who would they blame if that went wrong?

Digging out individuals is ridiculous at a time when Celtic is failing as a team.

This is not down to one player or even one group of players; our defensive record this season is actually on a par where it was this time last year so singling out someone like Bernabei feels like Wilson taking an easy option and picking on a player where he knows he’ll get a hearing. It’s ring and run. It’s cowardly. But that’s what I expect, after all, from a coward.

The real problem is up top, but Rodgers gets critiqued because Kyogo isn’t scoring. Maybe we should cut Bernabei and others some slack and blame the manager for them as well? Some people just love to pile on, and they are getting a kick of it at this point.

I really wish these guys would realise what fans already know; these guys are all we have. They are all that stand between us and an Ibrox treble coronation.

There’s offering a reasoned critique and then there is doing the enemy’s work … and I wonder if these people know the difference. Hell, I wonder if they even realise there is one.

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  • Bunter says:

    Mark Wilson wasn’t exactly a top player himself. He was no Boyd or McGrain. He should keep it shut.

  • James Garrity says:

    Don’t expect reasoned thought from the likes of Mark Wilson. He knows what is expected by his employers and he doesn’t let them down.
    So easy to blame Bernabei, but ALL our players need to take a look at themselves. It’s a team game after all.

  • John Burke says:

    I feel the fans have not been brought to task either. They threw the toys out the pram as soon as we lost to Kilmarnock…..that day I scarcely heard a Celtic song being sung and the same applied when we lost to Hearts. Then they get booed off the park when we win. No wonder the players looked shell shocked. I m not excusing Rodgers or the board but we have not been supportive enough of the players. We are supposed to be SUPPORTERS.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I don’t know if Bernabei will read Scottish rags or even understand the English language but it may well be that he does and therefore will be able to source what this retrobate of a human being is saying about him…

    I’m sure that there are plenty Celtic supporters out there that know Bernabei ain’t that great – I’m one myself but would never ever whore ma soul to the utter despicable bastards that are The Scottish Football Media –

    But Wilson has found the soup and it’s hot and tasty to the begging Fcuker that he is…

    Worse still he’s a professional wage thief and well I remember during the leagues won by The Late man with no surname how he contributed the square root of Fcuk all by lying in a treatment table –

    Apt that I said lying – As he probably was…

    He’s allowed an opinion of course – I just hate the king rat of a man that he is whoring money from human rats for it !
    Choke on your I’ll gotten gains ya ex Celtic tramp !

  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    Listen because some turd runs around In Celtic

    Certainly doesn’t make them a Celt..

  • Captain Swing says:

    While I’d be the first to concede that Berbabei appears to have no clue how to defend, Wilson has a brass neck criticising any full-back in a Celtic shirt – he himself was about as much use as an inflatable dartboard. In spite of being capped (!!) he could barely get a contract after he left Celtic and was playing (in the loosest sense of the term) for Dumbarton in front of a couple of hundred folk when he gave it up at 31. Fortunately, the ability of the chip wrappers and their otherwise unemployable ‘expert pundits’ has diminished to the point of irrelevance over the years. He’s one of those pundits whose voice has me turning it over to Talksport pretty rapidly – and I hate Talksport. Sutton at least has a playing career behind him which entitles him to his opinion.

    There are very few pundits who will come out at the moment and say “I think Celtic will retain the title” because at the moment we are on the ropes and the legs look like they could go at any moment (boxing analogy, as usual). Pundits like to look clever and at the moment, predicting Celtic performing poorly and dropping points is a prediction that can be made with a degree of confidence.

  • king murdy says:

    IF the board, or the dick desmond, and i mean a really big IF, is gonna take notice…do you really think they are reading blogs such as your’s….? WTF is it about you that is SOOOO offended when ex players criticise celtic or the “elite coach” or the players….? i’d love to know…sutton is correct….hartson today giving the alleged left-back pelters….ALL JUSTIFIED….would you rather all ex celtic players go down the road of derek johston ? REALLY ? just be green and white pom-pom wearing celtic apologists?

    celtic fc, including all board members, recruitment dept. the “elite coach” and his alleged coaching staff, and certain players ALL DESREVE A GOOD PUBLIC KICKING….the more and harder the better….

    i have no idea how we are ever gonna get rid of these bastards…and if it take headlines mocking us…then so be it….



  • Gerry says:

    I enjoy most of your articles James, and regardless of how old we are or how long we’ve supported our club, they should resonate with the majority of our fanbase.
    There are many differing opinions, and various interpretations of how things are going but most of us agree on the main culprits causing such angst at the club. Our board have allowed the great success provided by our players & teams, to feed their arrogance, whilst increasing the condescension, lack of empathy and contempt for our fans. That has been demonstrated by our ( lack of,) ‘quality’ signing policy and failure to recruit appropriately and professionally.
    The root and branch clearout, that you write about, ( and is necessary,) is going to take time… which is something we probably can’t afford, if we lose this title.
    However, if this season has shown us anything, it’s that absentee landlords and former accountants with an axe to grind, will certainly not take our club forward, successfuly or positively.
    Let us hope that our manager, coaching staff and players can come together, ignore or be motivated by all the criticism and outside noise, perform like proper Celtic teams should, and go on a sustained run to win us this title!

  • Patrick Cannon says:

    Good read James I agree 100% most of these so called celtic experts know they have to toe the line and willing do it for their own sake. If their criticism was constructive I’d give them a pass,but to do it for their own agenda to make them more relivant is very poor, because they played for the club doesn’t make them good celtic men. Most fans are far more celtic men than they will ever be

  • Effarr says:

    It`s what is known as crawling. Crawling and bumlicking to keep their jobs. They would all be useless out in the workforce. Virtually every ex-celt are experts. One man who gets off lightly for some reason is Packie Bonnar, maybe because he is more intelligent than the rest but he was at it before it came into fashion. More being the “fair-minded” guy than condemning the players. Never mind, the Celtic players might get the last laugh.

  • SSMPM says:

    Feck Wilson. There’s plenty of time between now and the season’s ends for a return of injured and essentially match changing players and a return to the form of the pre winter break.
    That and taking our chances and half chances will be enough to beat that sack of shite at the midden and get some our currently depressive supporters back on side. Support the team. C’mon a Hoops

  • SSMPM says:

    I wasn’t too unhappy with the team formation at the weekend, keep with that, add a bit more forward energy, and confidence and deja vu will return as Yogi Bear once said. HH

  • Michael Collins says:

    Just one question, despite us winning all these trebles in recent years, when do we ever hear of ex players of the new team across the city ever slagging off their players? It is almost non existent.
    Yet we have all these, too many to mention, ex players always slagging of our players. Just why is that?

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The probable reason Micheal is that it pleases their core Sevco Huns readership big time while at the same time annoying the few imbecilic Celtic supporters ? that still purchase their rags (and imbecilic is all I personally can describe Celtic fans that financially aid these organisations)…

      The editors would never want to upset their little snowflakes of Sevco Huns that they depend on for a living and I doubt that any of their ex players would condemn them in print or public anyway and full credit to them for that –

      As for our scumbag lot of ex players – well now that’s an altogether very very different kettle of fish…

      Happy to take their orange coins and notes 24/7/365 hours, weeks and days of the year from these rancid organisations. It’d be alright slagging players of Celtic that aren’t playing well to me and you over a pint and a few drams at a supporters function the way I’m sure The ex Sevco players would’ve done when they were imploding –

      But to whore their souls to The Devil in the manner that scum like Wilson, Nicholas, Walker, Sutton and Co. have done just shows these ex Celtic players for the scummy human beings that they evidently and obviously are !

  • Michael McCartney says:

    The over the top criticism at Celtic Park isn’t only coming from Ex Celtic pundits it’s been coming from a number of supporters for quite a while. One of the biggest players to suffer was Mikey Johnston, A skilful player who came through our academy but suffered from numerous injuries and in my opinion was criticised relentlessly by a large section of our support. He came on against Dundee for ten minutes on the 26th Dec and scored twice, which I would have thought could have been a confidence booster. He was sent out on loan to West Brom in January, and seems to be in good form, his goal last night was special,
    We need to give this Celtic team our support in the run in and a miracle could happen, but I think the atmosphere at Celtic Park and the lack of unity in so many areas of the club is so bad it ain’t going to happen.

  • Mark says:

    Mark Wilson will have zero impact on how we finish the season. Just like all & any of the musings from the tabloid twaterrati.

    Our wingers (sic) on the other hand…

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