Rodgers Has Never Won At Easter Road. That Helps Celtic Tonight.

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Tonight, at Easter Road, Brendan Rodgers will attempt to make history. Not the sort that is going to re-write the record books, but one which might re-write a couple of the more bitter hacks planned headlines and match reports.

He has never won a game at that ground. He’s been there a few times over the course, and we are yet to get a victory. I actually like that.

I remember when Ange took over and they were banging on about a run of league games away from home without a win. Every league match we played away had them sharpening their pencils. But from the moment we got that crucial away win, the heads were up and the pressure was off and the team was in a much better place.

We will be in that much better place if we go out there tonight and put on a show. We can turn this whole campaign around with a win at the right ground. I hoped it would be the weekend against Aberdeen; tonight is a second chance to put us back on the right footing. There are psychological aspects to winning a league title. We need this.

Rodgers will, I think, approach this one a little differently. We may see a tactical switch. Even if we don’t, I expect that we’ll start with more purpose than in recent games. We need an early goal. That would settle things down nicely. Get that and it’ll be an easy night. If we don’t, then it could be a long, stressful sweat of one and that’s all we need.

But overall, what we need is a win. A win to end this Rodgers hoodoo, a win to say that we’re back in business, a win that stops this from being another chapter in this season of utter disillusionment and frustration. We cannot afford anything less, to be frank, and if t was a good one, a big one, then we’d all obviously be pretty pleased with that.

Hibs are on a truly abysmal run. They are all over the place. I am frankly astonished that they are going into this game with the current man in charge; I thought that issue would have been settled after this last match. That said, we ought to be pretty pleased that they aren’t going in with a new boss because a team sometimes takes a lift from that.

No, their team is on its knees right now and their boss is on the brink.

We can shove him into the abyss and secure three points … and in the process put this terrible record Rodgers has it this ground behind us.

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  • Frank Connelly says:

    Am looking for a real uplift in performance composure in front of goal and more direct forward passing none of this sideway crap which hurts no teams now. And Santa can a have plenty of goals cos that mob will destroy Ross County next week

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m a betting man and a great believer in the ‘Law of Averages’ so Brendan is well overdue a victory at Easter Road and I have little doubt that the players will deliver it.



    I’m not too comfortable with your analysis for tonight’s game regarding the Hibees players mindset and their ‘ manager’s ‘jaiket being on a shoogly peg’ James.

    Hib’s blogs and commentators will probably be saying same things about us and our manager.

    They may approach the game as an opportunity to halt their slide. They are at home where Rodger’s record is less than Stellar. I’ll be happy with 3 points any score, lacklustre performance or not.

  • Bob (original) says:

    On paper, Hibs ‘shouldn’t’ pose a problem tonight.

    Their recent form has been woeful and with St.Mirren humping them 0-3

    on Saturday at Easter Road at the weekend.

    On the pitch though…

    this is when BR shows us his ‘elite manager’credentials.

    The window has closed, and he now has to focus on getting the team

    over the line in the SPL, [& SC].

    BR has to make some effective personnel / formation / tactical changes,

    because we can all see that he MUST shake things up a bit?

    My only hope is that BR is more confident about making necessary

    changes required at Half Time in future matches…

    rather than ‘giving it’ another 10 or 15 minutes in the second half to see if

    anything improves?

  • king murdy says:

    where does all this “elite coach” stuff come about BR…? the only time an “elite coach” is seen at celtic.park…it’s got “parkes” wrote on it….if he was elite…he wouldn’t be here….watching the game….we are GASH !!! fukn shocking ffs !!
    i think we have the more talented players than hibs….but our “elite coach” seems unable to motivate them….
    congratulations desmond, the lawwells and the rest of the fukn idiots ….you are handing the spfl title to the huns….
    FAIL FAIL !!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well he has won there at last…

    But by fcuk that was nerve shredding indeed –

    Hibernian (especially at Easter Road) seem to be to Celtic what Aberdeen are supposed to be to Sevco !

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